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February 8, 2023
The TOP 10 Earthwork Contractors in Kitsap County WA

The TOP 10 Earthwork Contractors in Kitsap County WA

Island Bulldozing Inc

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(206) 842-6263
5484 Eagle Harbor Dr NE
Bainbridge Isle, WA 98110

Areas Served: Kitsap County WA, Bremerton WA, Bainbridge Island WA, Silverdale WA,…
Services: earth moving contractors & dirt haulers for backhoe & tractor…

Sound Excavation Inc

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(360) 373-1613
5902 W Sherman Heights Rd
Bremerton, WA 98312

Areas Served: Kingston WA, Bainbridge Island WA, Bremerton WA, Silverdale WA, Kitsap…
Services: earthwork & excavation incl trenching, dirt haulers, grading

Whitworth Excavating Inc

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(360) 638-2300
8260 NE Gust Halvor Rd
Hansville, WA 98340

Areas Served: Bremerton WA, Kitsap County, Kingston WA, Bangor Base WA, Port…
Services: earthwork contractors, excavators & earth movers for excavation, trenching

Case Excavating

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(360) 876-9213
1260 Lloyd Pkwy
Port Orchard, WA 98367

Areas Served: Kitsap County, Port Orchard WA, Bremerton WA, Kingston WA, Silverdale,…
Services: excavation contractors for earthwork, dirt hauling, trenching, dirt moving

Liberty Bay Excavating

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(360) 779-8103
15775 George Ln NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Areas Served: Bremerton WA, Kitsap County WA, Poulsbo WA, Kingston WA, Silverdale…
Services: local earthwork company for grading, dirt moving, site preparation

Kitsap Excavation LLC

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(360) 710-6949
8801 NW Peace and Quiet Way
Silverdale, WA 98383

Areas Served: Kitsap County, Bremerton Wash, Parkwood WA, Bainbridge Island WA, Kingston…
Services: local excavators, trenching, bobcat services

Blossom Brothers Inc

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(360) 598-4347
6780 NE Geneva St
Suquamish, WA 98392

Areas Served: Kingston WA, Tracyton, Bainbridge Island WA, Port Orchard WA, Silverdale…
Services: excavation company for commercial & residential earthwork & dirt movers