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May 31, 2023

Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing Co., Inc.

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(650) 355-7780
1745 Adrian Rd
Burlingame, CA 94010
State Contractors License #434682, EPA Lead license #20001
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified

Areas Served: San Mateo County incl. Pacifica CA, San Mateo CA, Redwood…
Services: painting contractors & house painters, residential painters, commercial painters, interior…
Key Brands: Benjamin Moore Paints, Dunn Edwards (Dunn-Edwards Paints), Fuller O’Brien Paints,…

For a paint job that gives you your money's worth by really lasting, find an experienced, local painting contractor who does the best preparation and expert application. And one who understands how the weather patterns in San Mateo County affect your home's wood and paint.

We interviewed Dave Shapiro, a Bay Area native who has 30 years of experience as a professional painter. His company, Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing Co. Inc., is known throughout San Mateo County as the experienced painting company that provides skilled applications that last.

Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing—Known for Painting That Lasts

Dave Shapiro grew up in the Bay Area, so he knows how the extreme weather affects paint and wood. "The weather on the coast is rough on paint jobs. Areas like San Francisco and the San Mateo County coast have extreme weather patterns that are really hard on houses," he explains. "We go the extra mile for our clients because we know their homes are harder hit with sun exposure, wind and rain."

Because of Dave's history as a Bay Area native, he knows exactly when and how to apply his long-lasting paint jobs. "Because we know the weather patterns, we make sure to prepare the surfaces correctly and adjust the painting application to suit the location. For example, we always recommend a third coat on southwest-facing areas that have heavy sun and wind exposure. We also use elastomeric paint coatings and elastomeric caulking on homes that need additional waterproofing."

Five-Year Warranties from Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing

In fact, paint jobs from Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing Co., Inc. last so long, they come with a five-year warranty—four years longer than the industry standard one-year warranty.

How can Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing offer such a warranty? It's through a combination of superior preparation and experienced application, explains Dave Shapiro. "I've been in business for 30 years, so I know the best prep methods and painting products for the job," he told us. "We start by pressure washing everything with a product that kills fungus and mildew. Then we hand-scrape all the surfaces to leave the cleanest surface for painting."

Dave also explained to us that Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing only uses top of the line paints and the best application methods. Other painting companies often use airless spraying, known in the trade as ‘blow-and-go' because it's the fastest way to get through a job and move on to the next customer. But those jobs don't last. Dave Shapiro agreed. "That paint only gets on the surface and doesn't really get into the wood. And if there's any wind, paint gets all over, even on places you don't want it—like windows and vehicles. We're able to issue a five-year warranty on everything in part because we cut and roll using brushes and paint rollers."

Redwood Restoration from Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars replacing weathered redwood and cedar, homeowners in San Mateo County can have it restored by Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing. Dave Shapiro describes, "Redwood fades out and turns grey after years of exposure to the weather. We see that in decks, homes, fences and other wood areas. We strip off the aged surface and restore the wood, then restain it to bring back the color and protect the wood from the sun and rain. The wood looks brand new again and you've saved time, materials and money."

Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing Co., Inc. is also a lead certified company, meaning they've passed the training required to safely and legally remove old lead paint from your home safely. "We have our Hazmat license and know how to comply with local lead laws," assures Dave Shapiro. "We're knowledgeable about the codes and know how to set up the scaffolding and nets that are required for lead paint removal."

Dave Shapiro, Experienced Painter and Color Consultant

Dave Shapiro started painting Victorian homes in San Francisco the day he graduated from high school. Within years, he'd painted more than 500 of these historic homes.

Now, after 30 years in the business, Dave Shapiro still has a hands-on approach as owner of Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing. "I do all the estimates myself and I train my crews so they know exactly how the job is to be done," Dave told us. "I even paint with my crews and I'm available everyday. People like that I'm on the job, they know that it's a professional company because they see me out there with the guys. They know me and they know that because I'm there to handle every aspect of the job, the work gets done right."

Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing clients agree. During independent research phone calls, a customer named Mary said, "Dave has always done a thorough job, and I can trust him. I like his integrity." Sonia shared, "I've worked with Dave Shapiro for the past twenty years and he's great to deal with, friendly, easy to understand and does a great job." Cathy said, "I was impressed with the quality of their painting." And client named Dorine raved, "He was always prompt, and he did what he had been contracted to do. The whole staff was terrific."

Because of Dave's experience, Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing offers professional color consulting. Dave says, "I did Victorians for 12 years, so I know colors. I like helping my clients with color consulting because they're blown away by the colors and amazed by the way their home looks.  We also have experience specifically painting for Russo style homes and Eichler style homes."

Clients appreciate that expertise. During a research phone call, a customer named Dave said, "Dave was really helpful. He helped us pick out the colors and he was easy to work with." Theresa, another client, agreed, "They took our design and helped me define what it was that I needed. He came over a couple of times and helped me come up with a plan."

Previous customers attest that they've gotten the best value for their money from Dave Shapiro and his staff at Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing Co., Inc. in San Mateo County, a company known for paint jobs that last many years, backed up with a 5 year warranty.