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August 13, 2020

General Roofing Co.

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(510) 536-3356
3309 Elmwood Ave
Oakland, CA 94601
State Contractors License #154732
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • WSRCA (Western States Roofing Contractors Association)
  • NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association)

Areas Served: Alameda County incl. Oakland CA, Berkeley CA, Hayward CA, Dublin…
Services: roofing contractors & roofers for roof repair, re-roofing, new roof…
Key Brands: IB Roof Systems

Roofing companies that do shoddy work come and go, so one of the best indicators of quality is the number of years a roofing company has been in business. So you need to know that General Roofing Company in Oakland CA has been serving Alameda County, Contra Costa and San Francisco for almost 90 years. We interviewed owner Michael Wakerling to learn the reason for the longevity of General Roofing Company in an industry where so many others fail every year. Turns out it can be simplified in a word-quality.

General Roofing Company: A Long History of Quality

The roofing craft is in the family genes at General Roofing Company. Michael Wakerling is the third generation owner of this company founded by his grandfather, passed down to his father, and then to Mike himself. Mike Wakerling's son Shane also works for General Roofing Co. now, making him the fourth generation of Wakerlings in the roofing trade.

Mike Wakerling has 35 years of first-hand roofing experience and his crews are some of the best field workers in the industry. "Our superintendent also has 35 years of experience and most of our employees have been with us 5 to10 years, and many of them came to us with years of experience before that," he tells us. "That experience makes a big difference in the quality of work we give to our customers. We understand that roofs are only as high-quality as the installers who do the work, and we are proud to have such skilled crews."

Only a roofing company of the highest quality could stay in business for more than 8 decades. And General Roofing Co. consistently earns rave reviews from customers. During research phone calls to randomly selected customers, one named Eileen said, "They were the only ones who would take on our difficult job. They were clean and professional and they showed up when they said they would. They were all those things that I love."

Quality Installations from General Roofing Company in Oakland CA

When it comes to roofing, think the cheapest price is the best deal? Think again. Consumers have learned the hard way that hiring a roofer by lowest quote is a costly mistake. Mike Wakerling is aware of this too. He shares, "We've put on thousands of roofs, so we've seen which brands are a much better value than others, and those are the products that we give to our customers."   

But product brand isn't the only factor. Mike explains, "Hiring a roofing contractor isn't the same as buying a new car. While products like cars are the same no matter which dealership you buy them from, the quality of your new roof depends on the roofing system and the way it's applied. Roofing contractors don't just sell you a new roof. They have to be able to install a roofing system in the way that works for you and your home for years to come."

And previous customers attested to the higher quality of workmanship and results from General Roofing Company. A customer named Monique said during a research phone call. "Their price was very fair, and they did great work. We were very happy." Another client named Winnie attested, "They did a good job and they have good workmanship." And Sharon added, "I was impressed with their timeliness, efficiency and overall quality of work."

Quality Means Better Warranties and Certified Installers at General Roofing Co.

Clients of other roofing companies have been cheated by roofs that leak and fail structurally and a lack of quality is usually to blame.

So it is a good sign that General Roofing Company is a "Select Shingle Roofer", the highest level of roofing credential awarded by CertainTeed, one of the top names in roofing shingles. Michael Wakerling explained, "All of our installers had to pass a long test that proves they can put on roofs to CertainTeed's 5-Star Warranty specifications. So every roof is covered by a 5-year, no-dollar-limit warranty, and CertainTeed will also warranty our installation for 20 years." General Roofing Company is also recognized as an Authorized Installer of IB Roof Systems.

General Roofing Co. stands behind all their work too. Mike Wakerling tells us, "No matter what manufacturer warranty is in place, and even if that warranty has run out, we're willing to go out and take care of any problems clients might have within reason. We stand 100% behind what we do, and with a 90-year history it's most important to us that our customers are satisfied."

So when looking for a roofing company, look for quality. And quality is what we found at General Roofing Company in Oakland CA.  In the words of one customer named Lois, "The workmen were polite and considerate. The owner knows his business. We know other people who have used his services and they thought he was good too. You get an honest, quality job."