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June 19, 2021
The TOP 10 Auto Body Repair Shops in Louisville KY

The TOP 10 Auto Body Repair Shops in Louisville KY

Quality Auto Painting & Body

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(502) 583-5316
710 E Broadway
Louisville, KY 40202

Areas Served: Louisville Kentucky, Valley Station KY, Jeffersontown KY, Newburg KY, Okolona…
Services: car body repair shop, frame straightening, car repainting, dent repair

Senn’s Body Shop

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(502) 778-5578
3700 Cane Run Rd
Louisville, KY 40211

Areas Served: Louisville Kentucky, Jefferson County KY, Jeffersontown KY, Valley Station KY,…
Services: auto body repair shop, dent repairs, car repainting, frame straightening

Kavanaugh’s Paint & Body Co

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(502) 459-7302
1376 Belmar Dr
Louisville, KY 40213

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Louisville Kentucky, Jeffersontown KY, Valley Station KY,…
Services: local auto body services incl. dent removal, auto restoration, frame…

Auto Body & Frame

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(502) 772-0322
2343 Millers Ln
Louisville, KY 40216

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Louisville KY, Jeffersontown KY, Pleasure Ridge Park,…
Services: auto body repairs, auto restoration, dent removal, auto body painting

Neil Huffman Collision Repair

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(502) 447-7547
4926 Dixie Hwy
Shively, KY 40216

Areas Served: Newburg KY, Jefferson County KY, Newburg KY, Louisville Kentucky, Jeffersontown…
Services: auto collision repairs to factory specs, dent repair, frame straightening

Etscorn & Sons Collision Center

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(502) 491-2639
3933 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY 40218

Areas Served: Jefferson County Kentucky, Louisville KY, Highview KY, Jeffersontown KY, Newburg…
Services: local auto body technicians, auto restorers, auto body painting, frame…

Glaser’s Collision Center

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(502) 266-5905
10820 Penion Dr
Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Areas Served: Louisville KY, Newburg KY, Valley Station KY, Pleasure Ridge Park…
Services: auto body repair, dent removal, collision repairs, auto body painting

Sam Swope Collision Center

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(502) 499-3700
2000 Plantside Dr
Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Areas Served: Jeffersontown Kentucky, Louisville KY, Jefferson County, Valley Station KY, Fern…
Services: local auto body shop for auto collision repair, realignment, dent…