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May 5, 2021

Sigura Construction, Inc

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(408) 492-1379
1300 Memorex Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95050
State Contractor’s License #865155
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • ECHO (Executive Council of Homeowners)
  • CACM (California Association of Community Managers)

Areas Served: Santa Clara County incl, San Jose CA, Mt View, Los…
Services: general contractors for custom home building, construction company for commercial…
Key Brands: American Standard, Grohe (Grohe Plumbing Fixtures), Hansgrohe, Kohler

Located in Santa Clara County, Sigura Construction of Santa Clara CA is dedicated to keeping projects on time and customer costs low using superior organization and planning for everything from landscaping to remodeling, repairs, and new custom building. Owner Ilan Sigura says, "My background in engineering makes me very methodical and I am naturally detail-oriented. Because of this, we deliver high quality of service and take care of everything for the customer."

Ilan learned the trade from his father, also a contractor. Ilan studied mechanical engineering in his home country of Israel, and then moved to the United States in the late 1980s to open a construction company on the East Coast.

A move to Santa Clara County inspired Ilan Sigura to continue building on his dream. "I saw what other companies were doing, and I wanted to form a company that wasn't mediocre," he said. "I wanted to take construction in the greater Bay Area to the next level. That's when I created Sigura Construction. We're dedicated to a high level of service and finishing projects in a better way."


A Team Effort at Sigura Construction in Santa Clara CA

Ilan Sigura and Sigura Construction are serious about good communication and teamwork to keep customers happy. "It is a team effort to stay organized, and that starts with me," Ilan Sigura says. "I listen to the owner and set up a list of expectations, a timeline and goals. My superintendents organize the crew and the materials, and we start work right away."

Constant quality checks assure a smooth project. "We have a supervisor on the job site at all times, and he manages the projects minute-by-minute" says Ilan Sigura. "I am also at the site regularly, so any questions come directly to management. That way, our employees never have to guess—we let them know exactly what the homeowner expects and needs."

Customers report their positive experiences with Ilan Sigura and his staff. During independent research phone calls, customers talked about the crew. Delores, a customer, said they were "Very friendly and knowledgeable." Ari cited, "...their reliability and general professionalism." A customer named Ricardo said, "Ilan listened and did everything within his power and creativity to address what was important to us. I liked his ability to be flexible in order to meet our goals."  

Protecting the property is equally important to clients and to Sigura Construction workers. "The first thing we do is mask the house and protect all of our customers' belongings," says Ilan Sigura. "We cover the television and electronics, and we carefully move or cover any furniture. We know our customers' belongings are important, and we want to keep our customers happy."

And at the end of the day, Ilan Sigura says you don't need to worry about tripping over tools or feeling like you're living in a construction zone. "We clean up the entire site after every workday," he says. "We put away all of our tools so there is no danger to your family or home."


Sigura Construction in Santa Clara CA Known For Meeting Timelines

Ever wished you could know the exact timeline for your construction project? With Sigura Construction you are part of the planning process, so you actually have a say in the timeframe. "We hold regular planning meetings in our conference room," says Ilan Sigura. "We display the construction plans on our large plasma TV, so we can all see the plans while we talk and decide the exact scope and timeframe of the project. That way, everyone knows exactly what to expect."

Ilan Sigura believes his clients should be kept in the loop throughout the project. "We set up weekly meetings with our customers, and we make sure they know what will happen and when," he says. "We give them weekly and monthly expectation logs so they know how long the project will take and how it will be done."

Not only do the employees of Sigura Construction meet their timelines, they also go to great lengths to please their customers. "If the customer needs it, we hold meetings at seven in the morning or at eight o'clock at night," says Ilan. "Just recently we had a late night meeting that went until 11:45 because that time worked best for the clients."

During research phone calls, customers talked about Sigura Construction's emphasis on timeliness. A customer named Art said, "They were able to do the work on my schedule." Jim said, "They did the work on time." Steven said, "They came on time and did very conscientious and quality work." And a customer named Agape said, "They finished on time and got everything done."

For customer convenience, Ilan Sigura has designed the Sigura Construction office like a showroom. "Everything in our office is built to show our customers examples of items they can put in their homes," he says. "We put in a higher-end kitchen so they can see the appliances and countertops. Every door is a different style to show a range of possibilities. We want our clients to know their options, and we see our office as an exhibit space."

Sigura Construction has particular expertise in repairing fire and water damage where speed is key.   "People are in agony when they lose their homes to fire or flood," says Ilan Sigura. "Our quick service helps them regain their house quickly. We want to help them get their lives back on track as soon as can be."


No Time for Downtime

Ilan Sigura says Sigura Construction's commitment to deadlines means more than just time savings—it also saves his customers money. "We show up on time every day and start the project in a timely manner. We order materials ahead of time, so there is no downtime and we're always making progress," says Ilan Sigura.

When projects are well-organized, the whole timeframe is shorter. This means customers don't end up paying a premium price for workers who are just waiting for the materials to finish the job. "Good organization lets us finish the job in the scheduled timeframe or even ahead of schedule, so the construction costs are lower," says Ilan Sigura. "We pass the savings on to our customers, and we do it without compromising the quality or integrity of the job."

A customer named Erica said during a research phone call, "I liked the constant communication about what was going on. I also liked the quality of the work and the speed at which it was completed."

Sigura Construction takes a proactive approach to saving customers money. Recently, during a kitchen remodel, Ilan Sigura and his crew rebuilt the family's kitchen in a temporary location. "We didn't want them to have to go out to eat during the entire project," says Ilan Sigura. "So we built walls, put in carpeting, moved in the old appliances and made a temporary kitchen space for them in the garage so they could cook and eat in their own home. It may have taken us a little extra time, but it made a big difference for them."

Ilan Sigura lives in Sunnyvale CA. He and his wife Bianca, met in a downtown Starbucks. "It was love at first sight," he says. Bianca Sigura now serves as the chief fianancial officer for Sigura Construction, along with being full-time mom to the couple's two young children, a two-year-old daughter and six-month-old son. "We love having a family," says Ilan Sigura. "We are family-oriented and it's important to us that our employees have good family lives, too. We work hard to help them in any way we can, and we think that has a positive impact on our business and what we offer our customers."

Business for Sigura Construction has tripled every year since their founding, a testament to their hard work, quality construction and company-wide organization. Anne, a customer, said during an independent research phone call, "They showed up when they said they would. The quality of the work was excellent. They were flexible and they were very ethical. I was very pleased."