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September 23, 2021
The TOP 10 General Contractors in Anoka County MN

The TOP 10 General Contractors in Anoka County MN

Merrimac Construction Co

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(763) 434-6857
18651 Buchanan St NE
East Bethel, MN 55011

Areas Served: Anoka Minnesota, Anoka County MN, Coon Rapids Minn, Fridley MN,…
Services: custom home builders, residential construction company, commercial building

Price Brothers Construction LLC

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(763) 576-9814
3609 Ridge Ave
Anoka, MN 55303

Areas Served: Blaine MN, Anoka County MN, Columbia Heights MN, Coon Rapids…
Services: local builders for all construction needs including residential & commercial

Central Construction Service

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(763) 862-1171
8060 153rd Ln NW
Anoka, MN 55303

Areas Served: Anoka Minn, Columbia Heights MN, Anoka County MN, Coon Rapids…
Services: construction company for custom homes, commercial building, construction permits

Guimont Construction

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(763) 427-9827
5720 164th Ave NW
Ramsey, MN 55303

Areas Served: Anoka County MN, Coon Rapids Minn, Ramsey MN, Fridley MN,…
Services: general construction, building permits, new home builders, commercial construction

Hadley Construction Inc

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(763) 753-3790
18850 Garnet St NW
Anoka, MN 55303

Areas Served: Columbia Heights MN, Anoka County MN, Lino Lakes MN, Fridley…
Services: general contractors, new home builders, commercial construction building

Cornerstone Custom Construction

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(763) 754-3939
1330 133rd Ln NE # 1
Ham Lake, MN 55304

Areas Served: Coon Rapids MN, Anoka County Minn, Andover MN, Blaine MN,…
Services: general contractors for new construction, custom home builders, commercial building

Pheasant Run Construction

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(763) 862-2106
1109 141st Ln NE
Andover, MN 55304

Areas Served: Fridley MN, Anoka County MN, Blaine MN, Andover MN, Coon…
Services: local construction company for all construction services incl residential, commercial