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September 25, 2020
A woman leaves flowers at the gravestone of a loved one in a local cemetery after funeral services and burial.

The Best Funeral Homes in Winston-Salem NC Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With

Funeral services in Winston-Salem NC bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are the funeral homes proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for reliability and value, carry liability insurance as protection for you the client, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them for funeral services in Winston-Salem NC, including cremation services, funeral homes, memorial services, interment, pre-need funeral planning, mortuaries, cemeteries, and more.


The TOP 10 Funeral Homes and Funeral Services in Winston-Salem NC

The TOP 10 Funeral Homes and Funeral Services in Winston-Salem NC

Brown Funeral Home

  • Brown Funeral Home Profile
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  • Brown Funeral Home Offers
(336) 722-8117
727 N Patterson Ave
Winston Salem, NC 27101

Areas Served: Forsyth County North Carolina, Winston NC, Vienna NC, Abbots Creek…
Services: funeral providers, cremation services, memorial services

Russell Funeral Home

  • Russell Funeral Home Profile
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  • Russell Funeral Home Offers
(336) 722-3459
822 Carl Russell Ave
Winston Salem, NC 27101

Areas Served: Winston-Salem NC, Forsyth County NC, Kernersville NC, Clemmonsville NC, Vienna…
Services: funeral home, funeral services, funeral directors, cremation care, funeral pre-needs

Salem Funeral & Cremation

  • Salem Funeral & Cremation Profile
  • Salem Funeral & Cremation Scorecard
  • Salem Funeral & Cremation Reviews
  • Salem Funeral & Cremation Photos
  • Salem Funeral & Cremation Brands
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(336) 722-6122
120 S Main St
Winston Salem, NC 27101

Areas Served: Winston North Carolina, Forsyth County, Kernersville NC, Winston-Salem NC, Lewisville…
Services: funeral services, memorial services, funeral planners, cremation services

Gilmore’s Funeral Home

  • Gilmore's Funeral Home Profile
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  • Gilmore's Funeral Home Brands
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  • Gilmore's Funeral Home Offers
(336) 723-5508
1609 N Liberty St
Winston Salem, NC 27105

Areas Served: Forsyth County, Vienna NC, Abbots Creek NC, Clemmons NC, Kernersville…
Services: local funeral home & funeral directors for services incl. cremation,…

Hooper Funeral Home

  • Hooper Funeral Home Profile
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  • Hooper Funeral Home Brands
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  • Hooper Funeral Home Offers
(336) 724-1561
1415 E 14th St
Winston Salem, NC 27105

Areas Served: Lewisville NC, Forsyth County NC, Abbots Creek NC, Lewisville NC,…
Services: funeral services incl. memorials, cremation, funeral planners

Vogler & Sons Funeral Home

  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home Profile
  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home Scorecard
  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home Reviews
  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home Photos
  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home Brands
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  • Vogler & Sons Funeral Home Offers
(336) 722-6106
2951 Reynolda Rd
Winston Salem, NC 27106

Areas Served: Kernersville NC, Forsyth County NC, Clemmons NC, Lewisville NC, Winston-Salem…
Services: funeral providers & funeral pre-need sales incl caskets, headstones, cemetary…

Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service

  • Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service Profile
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  • Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service Photos
  • Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service Brands
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  • Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Service Offers
(336) 993-2121
213 W Mountain St
Kernersville, NC 27284

Areas Served: Forsyth County NC, Kernersville NC, Winston-Salem NC, Abbots Creek North…
Services: funeral directors for funeral services, funeral pre-need

Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral

  • Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral Profile
  • Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral Scorecard
  • Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral Reviews
  • Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral Photos
  • Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral Brands
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  • Hayworth Miller Cain Funeral Offers
(336) 993-2136
141 Smith Edward Rd
Kernersville, NC 27284

Areas Served: Winston-Salem North Carolina, Abbots Creek NC, Clemmonsville NC, Lewisville NC
Services: funeral home for funerals incl. pre-need services, caskets, cemetary plots

The Best Funeral Homes in Winston-Salem NC Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With