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September 18, 2021
The TOP 10 Muffler Repair Shops & Brake Repair Shops in Berks County PA

The TOP 10 Muffler Repair Shops & Brake Repair Shops in Berks County PA

Kutztown Auto Exhaust

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(610) 683-8886
111 E Main St
Kutztown, PA 19530

Areas Served: Berks County PA, Cumru PA, Reading Penn, Spring PA, Muhlenberg…
Services: muffler replacement, muffler repair, new mufflers, muffler sales

Select Exhaust Inc

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(610) 685-6853
5045 Pottsville Pike
Reading, PA 19605

Areas Served: Wyomissing PA, Muhlenberg PA, Reading PA, Exeter PA, Berks County…
Services: muffler shop, custom exhaust systems, new mufflers, muffler installers

Monro Muffler Brake & Service

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(610) 779-5441
3997 Perkiomen Ave
Reading, PA 19606

Areas Served: Amity PA, Reading Penn, Berks County PA, Maxatawny PA, Cumru…
Services: mufflers for cars & trucks, exahust system repair, custom mufflers,…

Ray’s Muffler Service

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(610) 779-0690
32 Columbia Ave
Reading, PA 19606

Areas Served: Exeter PA, Berks County PA, Spring PA, Reading PA, Muhlenberg…
Services: muffler shop for new mufflers, muffler installers, custom exhaust systems

Mervine’s Exhaust Specialists

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(610) 777-1631
2300 Lancaster Pike
Reading, PA 19607

Areas Served: Berks County Penn, Reading PA, Amity PA, Exeter PA, Wyomissing…
Services: exhaust system & muffler shop for muffler sales, and muffler…