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May 17, 2021

MC Construction

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(650) 787-0940
1424 Sierra St
Redwood City, CA 94061
State Contractor’s License #465408
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau

Areas Served: San Mateo County incl. Redwood City CA, Atherton, Belmont, Brisbane,…
Services: general contractors, builders, residential & commercial
Key Brands: Andersen Windows & Doors, Milgard Windows & Doors, Omega Cabinetry,…

With all the potential frustrations and things that can go wrong during a building or remodeling project, you need a contractor you can absolutely trust.

That's just what we found in San Mateo County firm MC Construction in Redwood City CA run by owner Mike Cooper whose clients cited to us over and over again how much he could be trusted for reliability, cleanliness, quality, and projects that go smoothly without the hassles and frustrations found with other builders, and this has kept him in steady demand for three decades.

MC Construction in San Mateo County: Reputation for Trust
Michael Cooper founded MC Construction in Redwood City CA in 1984 and since then has been doing everything from new construction to remodels, window replacement, decks, repairs, and more, often for the same circle of satisfied clients due to high customer satisfaction and lots of referrals.   In fact, most of his business is from referrals. Why? "Because I stay on the project until the client is 100% satisfied," says Mike. "That's cost me a little more over the years but I also worked during the whole recession where many builders haven't worked at all."

And a big part of that client satisfaction is listening to the client's wants and needs rather than doing all the talking like so many other contractors do.  Why does Mike Cooper make that effort to listen where so many others don't?  He says, "People in this industry just for the money are in the wrong business. You're heart has to be in it if you want good results and good relationships with the client. So I make the time to find out what they want and then deliver it."   Customers we spoke to for this article said exactly that, like one named Andy who said, "Mike Cooper built an extension onto our house. He's really great. Very thoughtful and really listens to you. We highly recommend him."

Clients who might not have ideas of their own yet are also well served by Mike Cooper and MC Construction. "When I'm brought in early I help with design with my own architect, and give big ideas to make it dramatic," he explains.   MC Construction is also known for complete communication throughout the entire project, and transparency in bids that are organized and accurate, compared to bids from other firms that are deceptively low due to vagueness and omissions that cost later. Mike shares, "Where other firms give only a one page bid with no details, ours is very detailed and specific down to how many of this type of light, fan, plug, and so on."

MC Construction is also known for reliability compared to other companies that are constantly disappearing for days in the middle of a messy project while they juggle other customers. Mike tells us, "I have someone on the job every single day, so clients know that every day something is getting done."  Customers back this up. One we called for this article named Nancy told us, "Mike Cooper has done quite a few jobs in our house including remodeling and window replacement.  He was there every day 8am without fail. His work is excellent. We were very happy."

Honorable Service from Mike Cooper & MC Construction in Redwood City CA
Why does Michael Cooper show such high ethical standards for quality and reliability where so many others fail? His builder grandfather was a big part of it. Mike says, "My dad was sent to serve in Korea when I was 15 years old. I had three sisters and was the only boy and my mom wanted to keep me out of trouble, so she put me with my grandfather who was a big roofing contractor. I started working with him after school, weekends, and summers and he was always an honorable man. He had 7 kids, 28 grandkids and 42 great-grandchildren. He treated family and customers well and believed strongly in personal honor. He was my idol."

Mike Cooper lives in Redwood City CA which he's called home for 12 years. Family and friends describe him as a kind person who's generous with his time and money and treats people well.   Clients know him as someone they can trust with their home, their family, and for consideration and cleanliness during the project.

As someone who's been in the trade since 1969, what's keeps him so interested and engaged? "I like finding out the dream in the client's mind, and making that real. Some of them have thought about these projects for years and when you make the effort to really listen to them, you're able to give an amazing result they're overjoyed with and tell everybody about. And I like that I can keep up their spirits and motivation during the project."

So for a builder known by locals for personal honor, trust, and quality work done right, there's San Mateo County firm MC Construction and owner Mike Cooper, with a proven track record of high client satisfaction since 1984 that's kept him in steady demand.  In the words of one client we spoke to named Courtney, "We used Mike Cooper and MC Construction to redo our whole house. We knew we could trust Mike because our whole neighborhood used him and everyone was always satisfied and happy with his work. He and his crew were very courteous and made sure to keep the work space clean because we had children running around. They are completely trustworthy. I would highly recommend Mike."