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June 3, 2020
A good travel agent for a local travel agency provides airline ticket booking, group travel packages and cruise booking services.

The Best Travel Agents in Manhattan NY Are the Ones Proven Safe To Spend With

Travel agents in Manhattan NY bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those travel agencies proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for reliability and value, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them as travel agents in Manhattan NY, including for cruises, group travel packages, airline tickets, adventure travel, business travel and corporate travel agents.


The TOP 10 Travel Agencies in Manhattan NY

The TOP 10 Travel Agencies in Manhattan NY

Crown Travel & Tours

  • Crown Travel & Tours Profile
  • Crown Travel & Tours Scorecard
  • Crown Travel & Tours Reviews
  • Crown Travel & Tours Photos
  • Crown Travel & Tours Brands
  • Crown Travel & Tours Articles
  • Crown Travel & Tours Offers
(212) 268-4438
45 W 34th St # 207
New York, NY 10001

Areas Served: Manhattan NY, West Side, Upper East Side, Midtown Manhattan, East…
Services: international & domestic travel booking, travel agents for cruises, tours,…

Downtown Travel

  • Downtown Travel Profile
  • Downtown Travel Scorecard
  • Downtown Travel Reviews
  • Downtown Travel Photos
  • Downtown Travel Brands
  • Downtown Travel Articles
  • Downtown Travel Offers
(212) 481-1800
3 W 35th St
New York, NY 10001

Areas Served: Manhattan, NoHo, Washington Heights, Lenox Hill, Turtle Bay, Morningside Heights,…
Services: travel services incl. booking travel online, singles cruises, family travel

Vision Tours & Travel

  • Vision Tours & Travel Profile
  • Vision Tours & Travel Scorecard
  • Vision Tours & Travel Reviews
  • Vision Tours & Travel Photos
  • Vision Tours & Travel Brands
  • Vision Tours & Travel Articles
  • Vision Tours & Travel Offers
(212) 629-9002
421 7th Ave # 911
New York, NY 10001

Areas Served: Turtle Bay, Gramercy Park, Lower Manhattan, East Harlem, Lower East…
Services: local travel agency for business travel, airline tickets, vacation packages,…

Ovation Corporate Travel

  • Ovation Corporate Travel Profile
  • Ovation Corporate Travel Scorecard
  • Ovation Corporate Travel Reviews
  • Ovation Corporate Travel Photos
  • Ovation Corporate Travel Brands
  • Ovation Corporate Travel Articles
  • Ovation Corporate Travel Offers
(212) 679-1600
71 5th Ave # 10
New York, NY 10003

Areas Served: Two Bridges, Manhattan Valley, West Side, East Side, Midtown West,…
Services: certified travel agents for booking airline tickets, family vacation travel…

USA Gateway Travel

  • USA Gateway Travel Profile
  • USA Gateway Travel Scorecard
  • USA Gateway Travel Reviews
  • USA Gateway Travel Photos
  • USA Gateway Travel Brands
  • USA Gateway Travel Articles
  • USA Gateway Travel Offers
(212) 448-6900
425 5th Ave # 508
New York, NY 10016

Areas Served: Morningside Heights, Upper West Side, East Village, Two Bridges, Greenwich…
Services: travel agents for corporate travel, leisure travel, tours, cruises, hotels,…

Chanteclair Travel Agency

  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Profile
  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Scorecard
  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Reviews
  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Photos
  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Brands
  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Articles
  • Chanteclair Travel Agency Offers
(212) 695-3514
152 W 36th St # 805
New York, NY 10018

Areas Served: Hamilton Heights, Murray Hill, Downtown Manhattan, Flatiron District, Hell’s Kitchen,
Services: hotels, cruise lines, airline travel, group packages, leisure & business…

Travel Dynamics Inc

  • Travel Dynamics Inc Profile
  • Travel Dynamics Inc Scorecard
  • Travel Dynamics Inc Reviews
  • Travel Dynamics Inc Photos
  • Travel Dynamics Inc Brands
  • Travel Dynamics Inc Articles
  • Travel Dynamics Inc Offers
(212) 517-7555
132 E 70th St
New York, NY 10021

Areas Served: Manhattan, Manhattanville, Stuyvesant Town, Harlem, Yorkville, Chelsea, West Village, NoHo
Services: local travel agents for booking hosted cruises, group rates, resorts,…

BCD Travel

  • BCD Travel Profile
  • BCD Travel Scorecard
  • BCD Travel Reviews
  • BCD Travel Photos
  • BCD Travel Brands
  • BCD Travel Articles
  • BCD Travel Offers
(646) 728-5320
1120 Avenue of the Americas #5
New York, NY 10036

Areas Served: Civic Center, Greenwich Village, Uptown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Inwood, East…
Services: honeymoon packages, hosted cruises, guided tours, adventure travel packages

First in Service Travel

  • First in Service Travel Profile
  • First in Service Travel Scorecard
  • First in Service Travel Reviews
  • First in Service Travel Photos
  • First in Service Travel Brands
  • First in Service Travel Articles
  • First in Service Travel Offers
(212) 840-8659
130 W 42nd St # 401
New York, NY 10036

Areas Served: Manhattan, West Village, Gashouse District, Upper East Side, Alphabet City,…
Services: air travel, adventure travel, corporate travel, airline tickets, group packages

The Best Travel Agents in Manhattan NY Are the Ones Proven Safe To Spend With

The state of New York does not require any license for travel agents in Manhattan NY so there's no state standard for competency and reliability among travel agencies.

So there's no guarantee that any particular travel agent in Manhattan NY is even competent, is doing business ethically, delivering value. or satisfying clients.

This makes it all the more significant that all travel agents in Manhattan NY who bear The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction with their travel services, good complaint record, verified liability insurance, sufficient length of time in business, best busienss practices., and more.

The advent of the internet and easily accessible travel websites have changed the way many plan trips or vacations. But actually it's often not faster or cheaper to plan a vacation online. In most cases, one short call to one of the good travel agencies in Manhattan NY is all it takes. These good travel agents will, after asking a few questions, take over for you allowing you to let go of the worry and hassle of purchasing airline tickets, booking hotel rooms, securing rental cars at your destination and much more.

Good travel agencies in Manhattan NY must be current on the latest rules, regulations and cost-saving methods of planning your trip. They should have contacts and relationships with carriers of all kinds, including airlines, cruise lines, rental car agencies, hotels, bed and breakfasts, tour companies and tour guides which allows them to put together the best travel packages possible for you. These package travel agencies often come with one low flat fee, regardless of how complicated your plans are.

The Best Travel Agencies in Manhattan NY Provide Value Beyond the Internet
Good travel agents in Manhattan NY provide a sort of insurance that automated sites cannot. If there is a problem along the way, you have a real person you can call to take care of it. One huge benefit of a hiring a travel agent is one-on-one communication. Since the travel agent personally books and guarantees your arrangements, they are knowledgeable about your plans and available to help. Computer-generated itineraries can go wrong, but the best travel agencies in Manhattan work closely with you to meet your specific needs and create customized vacation travel packages around them, be it traveling with pets, gay and lesbian travel packages, family vacation travel packages, group travel packages, corporate or business travel packages, cruises, honeymoons, eco-tour themed preferences, tropical vacation packages, or any number of specialized vacation packages. In most cases, this service is all-inclusive, including airfare, rail fare or sea fare, lodging, pre-arranged event attendance, and certified passport processing and photography.

Some travel agents in Manhattan NY handle tours or cruises worldwide. They still get you fares and packages that are not advertised on the internet and still have access to these limited, reduced bookings. This allows them to find further reduced fares to popular destinations, both international and domestic. Good travel agencies in Manhattan NY are indispensable when it comes to more complex itineraries, such as around-the-world ventures

Some Travel Agents in Manhattan NY Are Much Better than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these travel agents in Manhattan NY: . Other travel agents in Manhattan NY who might still be in business include: .


Questions To Ask Travel Agents in Manhattan NY

Questions to ask Travel Agents in Manhattan NY:

•  What are their fees and how are they calculated?

• Do they make domestic and international travel arrangements?

• Will they give you names and phone numbers of previous clients whom you can call to verify their satisfaction with the travel agent? (All travel agencies in Manhattan NY bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol have already had their client references called by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• In the event that something goes horribly wrong for which you should get consideration on the price paid, is the travel agency willing to contact the travel wholesaler on your behalf to get an adjustment?

• Does the travel agency have professional liability insurance (such as Errors & Omissions insurance) to reimburse you for damages due to an error on their part? (All travel agencies in Manhattan NY bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol have already had their good complaint record verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• Do they have relationships with any specific vendors or carriers that could provide travel discounts or other benefits?

• How long have they been travel agents in Manhattan NY specifically?

• What guarantees do they provide if something goes wrong on your trip?

• Do the travel agents handle ancillary arrangements such as lodging, recreation and car rentals as well as travel arrangements?

• Has that particular travel agency booked travel before to the destination you've chosen?

• Once you've narrowed down the desired travel details, does the travel agent see a lot of money that can be saved by giving up something, and what would that sacrifice be exactly? Similarly, do they see a big leap in value or other enhancement than can be had for just a little bit more money?

• Can the travel agent meet or exceed online ticket prices?

Once you've chosen the best travel agents in Manhattan NY for your particular needs, make sure they have a good complaint record. (All travel agencies in Manhattan NY bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol have already had their good complaint record verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

Resources About Travel Agents in Manhattan NY

Regulatory Bodies & Trade Associations For Travel Agents in Manhattan NY

ACI-NA Airports Council International-North America
ASTA American Society of Travel Agents
BBB Better Business Bureau
CLIA Cruise Lines International Association
IATA International Air Transport Association
IATAN International Airlines Travel Agent Network
ICCL International Council of Cruise Lines
NACTA National Association of Career Travel Agents
PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
TIA Travel Industry Association
TIES International Ecotourism Association
WATA World Association of Travel Agencies
WTO World Tourism Organization
WTTC World Travel and Tourism Association 

Media Regarding Travel Agents in Manhattan NY

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