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June 15, 2021

Creative Environments

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(707) 827-7980
1550 Gravenstein Hwy S
Sebastopol, CA 95472
State Contractor’s License #638571
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association)

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You can get the most landscaping value by finding a company that can do it all, avoiding the need to hire more than one company to complete your needs. That's what we found in Sonoma County firm Creative Environments in Sebastopol CA owned by husband/wife team Harry North and Deborah North.

We interviewed Creative Environments owners Deborah and Harry North to learn how you get greater value from using one landscaping company that can perform all of the diverse landscape related services including design, installation, and on-going maintenance.

All Services Means More Value from Creative Environments

"Experience is a big advantage in this business, and we've been in business for almost 30 years," Harry North shared. "We know the products, the plants, the climate and the soils in this area, and we're experienced in putting all of those pieces together to create beautiful landscapes." 

In fact, Creative Environments are experts in all areas of landscape, including the design, the installation, and the on-going lawn care and landscape maintenance. Their expertise extends to plants, hardscaping like retaining walls, pizza ovens, and rock features, as well as irrigation and water features.  They have the expertise to do all of this in-house without the need to sub-contract it out. Harry explains, "We do every step of the project from design through installation and maintenance, which eases the process for our clients. And we get work done in a short time and get it done right because we have large and experienced crews."

Creative Environments is focused on delivering real value at a fair price. Harry North tells us, "Clients have learned that quality is more important than price when it comes to getting your money's worth. The highest price designs aren't economical to build and cost a lot to maintain, and the lowest price means poor workmanship and cheap materials that don't last, and that's throwing money away. That's why we are proud to give our clients the combination of the right pricing with high quality so that they get the best value every time."

And Creative Environments is one of the rare landscape design/build firms that also provides ongoing maintenance. This means tremendous value because you get the benefit of your landscape cared for by the company who knows it the best, rather than other companies who don't have much expertise beyond watering plants or mowing the lawn.

Real Value is Local

Harry North founded Creative Environments 29 years ago. He's a born landscaper with a degree in biology and a life-long love of plants. As a child, Harry's family spent time backpacking and observing natural systems in the Marin area, teaching him an appreciation for plantings modeled on their natural settings. Deborah North grew up on a Sonoma County ranch in Petaluma. She took her love for gardening and experience in nurseries to the college, where she majored in ornamental horticulture. Now, Deborah and Harry North share a home in Occidental with their three teenagers.

Creative Environments also gives to the community in Sebastopol CA. They've donated time and materials to local schools and donate to local fundraisers, including raffles and auctions. And when the local high school needed a new track, Creative Environments was one of the local businesses who joined together to make the project a reality.

Clients describe Harry North as one with an obvious passion for his profession and who cares about the quality of his work. They describe Deborah North as pleasant and easy going, and appreciate her ability to listen to them.

So to get the benefits from finding that rare gem of a landscape company who can do it all-design, installation, and on-going maintenance, look no further than Sonoma County company Creative Environments Inc in Sebastopol CA and its dedicated local owners Deborah and Harry North.