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September 20, 2021
The TOP 10 Janitorial Services Office Cleaning in Greensboro NC

The TOP 10 Janitorial Services Office Cleaning in Greensboro NC

Quick Maintenance & Janitorial

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(336) 886-8969
609 Garrison St
High Point, NC 27260

Areas Served: Deep River NC, Guilford County, Jamestown NC, High Point NC,…
Services: janitorial maintenance company for all building maintenance services incl. restrooms

Lahnas Janitorial Service

  • Lahnas Janitorial Service Profile
  • Lahnas Janitorial Service Scorecard
  • Lahnas Janitorial Service Reviews
  • Lahnas Janitorial Service Photos
  • Lahnas Janitorial Service Brands
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(336) 687-1776
3710 N Main St # 108
High Point, NC 27265

Areas Served: Greensboro NC, Guilford County, Morehead NC, Fentress NC, Gilmer NC,…
Services: janitorial cleaning, office cleaning, janitorial services incl.building maintenance

OMEX Office Maintenance Experts

  • OMEX Office Maintenance Experts Profile
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  • OMEX Office Maintenance Experts Brands
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(336) 644-9586
8200 Windspray Dr
Summerfield, NC 27358

Areas Served: Guilford County NC, Summerfield NC, Morehead NC, Jefferson NC, Deep…
Services: janitorial services & building maintenance incl. facility maintenance, office cleaning

Champion Janitorial Service

  • Champion Janitorial Service Profile
  • Champion Janitorial Service Scorecard
  • Champion Janitorial Service Reviews
  • Champion Janitorial Service Photos
  • Champion Janitorial Service Brands
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(336) 273-1766
620 S Elm St # 353
Greensboro, NC 27406

Areas Served: Morehead NC, Guilford County NC, High Point NC, Summerfield NC,…
Services: commercial building maintenance services incl. restrooms, offices, trash, grounds

ISS Facility Service

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  • ISS Facility Service Offers
(336) 855-8480
2606 Phoenix Dr # 200
Greensboro, NC 27406

Areas Served: Greensboro NC, Fentress NC, Deep River NC, Jefferson NC, Gilmer…
Services: janitorial company for trash services, office cleaning, facility maintenance, vacuuming

American Building Service Inc

  • American Building Service Inc Profile
  • American Building Service Inc Scorecard
  • American Building Service Inc Reviews
  • American Building Service Inc Photos
  • American Building Service Inc Brands
  • American Building Service Inc Articles
  • American Building Service Inc Offers
(336) 854-1633
7343 W Friendly Ave # K
Greensboro, NC 27410

Areas Served: Guilford County, Jamestown NC, Monroe NC, Greensboro NC, High Point…
Services: building maintenance services incl. janitorial, office cleaning, restroom cleaning


  • Xpicor Profile
  • Xpicor Scorecard
  • Xpicor Reviews
  • Xpicor Photos
  • Xpicor Brands
  • Xpicor Articles
  • Xpicor Offers
(336) 510-0333
205 S Westgate Dr
Greensboro, NC 27407

Areas Served: Greensboro North Carolina, Guilford County, Monroe NC, High Point NC,…
Services: office cleaning, green janitorial services, all commercial cleaning services