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August 10, 2022

Abbey’s Kitchens Baths & Interiors LLC

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(973) 376-8878
Short Hills, NJ 07078
State Contractor License #13VH07261300
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Areas Served: Essex County NJ, incl. Short Hills NJ, West Caldwell, Glen…
Services: kitchen remodelers, bathroom remodeling, kitchen bath designers

Many consumers attest that it's a mistake not to hire a design specialist when doing a remodel. Too many contractors lack the design experience to truly learn and implement your needs and tastes, and spend too little time showing you all the options. The result is fixtures and styles that you regret when you soon after learn of better options but are now stuck with what you just put in, or a space that doesn't function properly. In either case you're left with years of regret as you live in the space, or with lost resale value that you could have had.

That's why it's important to know about the Essex County firm Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors in Short Hills NJ, which is known for award winning design expertise, putting in the time to find out exactly what the space needs to do for you, and guiding you through the whole process of selection to ensure years of satisfaction with a finished result that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Projects done by them include interior remodels, home offices, home storage units, custom entertainment centers, home libraries, and more, and they're especially known for their expertise in quality bathrooms
and kitchens from $35K and up.

Clients Are Grateful For Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors in Short Hills NJ

Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors in Essex County NJ is owned by Steven Meltzer with 25 years of experience. Compared to many companies that say you're on your own to come up with the fixtures, appliances and materials, Steve Meltzer makes the time to find out exactly what you need, what you like, and then guides you through the selection process.

He says, "It's important to give clients something they'll be happy with for many years. Too often people left on their own get sucked into chasing the latest trend and it doesn't hold up for long. That room becomes dated quickly leaving them unhappy or costing them in resale value.  So I put in the time to ask a lot of questions about what they like and what they need, and then guide them through the options."

Examples of how thoughtful is the evaluation done by Steve Meltzer includes doing an inventory of the pots and pans to know how many need to be accommodated, how much food storage is typically needed, whether people are right or left-handed, and a detailed questionnaire.

An example of the lengths he goes to for customers to have a full range of choices is that he presents three different designs all within the same stated budget. Unlike some other designers who are pretentious and so ego driven that they bristle at the idea of you modifying their choices, Steve Meltzer and Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors welcomes your input.

He says, "When I present those three different designs, you might like certain elements from one, and elements from another. We'll start making those adjustments together to arrive at the finished design. There's no ego in the way here."

Where others force you to make trips to a showroom to make your selections of fixtures and finishes, Steve brings everything necessary to allow you to do this in the comfort of your home. "I bring everything, cabinet door samples, stone samples, so that everything can be done without a trip," says Steve. But for customers who want to browse selections at a store, Steve Meltzer goes so far as to accompany them there. "Many store salespeople are on commission, so they steer buyers to items that don't best serve their needs. I'm willing to be there to protect my customers and save them hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars."

Even though he welcomes a client's input into the design, you should take full advantage of Steve Meltzer's expert opinions and his design skills which have gotten his work on the cover of national magazines like House Beautiful, Woman's Day, and Signature Kitchens, and have earned him the gratitude of clients like Mark who we called for this article who said of Steven Meltzer, "He did a big kitchen job for me. It was a huge project. It was all done custom. It was very nice job. I would recommend him, and I'd use him again."

Too many contractors make their bid seem lower than it really is by leaving out the details. Later when the job is underway the costs go up as you make choices on items that weren't selected earlier, or no choice is ever offered and you're unhappy with what he installed.

Unlike those companies, customers of Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors get a completely detailed bid so the end result fully meets or exceeds their expectations, and the initial quote is accurate. "We put in writing everything we are going to do," says Steven. "The agreement itself is very simple and easy to understand, but there are five to seven pages of descriptions where everything to be done and used is spelled out for the client."

Customers we called as research for this article bore this out, like one named Ellen who told us, "Steven did a lot of work for me and I was extremely pleased with everything. He's talented and creative. He does due diligence to make sure everything comes out the way the customer wants it to."

Steven Meltzer is married with two children, one of which Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors is named after. Friends know him as an audiophile and music lover, and describe him as caring, empathetic, with a  good sense of humor. Customers describe him as an excellent project manager and creative, like one who said "Steven was meticulous, filled with creative suggestions to make my dream come true and remained within budget and time estimates."

To get the most out of a remodel and avoid the pitfalls that come from a lack of thoroughness in the design and selection process leading to lost resale value or years of regret due to what you could have gotten but didn't, clients say Abbey's Kitchens Baths & Interiors was the right choice, with award winning creativity from owner Steven Meltzer, detailed and accurate bids, and a lifetime warranty on the finished product.

In the words of a customer we heard from named Carol, "They did excellent work for me. They remodeled my kitchen. They renovated one of my bathrooms, and also two bedrooms which they made into one where they put in a closet and added an additional bathroom. Excellent work. I've used them over and over again and you don't do that unless someone is really good."