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April 20, 2024

Will Bullock Painting & Restoring

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(831) 625-3307
24821 Outlook Court
Carmel, CA 93923
State Contractor License #436767 (C33)
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  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
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Areas Served: Monterey Bay incl. Carmel CA, Monterey CA, Pebble Beach CA,…
Services: interior & exterior painters, faux finishes, high-tech finish & old-world…
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In addition to putting in the proper amount of preparation work on the surface to be painted and the quality and amount of materials being used, another key to a job that lasts is understanding how the environment at any given moment effects the surface and the material being used at the time of application.

According to consumers we heard from in our research, there might be no company with more knowledge and experience in that regard than Monterey County firm Will Bullock Painting & Restoring in Carmel CA and owner Will Bullock who's been serving this specific area for over three decades for everything from interior to exterior, historic homes such as Victorians, faux finishes to make new wood look authentically vintage, and unique finishes on kitchen cabinets.

Will Bullock: Recognized Expertise Means More Value With Jobs That Last Longer

Simply using quality paint isn't enough to ensure a job is going to last.  One has to be intimately familiar with, and willing to follow, each manufacturer's guidelines regarding temperature, number of coats, and other specifications.  And even doing that, one must understand all the interplay between climate in the given moment, material, and the surface to be painted.

Will Bullock has serviced thousands of customers in Monterey County as Will Bullock Painting & Restoring since its founding in 1983 and is intimately in tune with the unique climate and environment here. Will shares, "I have a moisture meter to tell the moisture content of the wood and if it's too high, you have to wait, no matter what because otherwise it will blister later as the water evaporates. And you have to start with a lower moisture content here than in other places due to our wet climate. Only then do we apply and we use the best, most durable brands. We never skimp on paint."

An awareness of the effect of environment goes even farther, with Will explaining, "We also coordinate our work with the sun. You don't paint when it's directly heating up the surface because the elements of the paint will disappear too quickly, so we time our work carefully to either follow or precede the sun around the house as we work."

Where other companies cheat on the labor that should be put in to prepare the surface, leading to premature chipping, peeling, or blistering, Will Bullock Painting puts in the work to ensure a lasting job. Will says, "Like with a wall that started out with too much moisture inside, even once you've let it dry out we often seal it first with sealer or primer, or both. It's this kind of thoroughness that lets us give a guarantee on every job."

According to consumers we heard from, the reputation for a durable job that lasts is what makes Will Bullock Painting & Restoring a value over cut-rate companies, since a cheap job is no bargain when it lasts only half as long as one done by Will Bullock especially given the unique environmental challenges of Monterey County, including but not limited to nearness to the ocean.

Like one consumer named Annette who reported to us, "I can't tell you how much we‘ve been happy and relied on the good work of Will Bullock over the years. He's worked on our house a lot because right on the ocean of course it takes a lot of work. I'm happy to tell you what a skillful and honest person he is."

And another named Ron who related, "Will Bullock was recommended to us and he did our two story job in Pacific Grove and did a spectacular job. He does incredible work. I was home so I witnessed everything that was done. I recommend him highly."

And Steve who reported to us, "About Will Bullock, can't recommend them highly enough. They have done a lot of work for us. We have a good sized home that is all red cedar siding and they have been restaining our house for a number of years.  They come every year and inspect and see what kind of touch up is needed. Very, very detail oriented. We wouldn't use anybody else. I know you'll be thrilled by the work they do for you."

Working on historic homes is a particular specialty of Will Bullock Painting and Restoring, an expertise that comes partly from working in this area exclusively for so many decades. Will says, "The oldest house I worked on I did in 1968 and I've repainted it three times since then. It had so many problems being right on the oceanfront and getting all the marine weather. I learned how to deal with marine weather by watching that house and coming back five or ten years later and seeing what worked. As a result, I've figured out ways to make restorations really, really last that I have not seen other companies do."

Will Bullock also has reputation for quality interior work, with a particular expertise in faux finishes of all kinds, especially creating faux wood grain or the ability to make new wood look authentically distressed, perhaps not surprising considering Will Bullock got his bachelor's degree in art painting.  Will shares, "Because I also have a background in fine watercolor painting I have a particular sensitivity to color and can match any color, similar to how musicians can hear differences in sound that others can't.  Something that's gotten in demand lately is to make something new conform to the history of the house or an antique look, so people have appreciated how we can make new wood look like it's 200 years old. We also do special finishes for kitchen cabinets including Oriental lacquers."

Reports from consumers reflect this like one from Honoré who told us, "Regarding Will Bullock, he has worked for us on numerous occasions. Will is a real artist. This is a second home for us so they've worked here when we've been away and I've been completely satisfied and recommend them without exception. I wish everybody who works on the peninsula I could say the same about but when it comes to Will Bullock and his crew, they could not be more highly recommended."

Another named Lucy reported to us, "About Will Bullock, he is fabulous. He did our walls, ceilings, doors, living room, foyer, dining room, moldings, all really great. He also worked at my mom's cottage in Carmel. I can't say enough good things."

Monterey County resident Will Bullock lives in Carmel CA which has been home since 1965 and where he's raised two adult daughters.  He started in the industry in 1967 working under a Swedish master craftsman before going out on his own.  Since then he's developed a devoted following of locals in the know, and gotten recognition like being named winner of the Pacific Grove Heritage House Preservation Award and work featured in Haven magazine twice.  He enjoys watercolors, and playing his Yamaha upright grand piano. Friends describe him as highly relatable while customers say he is warm, caring, and can be counted on do what he says he will.

So it was experienced consumers in Monterey County who pointed to Will Bullock Painting and Restoring in Carmel CA as the hands-down expert in painting for the local climate in a way that makes jobs last twice as long as other companies, for everything from exteriors to interiors, unique faux finishes, and especially for historic homes like Victorians.

In the words of one consumer named Rosemary who reported to us, "Regarding Will Bullock, he has done a myriad of things for us over the years. He's a phenomenal painter. He's done tremendous restorative work on our home in Carmel that was built in the 1920's. I am very happy with all of his work. He's been in the business a very long time. His work is excellent. Go ahead, hire him. I know you'll be happy."