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March 2, 2021
A muffler mechanic replaces a vehicle exhaust pipe as part of muffler and brake services.

The Best Muffler & Brake Shops in Chicago IL Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With

Muffler and brake shops in Chicago IL bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those brake or muffler repair services verified by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for reliability and professionalism, carry liability insurance as protection for you the customer, and for whom our staff has called previous customer to verify high satisfaction with them for mufflers and brakes in Chicago IL, including for custom exhaust systems, power brakes, disc brakes, brake drums, brake shoes, and more.


The TOP 10 Muffler Repair Shops & Brake Repair Shops in Chicago IL

The TOP 10 Muffler Repair Shops & Brake Repair Shops in Chicago IL

Discount Muffler Brake & More

  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Profile
  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Scorecard
  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Reviews
  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Photos
  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Brands
  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Articles
  • Discount Muffler Brake & More Offers
(847) 991-3660
620 W Colfax St
Palatine, IL 60067

Areas Served: Hoffman Estates, Glenview, Streamwood, Hanover Park, , Kenilworth IL, Winnetka…
Services: muffler repairs, muffler sales, new mufflers, exahust system repair

Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes

  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Profile
  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Scorecard
  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Reviews
  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Photos
  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Brands
  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Articles
  • Kwik Stop Mufflers & Brakes Offers
(708) 547-5252
1109 Mannheim Rd
Bellwood, IL 60104

Areas Served: Northfield IL, Chicago IL, Cook County IL, Des Plaines IL,…
Services: mufflers for cars & trucks, exahust system repair, custom mufflers,…

Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake

  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Profile
  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Scorecard
  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Reviews
  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Photos
  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Brands
  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Articles
  • Lifetime Automotive/Muffler & Brake Offers
(708) 747-7337
10 Norwood Blvd
Park Forest, IL 60466

Areas Served: Cook County IL, Arlington Heights IL, Chicago IL, Evanston IL,…
Services: muffler shop for new mufflers, muffler installers, custom exhaust systems

Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler

  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Profile
  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Scorecard
  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Reviews
  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Photos
  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Brands
  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Articles
  • Teloloapan Brakes & Muffler Offers
(312) 243-9090
2100 S Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60608

Areas Served: Cook County, Hoffman Estates IL, Chicago IL, Streamwood IL, Glenview…
Services: muffler shop, custom exhaust systems, new mufflers, muffler installers

Katt’s Muffler & Auto Repair

  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Profile
  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Scorecard
  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Reviews
  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Photos
  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Brands
  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Articles
  • Katt's Muffler & Auto Repair Offers
(773) 745-0708
6757 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

Areas Served: Cook County, Chicago IL, Kenilworth IL, Cicero IL, Winnetka IL,…
Services: local muffler shop for new mufflers, muffler sales, muffler repair

Martin Muffler Sales

  • Martin Muffler Sales Profile
  • Martin Muffler Sales Scorecard
  • Martin Muffler Sales Reviews
  • Martin Muffler Sales Photos
  • Martin Muffler Sales Brands
  • Martin Muffler Sales Articles
  • Martin Muffler Sales Offers
(773) 737-8200
6547 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60636

Areas Served: Chicago IL, Arlington Heights IL, Cicero IL, Berwyn, Oak Lawn,…
Services: exhaust system & muffler shop for muffler sales, and muffler…

USA Muffler & Brake

  • USA Muffler & Brake Profile
  • USA Muffler & Brake Scorecard
  • USA Muffler & Brake Reviews
  • USA Muffler & Brake Photos
  • USA Muffler & Brake Brands
  • USA Muffler & Brake Articles
  • USA Muffler & Brake Offers
(773) 238-1333
11044 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60643

Areas Served: Chicago IL, Tinley Park, Orland Park, Des Plaines, Skokie, Palatine,…
Services: exhaust systems, muffler repair, muffler installers, muffler sales

A Plus Muffler & Brakes

  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Profile
  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Scorecard
  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Reviews
  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Photos
  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Brands
  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Articles
  • A Plus Muffler & Brakes Offers
(773) 365-1200
3751 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Areas Served: Chicago IL, Cook County IL, Tinley Park IL, Oak Lawn…
Services: muffler replacement, muffler repair, new mufflers, muffler sales

Iggy’s Muffler

  • Iggy's Muffler Profile
  • Iggy's Muffler Scorecard
  • Iggy's Muffler Reviews
  • Iggy's Muffler Photos
  • Iggy's Muffler Brands
  • Iggy's Muffler Articles
  • Iggy's Muffler Offers
(708) 452-7616
7230 W Montrose Ave
Norridge, IL 60706

Areas Served: Cook County IL, Palatine IL, Chicago IL, Skokie IL, Orland…
Services: new mufflers, muffler repair, muffler sales, new mufflers & custom…

The Best Muffler & Brake Shops in Chicago IL Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With