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August 15, 2022
The TOP 10 Tile Contractors in Berks County PA

The TOP 10 Tile Contractors in Berks County PA

Malsnee Tile & Stone

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(610) 916-7621
1106 Stinson Dr
Leesport, PA 19533

Areas Served: Muhlenberg PA, Berks County PA, Reading Pennsylvania, Exeter PA, Maxatawny…
Services: tile setting incl. tile caulking, retiling, tile repair, tile showers,…

Lew Sagner Tile

  • Lew Sagner Tile Profile
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(610) 286-7355
260 Timber Ridge Rd
Morgantown, PA 19543

Areas Served: Berks County PA, Cumru PA, Reading Penn, Spring PA, Muhlenberg…
Services: local tile company for all tile repair, new tile setting,…

Stoudt Main Street Tile

  • Stoudt Main Street Tile Profile
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(610) 286-0061
2953 Main St
Morgantown, PA 19543

Areas Served: Berks County Penn, Reading PA, Amity PA, Exeter PA, Wyomissing…
Services: tile setters of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaic tile, metal…

Elite Tile

  • Elite Tile Profile
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  • Elite Tile Offers
(610) 763-3975
4333 Stoudts Ferry Bridge Rd
Reading, PA 19605

Areas Served: Cumru PA, Berks County PA, Exeter PA, Reading Penn, Spring…
Services: custom tile, residential tiling, commercial tiling, tile resetting, tile restoration

Delucia Tile

  • Delucia Tile Profile
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(610) 775-7717
1727 Crowder Ave
Reading, PA 19607

Areas Served: Wyomissing PA, Muhlenberg PA, Reading PA, Exeter PA, Berks County…
Services: residential tiling, retail tiling, commercial tiling, tile repair, tile setters

SNS Tile Inc

  • SNS Tile Inc Profile
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(610) 285-8534
22 Beavens Rd
Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Areas Served: Berks County PA, Wyomissing PA, Reading PA, Exeter PA, Muhlenberg…
Services: custom tile design & tile setting for ceramic tile, metal…

Gilberts Tile & Design LLC

  • Gilberts Tile & Design LLC Profile
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(610) 777-6603
8 Matthew Dr
Reading, PA 19608

Areas Served: Amity PA, Reading Penn, Berks County PA, Maxatawny PA, Cumru…
Services: tile contractors, custom tiling, tile design, tile setting, tile sealing,…

Gehris Tile

  • Gehris Tile Profile
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(610) 374-4155
424 Penn Ave
Reading, PA 19611

Areas Served: Exeter PA, Berks County PA, Spring PA, Reading PA, Muhlenberg…
Services: bath surround tile, tile backsplash, floor tiling, tile repair, custom…