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August 11, 2020
A happy couple stands outside the new home they bought through a local real estate agent.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Columbus OH Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire

Real estate agents in Columbus OH bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those realty agents proven  by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for knowledge and reliability, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them for real estate sales in Columbus OH, including real estate listings, commercial real estate agents, real estate brokers, sellers agents, buyers agents, and more.


The TOP 10 Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Brokers in Columbus OH

The TOP 10 Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Brokers in Columbus OH

Ross Realtors

  • Ross Realtors Profile
  • Ross Realtors Scorecard
  • Ross Realtors Reviews
  • Ross Realtors Photos
  • Ross Realtors Brands
  • Ross Realtors Articles
  • Ross Realtors Offers
(614) 771-6100
4985 Cemetery Rd
Hilliard, OH 43026

Areas Served: Columbus Ohio, Franklin County Ohio, Jackson OH, Dublin OH, Reynoldsburg…
Services: real estate agency listing homes for sale, incl. REOs, bank…

Saxton Real Estate Co

  • Saxton Real Estate Co Profile
  • Saxton Real Estate Co Scorecard
  • Saxton Real Estate Co Reviews
  • Saxton Real Estate Co Photos
  • Saxton Real Estate Co Brands
  • Saxton Real Estate Co Articles
  • Saxton Real Estate Co Offers
(614) 875-2327
3703 Broadway
Grove City, OH 43123

Areas Served: Franklin County, Westerville OH, Columbus OH, Jackson OH, Reynoldsburg OH,…
Services: real estate agent for home for sale listings, short sales,…

Dan Gregor Realtor

  • Dan Gregor Realtor Profile
  • Dan Gregor Realtor Scorecard
  • Dan Gregor Realtor Reviews
  • Dan Gregor Realtor Photos
  • Dan Gregor Realtor Brands
  • Dan Gregor Realtor Articles
  • Dan Gregor Realtor Offers
(614) 856-4910
527 Hill Rd N
Pickerington, OH 43147

Areas Served: Columbus OH, Grove City OH, Franklin County, Westerville OH, Dublin…
Services: local realtors for local homes for sale, all real estate…

Myers Real Estate

  • Myers Real Estate Profile
  • Myers Real Estate Scorecard
  • Myers Real Estate Reviews
  • Myers Real Estate Photos
  • Myers Real Estate Brands
  • Myers Real Estate Articles
  • Myers Real Estate Offers
(614) 486-2933
1221 Grandview Ave
Columbus, OH 43212

Areas Served: Pickerington OH, Columbus OH, Whitehall OH, Dublin OH, Grove City…
Services: realtors for residential real estate sales, commercial real estate listings

Woodford Contemporary Real Estate

  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Profile
  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Scorecard
  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Reviews
  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Photos
  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Brands
  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Articles
  • Woodford Contemporary Real Estate Offers
(614) 236-2603
4270 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43213

Areas Served: Dublin OH, Franklin County, Mifflin OH, Columbus OH, Gahanna OH,…
Services: local real estate agency for home sales, home listings

Signature Real Estate

  • Signature Real Estate Profile
  • Signature Real Estate Scorecard
  • Signature Real Estate Reviews
  • Signature Real Estate Photos
  • Signature Real Estate Brands
  • Signature Real Estate Articles
  • Signature Real Estate Offers
(614) 486-0101
1385 Dublin Rd
Columbus, OH 43215

Areas Served: Westerville OH, Franklin County Ohio, Columbus OH, Mifflin OH, Dublin…
Services: real estate agents for real estate sales incl. local home…

Max Realtors

  • Max Realtors Profile
  • Max Realtors Scorecard
  • Max Realtors Reviews
  • Max Realtors Photos
  • Max Realtors Brands
  • Max Realtors Articles
  • Max Realtors Offers
(614) 457-8393
1600 Fishinger Rd # A
Columbus, OH 43221

Areas Served: Mifflin OH, Grove City OH, Franklin County, Jackson OH, Columbus…
Services: realtors for home sales, commercial real estate sales

Street Realtors

  • Street Realtors Profile
  • Street Realtors Scorecard
  • Street Realtors Reviews
  • Street Realtors Photos
  • Street Realtors Brands
  • Street Realtors Articles
  • Street Realtors Offers
(614) 488-7758
2858 Wellesley Dr
Columbus, OH 43221

Areas Served: Franklin County OH, Columbus OH, Dublin OH, Jackson OH, Westerville…
Services: homes for sale incl. equity seller, foreclosures, REO (real estate…

Trinita Real Estate Group LLC

  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Profile
  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Scorecard
  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Reviews
  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Photos
  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Brands
  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Articles
  • Trinita Real Estate Group LLC Offers
(614) 269-0400
146 Granville St # B
Columbus, OH 43230

Areas Served: Franklin County, Grove City OH, Grove City OH, Jackson OH,…
Services: residential real estate sales, short sales, bank owned homes, REOs

The Best Real Estate Agents in Columbus OH Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire