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December 16, 2019
A mold remediation contractor removes mold and mildew from a wall in a home being affected by black mold.

The Best Mold Removal Companies in Litchfield County CT Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire

Companies for mold removal in Litchfield County CT CT, including mold testing services.


The TOP 10 Mold Removal Companies in Litchfield County CT

BDL Environmental Consultant

  • BDL Environmental Consultant Profile
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(203) 263-0232
52 Terrell Rd
Woodbury, CT 06798

Areas Served: Winchester CT, Plymouth CT, Watertown CT, New Milford CT, Torrington…
Services: mold inspection, mold abatement, mold spore removal

Slaughter Environmental Consultants

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(860) 927-4158
11 Halls Ln
Kent, CT 06757

Areas Served: Litchfield County, Torrington CT, New Milford CT, Watertown CT, Plymouth…
Services: mold cleanup, full service mold removal contractors

M&K Associates

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(860) 274-7115
85 Franklin Ave
Oakville, CT 06779

Areas Served: Litchfield County Conn, Torrington Conn, Watertown CT, Winchester CT, Oakville…
Services: mold abatement & mold growth prevention

Stansfield Environmental Service

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(860) 491-2230
95 Westside Rd
Goshen, CT 06756

Areas Served: New Milford CT, Litchfield County, Watertown CT, Litchfield CT, Torrington…
Services: professional mold removal, mold spore removal, mold inspections

The Best Mold Removal Companies in Litchfield County CT Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire