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July 4, 2020
A good local personal injury lawyer answers questions from a client including help with personal injury claims, mesothelioma, car accident, and liability claims

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver CO Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire

If you get hurt in an accident or are suffering physical or psychological effects caused by another person or entity, Denver personal injury law firms may be able to help.

But choose carefully. Not all personal injury lawyers are the same, and hiring the wrong one to represent you can add to your troubles.

It's good news then that personal injury attorneys in Denver CO bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol are the personal injury lawyers proven by our independent research to have passed the Top Ten requirements for ability and value. In addition, they've been vetted for you. All Top Ten certified personal injury attorneys are licensed, insured, and come with good client recommendations as the best local personal injury lawyers serving City of Denver and the rest of Denver CO.

The TOP 10 Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver CO

The TOP 10 Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver CO

Springer & Steinberg

  • Springer & Steinberg Profile
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  • Springer & Steinberg Offers
(303) 861-2800
1600 Broadway # 1200
Denver, CO 80202

Areas Served: West Highland, City of Denver CO, LoDo, Park Hill, Lower…
Services: attorneys for personal injury claims, personal injury defense

Gerash Steiner & Toray

  • Gerash Steiner & Toray Profile
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(303) 830-0630
1775 Sherman St # 1650
Denver, CO 80203

Areas Served: Park Hill, Highland, Baker, City of Denver CO, Park Hill,…
Services: personal injury lawsuit

Rotole Rotole Blanchard

  • Rotole Rotole Blanchard Profile
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(303) 399-1600
2 Steele St # 202
Denver, CO 80206

Areas Served: Highland, Lower Downtown Denver, Five Points, LoDo, West Highland, City…
Services: lawyers for civil litigation incl. personal injury suit

Balaban & Levinson

  • Balaban & Levinson Profile
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  • Balaban & Levinson Offers
(303) 571-1234
1745 Lafayette St
Denver, CO 80218

Areas Served: City of Denver, Greektown, Lowry, Five Points, Washington Park, Golden…
Services: personal injury lawsuits, insurance defense lawyers

Balaban & Claeson LLP

  • Balaban & Claeson LLP Profile
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(303) 377-3474
1325 S Colorado Blvd # 506
Denver, CO 80222

Areas Served: Denver Colorado, Highland, Park Hill, West Highland, LoDo, Baker, Union…
Services: personal injury damage claim & settlements

Dezen & Pollin

  • Dezen & Pollin Profile
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(303) 721-0383
3545 S Tamarac Dr # 210
Denver, CO 80237

Areas Served: Denver Colorado, Lower Downtown Denver, West Highland, Greektown, LoDo, Baker
Services: local personal injury attorneys for personal injury lawsuit

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver CO Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire