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June 19, 2024
The TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Clackamas County OR

The TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Clackamas County OR

Edgewater Cabinets

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(503) 663-1341
27660 SE Highway 212
Boring, OR 97009

Areas Served: West Linn OR, Lake Oswego OR, Oregon City OR, Canby…
Services: local cabinet company for new cabinet sales & new cabinet…

NW Cabinets & Furniture Inc

  • NW Cabinets & Furniture Inc Profile
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(503) 663-2427
13230 SE Orient Dr
Boring, OR 97009

Areas Served: Oak Grove OR, Northwest Clackamas OR, Wilsonville OR, Milwaukie OR,…
Services: cabinet makers doing new cabinet design, cabinet sales, cabinet installation

Oregon Custom Cabinets

  • Oregon Custom Cabinets Profile
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(503) 266-9177
483 S Redwood St
Canby, OR 97013

Areas Served: Northwest Clackamas Oregon, West Linn OR, Oregon City OR, Lake…
Services: kitchen cabinet replacement, cabinet sales, cabinetmakers incl. cabinet refacing

Spectrum Woodworking

  • Spectrum Woodworking Profile
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(503) 266-2828
301 S Redwood St
Canby, OR 97013

Areas Served: Clackamas County OR, Northwest Clackamas OR, Lake Oswego OR, Oregon…
Services: new cabinet design & cabinet sales, installation of new cabinets,…

Euro American Design

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(503) 657-4157
10400 SE Mather Rd
Clackamas, OR 97015

Areas Served: Wilsonville OR, Northwest Clackamas OR, Oregon City OR, West Linn…
Services: cabinet makers incl. new cabinets, cabinet refacing, new kitchen cabinets

Pagh Custom Woodworking Inc

  • Pagh Custom Woodworking Inc Profile
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  • Pagh Custom Woodworking Inc Brands
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(503) 668-1066
33820 SE Kelso Rd
Boring, OR 97009

Areas Served: Northwest Clackamas OR, Lake Oswego OR, West Linn OR, Oregon…
Services: new cabinets & kitchen cabinet sales, new cabinet design &…