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February 25, 2024
The TOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in Lake County IL

The TOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in Lake County IL

RTM Remodeling

  • RTM Remodeling Profile
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  • RTM Remodeling Brands
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  • RTM Remodeling Offers
(847) 217-5537
1215 Valley Rd
Bannockburn, IL 60015

Areas Served: Lake County IL, Waukegan IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Highland Park…
Services: home renovations, home improvement, remodeling, sun rooms, basement remodeling

Accurate Remodeling Co

  • Accurate Remodeling Co Profile
  • Accurate Remodeling Co Scorecard
  • Accurate Remodeling Co Reviews
  • Accurate Remodeling Co Photos
  • Accurate Remodeling Co Brands
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  • Accurate Remodeling Co Offers
(847) 973-2860
38 Highview Ave
Fox Lake, IL 60020

Areas Served: Deerfield IL, Lake County IL, Lake Forest IL, Buffalo Grove…
Services: local home improvement contractors, home additions, retail & commercial remodeling

Allard Remodeling

  • Allard Remodeling Profile
  • Allard Remodeling Scorecard
  • Allard Remodeling Reviews
  • Allard Remodeling Photos
  • Allard Remodeling Brands
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  • Allard Remodeling Offers
(847) 526-0837
711 Dartmouth Dr
Island Lake, IL 60042

Areas Served: Lake County Illinois, Waukegan IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Highland Park…
Services: residential remodeling contractors, commercial remodelers, addition builders

Reliable Remodeling

  • Reliable Remodeling Profile
  • Reliable Remodeling Scorecard
  • Reliable Remodeling Reviews
  • Reliable Remodeling Photos
  • Reliable Remodeling Brands
  • Reliable Remodeling Articles
  • Reliable Remodeling Offers
(847) 000-1111
805 Newport Dr
Island Lake, IL 60042

Areas Served: Highland Park IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Waukegan IL, Lake County…
Services: home reconstruction, home remodels, sun lounge, sun porch, patio enclosures

Benson Remodeling

  • Benson Remodeling Profile
  • Benson Remodeling Scorecard
  • Benson Remodeling Reviews
  • Benson Remodeling Photos
  • Benson Remodeling Brands
  • Benson Remodeling Articles
  • Benson Remodeling Offers
(847) 207-4787
1142 Centoni Dr
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Areas Served: Buffalo Grove Illinois, Lake County Illinois, Highland Park IL, Waukegan…
Services: home improvement company for home repairs, additions, sun rooms, screen…

Victors Custom Home Remodeling

  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Profile
  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Scorecard
  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Reviews
  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Photos
  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Brands
  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Articles
  • Victors Custom Home Remodeling Offers
(847) 438-8013
23975 N Valley Rd
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Areas Served: Gurnee IL, Highland Park IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Waukegan IL,…
Services: remodeling contractors for home remodeling, retail remodeling, commercial remodeling

BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service

  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Profile
  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Scorecard
  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Reviews
  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Photos
  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Brands
  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Articles
  • BZR Remodeling-Handyman Service Offers
(847) 000-1111
872 S Milwaukee Ave
Libertyville, IL 60048

Areas Served: Waukegan IL, Lake County IL, Buffalo Grove IL, Round Lake…
Services: home remodelers, commercial remodeling, retail remodels, carports, basement finishing

Superior Remodeling

  • Superior Remodeling Profile
  • Superior Remodeling Scorecard
  • Superior Remodeling Reviews
  • Superior Remodeling Photos
  • Superior Remodeling Brands
  • Superior Remodeling Articles
  • Superior Remodeling Offers
(847) 731-1486
13357 W Greenview Dr
Wadsworth, IL 60083

Areas Served: Buffalo Grove IL, Lake County IL, Waukegan IL, Highland Park…
Services: local remodeling company for home remodels, additions, patio covers