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July 19, 2019

Brad Sayre Landscape Services

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(707) 571-1154
1320 Dutton Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
State Contractor’s License #768000
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association)

Areas Served: Sonoma County incl. Santa Rosa CA, Petaluma CA, Healdsburg CA,…
Services: landscape contractors, landscape maintenance

According to consumers, too many companies in this industry give cut-rate price quotes only to short you with shoddy materials and unskilled workers, including illegal laborers that cost you more later for repairs and replacements that could have been avoided.  Others simply subcontract out the work you thought they'd be doing themselves.  But consumers we heard from cited the Sonoma County firm Brad Sayre Landscape Services in Santa Rosa CA as one that has their own experienced crew without subcontracting out, and who does what they say they will in a way that has earned the family-owned company a local reputation since 1982 for high customer satisfaction.

Other companies subcontract out your project, but not Brad Sayre. Brad tells us, "We never subcontract out work. Companies that do that have less ability to ensure a quality outcome. My name is on the company and customers get me on every project just like they expect."

With so many others in this industry using unskilled illegal labor in order to appear cheaper, why does Brad Sayre insist on playing it straight? He says, "So called cheap labor is really the most expensive. An experienced crew is the one whose work the customer doesn't have to pay again to have fixed, and an experienced crew is exactly what we have. My foreman has been with us almost 20 years, and my son is the maintenance crew leader.  The difference between experienced people and illegals impacts everything from proper plant placement that prevents them from dying later or from their roots cracking sidewalks and driveways as they grow, to irrigation systems that provide the right coverage to prevent brown spots but without overusing water and driving up water bills. And that experience is what allows us to give a warranty for up to a year on all plants."

And unlike many contractors who don't offer follow-up leaving you having to gamble on hiring yet another company, Brad Sayre Landscape Services provides ongoing maintenance, telling us, "Most of our jobs are lifetime jobs because the customer is so happy with the results they keep us on for routine maintenance for many years for everything from residences to large estates and commercial properties."

Customers we heard from as research for this article back this up, like one named John who reported to us , "Brad Sayre has worked for me for 15 years now and he got me out of a very bad situation because I have large piece of land and wasn't able to keep up with it and we had all kind of water problems. Brad took over, re-landscaped a big eyesore portion, brought that up to full fruition and still comes to see me weekly. I'm well satisfied with the service that Brad has given us."  A customer we spoke to named Grace told us, "Brad has been with me for many years. It's been 15 years now. He is a very conscientious person."

Sonoma County resident Brad Sayre lives in Santa Rosa CA. He studied ornamental horticulture as early as his high school years, then went on to nursery work and then founding Brad Sayre Landscape Services in 1982. Work keeps him busy but when he can make the time he enjoys fishing, including for white sturgeon and has caught several hundred pounders on the Napa and Petaluma Rivers.  Friends have described him as honest and hard-working, while customers say he is professional, personable, and dependable.

So it was customers we heard from who pointed to the Sonoma County firm Brad Sayre Landscape Services as the one proven to do installations that last for years through use of experienced crew instead of illegal labor, and a commitment to quality results rather than subcontracting it out like others do. As one customer named Theresa we spoke with reported, "Brad and his son have been working at our house for a long time and they are great. They are hardworking, honest, and on budget. I recommend them highly."