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August 12, 2022
The TOP 10 Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers in Howard County MD

The TOP 10 Landscape Contractors & Landscape Designers in Howard County MD

Lawn Designers

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(301) 854-9618
6972 Mink Hollow Rd
Highland, MD 20777

Areas Served: Elkridge MD, Harford County MD, Lisbon MD, North Laurel MD,…
Services: landscape contractors commercial & residential, landscape maintenance

River Hill Landscaping

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(410) 531-2224
12161 Clarksville Pike
Clarksville, MD 21029

Areas Served: Scaggsville MD, Clarksville MD, Columbia MD, Ilchester MD, Ellicott City…
Services: landscaping services incl. new landscaping, landscape design, new gardens

Wilson Landscaping

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(410) 988-9180
5926 Ten Oaks Rd
Clarksville, MD 21029

Areas Served: Howard County MD, Scaggsville MD, Columbia MD, Clarksville MD, Ellicott…
Services: landscape contractors, landscape designers, landscape maintenance, soil conditioning

Low Maintenance Landscaping

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(410) 465-4141
10778 Frederick Rd
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Areas Served: Columbia Maryland, Clarksville MD, Howard County MD, Ellicott City MD,…
Services: full landscape services for commercial & residential including design &…

Payne Landscaping Inc

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(410) 796-7932
6114 Race Rd
Elkridge, MD 21075

Areas Served: Clarksville Maryland, Howard County MD, Ellicott City MD, Columbia MD,…
Services: landscape company for new garden design, landscape installers, new landscaping

Arbor Valley Landscaping

  • Arbor Valley Landscaping Profile
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  • Arbor Valley Landscaping Photos
  • Arbor Valley Landscaping Brands
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(410) 552-0002
603 Wedekind Dr
Woodbine, MD 21797

Areas Served: Howard County & Columbia Maryland, Elkridge MD, Scaggsville MD, Clarksville…
Services: local landscapers for landscape installers, landscape maintenance

Beechfield Landscaping Inc

  • Beechfield Landscaping Inc Profile
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(410) 549-1370
7614 Woodbine Rd
Woodbine, MD 21797

Areas Served: Scaggsville Maryland, Howard County MD, Ilchester MD, Clarksville MD, Ellicott…
Services: landscape design, new landscaping, hardscape features, landscape maintenance

Chapel Valley Landscape Co

  • Chapel Valley Landscape Co Profile
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  • Chapel Valley Landscape Co Reviews
  • Chapel Valley Landscape Co Photos
  • Chapel Valley Landscape Co Brands
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(301) 924-5400
3275 Jennings Chapel Rd
Woodbine, MD 21797

Areas Served: Clarksville MD, Howard County MD, Ellicott City MD, Columbia Maryland,…
Services: residential landscaping, commercial landscape contractors

Landscape Development Co

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(301) 854-6100
16307 Carrs Mill Rd
Woodbine, MD 21797

Areas Served: Columbia MD, Clarksville MD, Savage-Guilford MD, Scaggsville MD, Elkridge MD,…
Services: landscape designers & landscape contractors for new landscaping, garden design