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August 8, 2020

Harkey Construction, Inc.

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(707) 836-1315
810 DenBeste Court #101
Windsor, CA 95492
State Contractors License #790931 (B)
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce-Santa Rosa
  • Chamber of Commerce-Windsor
  • NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)
  • NCBE (North Coast Builders Exchange)

Areas Served: Sonoma County incl. Santa Rosa CA, Healdsburg CA, Sebastopol CA,…
Services: general contractors, residential general contractors, custom home building, commercial construction…

You could talk to a lot of general contractors before finding one you can truly trust. That's why it's so significant that there's a general contractor in Sonoma County who clients say has earned their trust time and again over the last 25 years.

Harkey Construction, Inc. in Windsor CA is owned by husband-and-wife team Lori and Jeff Harkey and their customers attest that Harkey Construction is the trustworthy builder in Sonoma County.

Trustworthy Leadership At Harkey Construction, Inc.

Previous customers say Harkey Construction has a proven track record as honest contractors with a high-level of integrity and it's due in part to the consistent leadership from Jeff and Lori Harkey, who together have more than 58 years of experience in construction and strong roots in the community. "Our company has 25 years of history here locally," says Jeff Harkey.

Unlike contractors who are rarely available to speak right away when you call, Harkey Construction, Inc. has a full office staff that handles customer inquiries, and that staff is well trained in service and problem solving. "We actively train our employees to help develop their leadership skills, including on-site training for management and administration and company-wide safety training," explains Jeff Harkey. "We also hold weekly foremen's meetings and have an outside consulting service that helps us provide even better training for all of our employees."

Clients praised the leadership at Harkey Construction that leads to higher quality work through better oversight. During research phone calls, a customer named Dean said, "The construction supervisor was fantastic!" Another customer named Marvin shared, "The foreman on the job is very conscientious has a heart as well."

Harkey Construction Has Trustworthy Crews

Some so-called construction companies are really just a contractor and a few helpers, so they take too long to complete jobs and oftentimes struggle to finish larger jobs. But Harkey Construction, Inc. has full crews of experienced, skilled employees. Jeff Harkey elaborates, "We have full office and field staff, and that means that we have the capability to take on a work load that smaller contractors don't. Because of our skilled employees, we care for our clients throughout the job and give them a quality end product."

And continuing education is a priority for Harkey Construction employees. Jeff Harkey explains, "Our foremen are well-educated and have been in the trades for a long time. We also encourage employees to continue their education so they can better serve the customers."  Lori Harkey adds, "That includes construction courses at local colleges. We actively promote education for our crews."

Project Scheduling You Can Trust

Clients love the estimates and project schedules they get from Harkey Construction, Inc. Jeff Harkey explains, "We have a detailed project schedule for each job that helps us communicate within our company and with our clients. With that schedule, the homeowner sees the overall picture and knows ahead of time how the process is going to go."

Those detailed project schedules keep the project running smoothly even when changes must occur. Jeff adds, "We document all changes so that everyone on the team, including the homeowner, can keep track of our forward progress."

Communication is a hallmark of Harkey Construction's success. "We're in contact with the homeowners on a daily basis if it's needed or wanted, and all of our foremen have laptops and wireless access into our files," Jeff Harkey details.

During a research phone call, a client named Bob explained how the communication at Harkey Construction, Inc. earned his trust. "You could always get a hold of the project manager. That was a big thing."

Earning Trust through Lifelong Community Ties

The Harkeys treasure their lifelong roots in the local community. "We were born and raised in the area and have had our business here for 25 years, so we know the community well and they know us," says Jeff and Lori Harkey, owners of Harkey ConstructionJeff. "Our name is on the company and that shows that we're accountable. We strive to make every job the best because we understand that our reputation is only as solid as the last job you've completed."

Jeff Harkey started working in construction at 18. He and his brother went into business together in 1991, and soon after, Lori joined the company from the corporate world. "I was working for one of the largest software companies in the world, and that corporate training and experience helps us see the bigger picture and run an even more effective business to the benefit of the clients."

And it's more than just clients who reap the rewards. The community benefits from those local ties too. In 2009, Harkey Construction helped save the annual Windsor CA fireworks display by raising more than $35,000 in 35 days. Doug Christian, Sales and Marketing Director at Harkey Construction remembers, "Four and a half weeks before the event, the town announced they didn't have the money and were cancelling the fireworks display. We came into work and the first thing Lori Harkey said was, ‘We have to do something about it.' And we got started right away. We spent 35 days to make it happen."

So Harkey Construction, Inc. in Sonoma County is the general contractor known by clients and the community for being the trustworthy local contractors. Perhaps a previous client named Mary said it best when she shared, "What an excellent job. Their ability to explain things to me, connect with all the subcontractors involved, and carry through on things builds trust."