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February 27, 2020

Acorn Services, Inc

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(727) 586-1566
1727 12th St SE
Largo, FL 33771
Certified Arborist #SO-1060A
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Certified Arborist
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training for Supervisors
  • ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)

Areas Served: Pinellas County incl. Largo FL, St Petersburg FL, Clearwater FL,…
Services: tree contractors for tree care, commercial tree services, tree trimmers,…
Key Brands: Acorn’s Smokin’ Oak Chips (Oak Wood Chips for Smoking), Acorn’s…

Hiring the wrong company costs you in dead or damaged trees due to all-too-easy improper pruning, or worse, a crushed house or car due to careless tree removal.  You might think that hiring the most qualified company in order to avoid those costly pitfalls comes with the highest price, but according to consumers we heard from that's not the case with Pinellas County firm Acorn Services Inc in Largo FL and owner Shawn Waller, which is known for a higher level of expertise, combined with more affordable rates.

Better Service At Better Rates: Acorn Services Inc in Largo FL

Owner Shawn Waller founded Acorn Services Inc in Largo FL in 1974. Unlike the many less qualified companies in the area, Shawn is a Certified Arborist, but even among the other arborists locally he stands out due to the high standards he holds his crews too. Shawn shares, "All our guys are put through the ISA training course where they're taught how do things right and safely, everything from the proper climbing and cabling to how to trim and prune properly."  That's in contrast to other companies that might have a very experienced owner but one who doesn't teach or supervise the crews very well, leading to costly damage. A recent example was a different company hired to work in Largo Central Park which although owned by an arborist that would have known better, had crew that did damaging flush cuts instead of collar cuts, which open the way to disease and rot.

The greater expertise at Acorn Services has led to them being the company of choice for very discerning customers, the park departments of many local cities, many of which we heard from in our research for this article. Like Jeremy who told us, "Concerning Acorn Services we have used Acorn Services with the City of Seminole and we'd use them again," and one named Dean who told us, "They have performed work for the City of Indian Rocks Beach to a satisfactory manner." Another named Allen reported to us, "Acorn Services, I have used them and I'm continually using them. They're doing work for me matter of fact this week and next week."

You'd think that the greater abilities of Acorn Services must come with a higher price tag, but in fact, Acorn Services is usually less than the other legitimate companies. Owner Shawn Waller explains, "Companies have to pay to get rid of the wood and their customer pays for that. But because we have another company that makes and sells mulch, oak cooking firewood like for restaurants, and oak smoking chips, we're able to charge customers less as a result."

This was borne out by customers we heard from, like one named Scott who told us, "He's the only arborist that has his own plant where he cuts up the wood into other products so he doesn't have to pay to dispose of his wood like all others do and that makes him cheaper. We had another before that we were using and he was very good too, but we're always interested in the possibility of getting a better value. So the first time we used Shawn the other one drove by and saw him picking up the tree. He called and asked why we had Acorn Services there and we told him that Acorn Services beat his price. And he said, ‘Well of course, NO ONE can beat their price because they don't have to pay to get rid of the wood!' He made a pretty good endorsement for Acorn Services right there."

Pinellas County resident Shawn Waller lives in Largo FL, having been born and raised in the area with a father who was a fireman for Indian Rocks Beach. At 16 years old he started trimming palm trees for the city and recycling the fronds by building tiki huts with them. At 20 he went to school for landscape architecture.  Today he's a married man with five children. While the company keeps him busy, when he can make time on the weekends he dives for hogfish, grouper, snapper and lobster. Friends know Shawn as generous, and someone who believes in getting things done now rather than tomorrow. Customers describe him as professional and maintaining a polite and well organized staff.

So according to users we heard from, significantly some of the best informed users, local parks departments, Pinellas County firm Acorn Services Inc is the rare find of more expertise combined with more affordable rates due to their ability to turn the wood they collect into popular products and not charge customers for disposal like others have to. And the better results have led to a high rate of recommendations. Like the customer Scott who told us, "We have 55 acres and hundreds and hundreds of trees. He's been trimming and cutting for us for several years now . He's the kind of guy that if something isn't perfectly right he'll come right out and take care of it. They're very good. We think he's the best.  Go ahead and hire him. You'll be happy you did."