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July 6, 2022
The TOP 10 Art Dealers in Dallas County TX

The TOP 10 Art Dealers in Dallas County TX

Banks Fine Art

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(214) 352-1811
1313 Slocum St # 103
Dallas, TX 75207

Areas Served: Garland TX, Dallas County Texas, Dallas TX, Irving TX, Mesquite…
Services: art dealers, fine art sales, art consultants, artwork, local artists

Perry Berns Gallery

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(214) 803-4307
3209 Stanford Ave
Dallas, TX 75225

Areas Served: Dallas County, Dallas TX, Garland TX, Irving TX, Grand Prairie…
Services: art consultants & art dealers, fine art sales, art gallery

Quality Art House LLC

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(214) 744-2910
2910 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75226

Areas Served: Lancaster TX, Farmers Branch TX, Balch Springs TX, Dallas TX,…
Services: fine art gallery, art sales, art consultants, art dealers

Southwest Art Gallery Corp

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(972) 960-8935
4500 Sigma Rd
Dallas, TX 75244

Areas Served: Dallas County TX, DeSoto TX, Dallas TX, Rowlett TX, Garland…
Services: fine art gallery, local art sales, art dealers, art consultants

Artists’ Showplace

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(972) 233-1223
15615 Coit Rd # 230
Dallas, TX 75248

Areas Served: Richardson TX, Rowlett TX, DeSoto TX, Cedar Hill TX, Coppell…
Services: artwork sales, art dealers, fine art gallery, art consultants

Prestige Arts

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(214) 747-7001
2050 N Stemmons Fwy # 10080
Dallas, TX 75207

Areas Served: Dallas Texas, Dallas County, Irving TX, Garland TX, Mesquite TX,…
Services: local art gallery, fine art, art sales, artwork & art…

Art Dallas Inc

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(214) 688-0244
2325 Valdina St
Dallas, TX 75207

Areas Served: Irving TX, Dallas County, DeSoto TX, Dallas TX, Rowlett TX,…
Services: fine art, art sales, art dealers, art consultants, art gallery