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November 23, 2020

Palm Harbor Kitchens

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(727) 940-5879
4490 Alt 19 N, Ste 301
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
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Areas Served: Pinellas County incl. Palm Harbor FL, St Petersburg FL, Clearwater…
Services: cabinet showroom, wide selection of new cabinets, semi-custom to budget…
Key Brands: Americana Capital, Bishop Cabinets, Designers Choice, Wolf Classic Cabinets

Experienced consumers and contractors alike say that if you're going to get cabinets, you first need to speak to the Pinellas County firm Palm Harbor Kitchens in Palm Harbor FL, a showroom who due to their high volume over the years has more experience in selecting and purchasing than even contractors, who lets you avoid manufacturers proven to cause problems for buyers, who offers free design services with on-site visits throughout Pinellas County, Pasco County and Tampa to do measuring and computer renderings, and with a proven record of fixing issues for their customers caused by the maker or the installer.

Consumers & Contractors Alike Say Palm Harbor Kitchens & Dave Engdahl Give Better Quality and Service at Competitive Prices  

Palm Harbor Kitchens owner David Engdahl has around two decades of experience as a retailer, having started in 2000 and since that time has dealt with so many manufacturers so often that he's able to weed out the ones who cause problems for the buyer, either due to the condition of the finished product, or a lack of cooperativeness in dealing with corrections that inevitably need to be made after delivery, all of which lets you avoid a lot of frustration and disappointment.  David explains, "Even with the best manufacturers, it's not unusual that every now and then there can be an issue with a shipment that needs a correction. After doing this for so many years, we've learned which makers are responsive after the sale and which aren't, so we can confidently recommend only the ones with a proven record of product quality but also good service after the purchase."  

Many retailers aren't so conscientious and have no reserve about selling products from makers that too often cause problems. Why doesn't Dave Engdahl and Palm Harbor Kitchens just do that too?  He says, "We value our good reputation among homeowners and also all the contractors who buy from us. We're not willing to give that up so we'll only recommend products and makers we know make people happy."  

Palm Harbor Kitchens is a showroom which also has a free lending library concept where you can take home samples to see the styles and finishes in your own lighting and compare to your home's tile, floors, and wall color.  

They also come out to your home to do the measurements and offer free design service including computer renderings that let you see how the installation will look beforehand. Where most other companies either charge you for that, or do it free but won't release that information to you as an inducement to buy only from them, why does Palm Harbor Kitchens in Palm Harbor FL do it free with no strings attached?  David Engdahl shares, "We like how by treating our prospective customers with trust, they trust us in return and appreciate our openness with them."  

Palm Harbor Kitchens also has a workshop that lets them do on-site modification and small repairs so you get fixes immediately unlike other places whose only option is to call the manufacturer and order new parts or replacements, delaying your project for weeks.  Dave explains, "No matter where you buy, it's not uncommon that sometimes the delivery arrives with a small issue like a problem with a single door, or a small defect in the staining or paint, or other little adjustments.  Those are all things we do for the customer in our shop which keeps their project on schedule and avoids a delay of weeks from having to go back to the manufacturer."  

The products they carry include the better American brands of fully assembled product, often arriving in half the time as other makers, as well as flat-packed ready-to-assemble lines for those with smaller budgets, but even these are only the quality makers, and none that use particle board which is weak and falls apart with use.  When you consider the better quality at Palm Harbor Kitchens, even for the lower-budget products, combined with their free design service and their shop to make small adjustments or repairs, you'd fully expect them to be charging more. But in fact, they are extremely price competitive despite providing higher quality products and service.  

This was shown in consumer reports we received, like one from a buyer named Bill who reported to us, "I'm a general contractor. I use Dave from Palm Harbor Kitchens very frequently. I tell all my customers to buy from them and I install.  No complaints at all. He seems to have the best prices of anybody. And the quality's right there to so it's a win-win. Best price good quality."  

And another named Jeff reported to us, "Regarding Palm Harbor Kitchens, we recommend them to all of our clients. We're a general contractor and we buy exclusively through Palm Harbor Kitchens because over the years they are the best we've every found as far as price, delivery, quality, customer service, everything. We highly recommend them."    

Pinellas County resident David Engdahl lives in Tarpon Springs FL with his wife Barbara and they have a young-adult daughter and son together.  Dave got started working with cabinets to put himself through college and he opened his first store in 2000. Dave personifies the Florida lifestyle, including his daily appreciation of the beauty on his drive to and from home that treats him to views of the bayous, bridges, and boats, as well as taking out his own boat on his off time.  Friends describe him as smart, hard-working and creative, while customers say he is trustworthy and proven to do what he said he would.    

So rather than get disappointed by stores that are willing to sell you products from makers known to have problems, whose only option to fix small problems is the delay of going back through the manufacturer, and who either charge you for design or won't give you the measurements to force your purchase, experienced buyers pointed us to the Palm Harbor Kitchens in Palm Harbor FL, a retailer who only recommends manufacturers proven reliable for quality and service, who has a shop to do immediate adjustments and repairs of small defects, and who comes to your site in Pinellas County, Pasco County and Tampa to take measurements and give you free designs service and renderings in a way that has made them a stand-out favorite among homeowners and contractors alike.  

In the words of a consumer Phil who reported to us, "In reference to Palm Harbor Kitchens, we're very happy with them. They did a good job. They came out and drew up a set of plans. We really liked them. Liked that he gave us some recommendations based upon what we were looking for.  Did a good job. Love the cabinets. I installed them myself.  He gave me all the advice I needed on accomplishing that, especially when I ran into a couple of questions he gave some very good advice. Very satisfied with them. I give them an A plus."