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April 12, 2024
The TOP 10 Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Litchfield County CT

The TOP 10 Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Litchfield County CT

Hantsch Electric Inc

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(860) 354-0148
48 Hut Hill Rd
Bridgewater, CT 06752

Areas Served: New Milford CT, Litchfield County, Watertown CT, Litchfield CT, Torrington…
Services: circuit breakers, ceiling fans, attic fans, wiring repair, rewiring, electricians

Lenz Electric & Systems

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(860) 927-5226
351 Kent Cornwall Rd
Kent, CT 06757

Areas Served: Litchfield County CT, Plymouth CT, Torrington CT, Litchfield Connecticut, New…
Services: electrical repairs, panel upgrades, circuit breaker replacement, new outlets

Custom Electrical Service Corp

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(860) 567-8679
80 E Chestnut Hill Rd
Litchfield, CT 06759

Areas Served: Litchfield County CT, New Milford CT, Plymouth CT, Woodbury CT,…
Services: electrical repair, residential electricians, commercial electricians, wiring repair

Bidetti Electric

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(860) 355-2205
33 Upper Valley Dr
New Milford, CT 06776

Areas Served: Litchfield Conn, Litchfield County CT, Oakville CT, Winchester CT, Plymouth…
Services: local electricians for breaker tracers, safety swtiches, new construction wiring

Delmar Electrical Contractor LLC

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(860) 945-9997
35 Mclennan Dr
Oakville, CT 06779

Areas Served: New Milford Conn, Litchfield County CT, Winchester CT, Plymouth CT,…
Services: electrical contractors, electrical repairs, ceiling fan installers, attic fans

PJ Electric Inc

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(860) 274-9922
36 Zoar Ave # 1
Oakville, CT 06779

Areas Served: Winchester CT, Plymouth CT, Watertown CT, New Milford CT, Torrington…
Services: electricians for wiring repair, circuit breakers, attic fans, ceiling fans,…

D Roy Electric LLC

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(860) 283-4921
34 Electric Ave
Thomaston, CT 06787

Areas Served: Litchfield County, Torrington CT, New Milford CT, Watertown CT, Plymouth…
Services: electrical repairs, electrical services, home wiring repair & rewiring

Bell Electrical Contractors

  • Bell Electrical Contractors Profile
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  • Bell Electrical Contractors Photos
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  • Bell Electrical Contractors Offers
(860) 482-2222
885 New Harwinton Rd
Torrington, CT 06790

Areas Served: Litchfield County, New Milford CT, Torrington CT, Plymouth CT, Watertown…
Services: electrical for new construction, electrical repair, residential & commercial

Valmark Electric Contractor

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(860) 489-8939
272 Meadowview Dr
Torrington, CT 06790

Areas Served: Litchfield County Conn, Torrington Conn, Watertown CT, Winchester CT, Oakville…
Services: local electrical contractors, motor controls, commercial & residential electricians