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September 26, 2020
The TOP 10 Auto Body Repair Shops in Birmingham AL

The TOP 10 Auto Body Repair Shops in Birmingham AL

Town & Country Collision Center

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(205) 491-4991
5041 Ford Pkwy
Bessemer, AL 35022

Areas Served: Vestavia Hills AL, Birmingham AL, Homewood AL, Jefferson County AL,…
Services: local auto body shop for auto collision repair, realignment, dent…

Pleasant Grove Collision

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(205) 744-3368
908 4th St
Pleasant Grove, AL 35127

Areas Served: Mountain Brook, Center Point, Homewood, Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Birmingham…
Services: car body repair shop, frame straightening, car repainting, dent repair

Huffstutler Paint & Body

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(205) 715-0066
712 Graymont Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Areas Served: Homewood AL, Birmingham AL, Jefferson County AL, Trussville AL, Hoover…
Services: certified auto body technicians for collision repairs, auto restoration, dent…

Jim Burke Body Shop

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(205) 320-7396
517 14th St N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Areas Served: Jefferson County AL, Birmingham AL, Hoover AL, Vestavia Hills AL,…
Services: car body repair services, dent removal, frame straightening, collision repairs

Chrisenberry Paint & Body Shop

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(205) 853-4514
22 20th Ct NW
Center Point, AL 35215

Areas Served: Birmingham Alabama, Jefferson County, Vestavia Hills AL, Hoover AL, Homewood…
Services: auto collision repair services incl. dent repairs, frame alignment, car…

Watkins Body Shop

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(205) 324-1836
2222 6th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35233

Areas Served: Hueytown AL, Mountain Brook AL, Homewood AL, Vestavia Hills AL,…
Services: auto body repairs, auto restoration, dent removal, auto body painting

Joe Hudson Collision Center

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(205) 655-3850
1817 Gadsden Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35235

Areas Served: Birmingham AL, Mountain Brook AL, Center Point AL, Vestavia Hills…
Services: auto body repair shop, dent repairs, car repainting, frame straightening

Riverchase Collision Repair

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(205) 988-3854
3981 Lorna Rd
Birmingham, AL 35244

Areas Served: Jefferson County Alabama, Hoover AL, Birmingham Alabama, Vestavia Hills AL,…
Services: auto body repair, dent removal, collision repairs, auto body painting