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December 3, 2021

G&L and Sons Renovations LLC

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(973) 857-3553
153 Young Ave
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
State License #13VH00308600
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • NAHB (National Association of Home Builders)
  • NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)

Areas Served: Essex County incl. Vernona NJ, Essex Fells NJ, Caldwells NJ,…
Services: remodelers for all home remodeling and home renovations, addition builders

It's an industry known for having a lot of people who aren't great at what they do, but even in the event you find one who knows what they're doing and has decent technical abilities, consumers have learned the hard way that's no guarantee that contractor won't gouge you with price increases once the project is underway, or make the project a frustrating nail-biter when they fail to communicate throughout the project about what's going on, what they'll be doing, and when they'll be on-site working.

Luckily, consumers we heard from report finding the Essex County firm G&L and Sons Renovations in Cedar Grove NJ, run by brothers David Caputo and Chris Caputo and their father Gene, who they tell us have proven to be skilled builders, as well as honest and communicative in a way that leads to projects done smoothly, on time, and on budget.

G&L and Sons Renovations: Family Run for Honesty and High Customer Satisfaction

G&L and Sons Renovations in Cedar Grove NJ was founded back in 1985 by Gene Caputo, who still works at this company run by his sons Chris and David Caputo, and this family legacy is part of the strong motivation the Caputo brothers have to keep up the company's reputation for quality and honesty.  And David Caputo says clients can tell the difference in the way the company is run, saying, "Customers say they appreciate getting to deal with a business supported by a whole family, rather than just a single person. And they know we're focused on living up to the good name of the business our father founded with every project."

Where other companies leave you in the dark as to whether they'll be on the job on any given day, or what parts of the property they'll suddenly need access to and when, G&L and Sons Renovations makes a point to keep you in the loop so you always know what to expect. David Caputo shares, "We put together a schedule and then give customers access to it online so they can always find it and review it."

Customers we head from as research for this article bear this out, like one named Ryan who said, "I used G&L and Sons Renovations for a substantial amount of work.  They're very prompt. They're very attentive. They are excellent. I whole heartedly recommend them."

Too many contractors use change orders as a way to increase the cost of the job beyond what they initially quoted you. Sometimes those mid-stream changes were completely foreseeable by that contractor but he wanted to appear like the lower bidder to get your business. Other times, he's using the change order to cover a legitimate mistake he made, either something he failed to account for initially, or a mistake in the workmanship that needs to redone. 

Unlike those companies, customers report G&L and Sons Renovations as being counted on to bring projects in at the agreed upon budget. With so many other companies getting away with it, why doesn't G&L and Sons Renovations play the same game? David Caputo says, "If the customer asks for something different along the way, that's a legitimate change order. Otherwise, the project gets done at the price agreed to, even if we overlooked an expense initially. My dad is a very honest man and he taught Chris and me to always do right by the customer. We might not make as much profit as other contractors, but we honor what our dad taught us."

David continues, "Other times during the project we might recognize a tweak that will make a much better end result, and we do that and just absorb that cost. It's worth it in the long run because so much of our business is referrals from satisfied customers, and one the reasons for that is how we're willing to go that extra mile for the customer."

That focus on total customer satisfaction was also cited by customers of G&L and Sons Renovations who we heard from, like one named Bonnie who told us, "G&L and Sons did a significant amount of work for me and I've been extremely happy with everything they've done. They are quite professional. They show up when they say they're going to. They do what they say they're going to. They are very focused on satisfaction. So I would highly recommend them."

Customers also appreciate the greater skill set of Chris and David Caputo compared to so many others out there. David is a Certified Remodeler through NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) and Chris is a Graduate Remodeler through the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders).  David says the investment they make in extra training is worth it. "Being able to take something the customer has been wanting to do, and giving it to them as a finished product, and seeing that smile light up their face, that makes it more than worth the extra effort we put in."
And customers of G&L and Sons Renovations in Cedar Grove NJ who we heard from told us they appreciate it. Like one named Gordon who might have summed it up best when he told us, "I've worked with them for five years over the course of several projects and know everyone in the family now. Wonderful people. They do a fantastic job. The planning input you get from Chris Caputo is superb and really leads to success of the project. The quality and the craftsmanship is excellent. They always have a great team working no matter what they're doing whether it's plumbing or electrical or masonry. I can certainly give G&L and Sons Renovations a very hearty recommendation."