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June 25, 2024
The TOP 10 Property Managers in Dallas County TX

The TOP 10 Property Managers in Dallas County TX

Inland American Retail Management

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(972) 733-0500
5057 Keller Springs Rd # 450
Addison, TX 75001

Areas Served: Richardson TX, Dallas County TX, Mesquite TX, Grand Prairie TX,…
Services: property management services for residential & commercial, retail property managers

Lantower Property Management

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(214) 528-1120
4554 Glenwick Ln # 1104
Dallas, TX 75205

Areas Served: Lancaster TX, Farmers Branch TX, Balch Springs TX, Dallas TX,…
Services: commercial property management, residential property managers

Prescott Realty Group Inc

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(214) 750-0009
6060 N Central Expy # 101
Dallas, TX 75206

Areas Served: Dallas County TX, DeSoto TX, Dallas TX, Rowlett TX, Garland…
Services: property management company for showings, rental, evictions, rent collection

Skyline Properties Inc

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(214) 750-8300
5630 Dyer St
Dallas, TX 75206

Areas Served: Garland TX, Dallas County Texas, Dallas TX, Irving TX, Mesquite…
Services: rental property management, vacation property managers, commercial property managers

Junction Property Management

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(972) 484-2060
2815 Valley View Ln # 228
Dallas, TX 75234

Areas Served: Dallas County, Dallas TX, Garland TX, Irving TX, Grand Prairie…
Services: property managers incl. retail, mobile home parks, rentals, commercial

Regis Property Management

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  • Regis Property Management Offers
(469) 522-4500
1800 Valley View Ln # 300
Dallas, TX 75234

Areas Served: Irving TX, Dallas County, DeSoto TX, Dallas TX, Rowlett TX,…
Services: residential property managers, rental & retail property management services

ECOM Real Estate Management

  • ECOM Real Estate Management Profile
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(214) 559-0099
13760 Noel Rd # 500
Dallas, TX 75240

Areas Served: Richardson TX, Rowlett TX, DeSoto TX, Cedar Hill TX, Coppell…
Services: full time property managers incl. apartment property management

McKnight Property Management LLC

  • McKnight Property Management LLC Profile
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(972) 233-9541
12700 Park Central Dr # 104
Dallas, TX 75251

Areas Served: Dallas County TX, Rowlett TX, Dallas TX, DeSoto TX, Garland…
Services: local property managers for residential, commercial, retail, vacation, rental property

Industrial Properties Corp

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(972) 447-2660
14951 Dallas Pkwy # 600
Dallas, TX 75254

Areas Served: Dallas Texas, Dallas County, Irving TX, Garland TX, Mesquite TX,…
Services: property management services incl. rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance