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October 17, 2021
The TOP 10 Fence Contractors in Kane County IL

The TOP 10 Fence Contractors in Kane County IL

Randy’s Fencing

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(847) 551-1782
33w908 Richardson Rd
Dundee, IL 60118

Areas Served: Kane County IL, Elgin IL, Carpentersville IL, St Charles IL,…
Services: new fencing, custom fencing, fence design, fence repair, fence builders

Fence R-US Inc

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(847) 841-6694
275 Illinois Ave
Elgin, IL 60120

Areas Served: St Charles IL, Kane County IL, South Elgin IL, Carpentersville…
Services: fence builders, new fencing, fence repair, wood fencing, vinyl fencing

Bradley Fence Inc

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(630) 762-9200
41w231 Burlington Rd
St Charles, IL 60175

Areas Served: Batavia IL, Elgin IL, St Charles IL, Kane County, Carpentersville…
Services: custom fences, tennis court enclosures, wood fencing, chain link fencing

Royal Fence

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(847) 531-5635
348 Wills St
South Elgin, IL 60177

Areas Served: South Elgin IL, Kane County IL, St Charles IL, Carpentersville…
Services: local fence company for new fencing, fence repair, privancy fencing

Horse Guard Fence Corp

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(630) 966-9370
2283 Cornell Ave
Montgomery, IL 60538

Areas Served: Kane County IL, Elgin Illinois, Carpentersville IL, South Elgin IL,…
Services: fence contractors, fence repair, new fencing, custom rences, fence builders