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May 31, 2023
The TOP 10 Travel Agencies in Cherokee County GA

The TOP 10 Travel Agencies in Cherokee County GA

A Love of Travel

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  • A Love of Travel Offers
(770) 345-8687
652 Laurel Xing
Canton, GA 30114

Areas Served: Canton GA, Woodstock GA, Cherokee County GA
Services: travel agents for booking hotels, cruises, rental car, airlines, group…

Robinson Travel Agency

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  • Robinson Travel Agency Offers
(678) 366-3220
1174 Arbor Hill Rd # 100
Canton, GA 30115

Areas Served: Woodstock GA, Canton GA, & all Cherokee County Georgia
Services: hotels, cruise lines, airline travel, group packages, leisure & business…

Travel Store Inc

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(770) 924-7133
3211 S Cherokee Ln # 620
Woodstock, GA 30188

Areas Served: Cherokee County GA, Woodstock GA, Canton GA
Services: travel services incl. booking travel online, singles cruises, family travel

Cruise Aweigh Travel Planner

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(770) 592-4175
208 Brolley Woods Dr
Woodstock, GA 30189

Areas Served: Cherokee County GA incl. Canton GA, Holly Springs GA, Woodstock…
Services: travel packages, cruise travel, safari packages, adventure travel, corporate travel

Gobahama Travel

  • Gobahama Travel Profile
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(770) 924-7992
311 Gray Shingle Ln
Woodstock, GA 30189

Areas Served: Cherokee County incl Canton GA, Woodstock GA
Services: leisure travel, adventure travel incl. group travel packages, business travel