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February 24, 2021
A catering chef prepares a gourmet dish before sending it out to his clients.

The Best Catering Companies in Grand Rapids MI Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire

Caterers in Grand Rapids MI bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those catering companies proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for safety and reliability, carry liability insurance as protection for you the client, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them for catering in Grand Rapids MI, including event caterers and corporate caterers.


The TOP 10 Catering Companies in Grand Rapids MI

The TOP 10 Catering Companies in Grand Rapids MI

Catering Co

  • Catering Co Profile
  • Catering Co Scorecard
  • Catering Co Reviews
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  • Catering Co Articles
  • Catering Co Offers
(616) 454-7475
1307 Fulton St E
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Areas Served: Northview MI, Kent County MI, Alpine MI, Kentwood MI, Wyoming…
Services: corporate catering, wedding catering, banquet catering, buffet catering

Superior Catering LLC

  • Superior Catering LLC Profile
  • Superior Catering LLC Scorecard
  • Superior Catering LLC Reviews
  • Superior Catering LLC Photos
  • Superior Catering LLC Brands
  • Superior Catering LLC Articles
  • Superior Catering LLC Offers
(616) 235-7440
1180 Walker Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Areas Served: Grand Rapids MI, Plainfield MI, Kent County MI, Northview MI,…
Services: wedding caterers, corporate caterers, sit-down catering, banquet catering

C Four Catering

  • C Four Catering Profile
  • C Four Catering Scorecard
  • C Four Catering Reviews
  • C Four Catering Photos
  • C Four Catering Brands
  • C Four Catering Articles
  • C Four Catering Offers
(616) 827-8255
4549 Bowen Blvd SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Areas Served: Grand Rapids MI, Kent County MI, Gaines MI, Walker MI,…
Services: buffet caterers, sit-down caterers, banquet caterers, wedding caterers

Adeline Leigh Catering

  • Adeline Leigh Catering Profile
  • Adeline Leigh Catering Scorecard
  • Adeline Leigh Catering Reviews
  • Adeline Leigh Catering Photos
  • Adeline Leigh Catering Brands
  • Adeline Leigh Catering Articles
  • Adeline Leigh Catering Offers
(616) 452-1403
1132 Chicago Dr SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

Areas Served: Kent County Michigan, Wyoming MI, Byron MI, Grand Rapids MI,…
Services: corporate caterers, event caterers, buffet caterers, wedding caterers, banquets

Applause Catering & Events

  • Applause Catering & Events Profile
  • Applause Catering & Events Scorecard
  • Applause Catering & Events Reviews
  • Applause Catering & Events Photos
  • Applause Catering & Events Brands
  • Applause Catering & Events Articles
  • Applause Catering & Events Offers
(616) 940-0001
3755 Broadmoor Ave SE # C
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Areas Served: Kent County MI, Grand Rapids MI, Wyoming MI, Kentwood MI,…
Services: caterers for on-premise catering, off-premise catering, corporate caterers

Fresh Time Catering

  • Fresh Time Catering Profile
  • Fresh Time Catering Scorecard
  • Fresh Time Catering Reviews
  • Fresh Time Catering Photos
  • Fresh Time Catering Brands
  • Fresh Time Catering Articles
  • Fresh Time Catering Offers
(616) 538-9090
4767 Broadmoor Ave SE # 7
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Areas Served: Kent County Michigan, Grand Rapids MI, Cutlerville MI, Wyoming MI,…
Services: catering company for event catering, wedding catering, corporate catering, event…

Tiggs Catering

  • Tiggs Catering Profile
  • Tiggs Catering Scorecard
  • Tiggs Catering Reviews
  • Tiggs Catering Photos
  • Tiggs Catering Brands
  • Tiggs Catering Articles
  • Tiggs Catering Offers
(616) 956-5003
3755 Broadmoor Ave SE # C
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Areas Served: Kent County MI, Walker MI, Wyoming MI, Forest Hills MI,…
Services: event caterers, wedding caterers, industrial caterers, buffet catering, banquet catering

West Michigan Catering

  • West Michigan Catering Profile
  • West Michigan Catering Scorecard
  • West Michigan Catering Reviews
  • West Michigan Catering Photos
  • West Michigan Catering Brands
  • West Michigan Catering Articles
  • West Michigan Catering Offers
(616) 459-8150
3361 Charlevoix Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Areas Served: Gaines MI, Kent County MI, Grandville MI, Wyoming MI, Cutlerville,…
Services: caters for industrial catering, corporate catering, wedding caterers, buffet caterers

The Best Catering Companies in Grand Rapids MI Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire