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June 19, 2024
The TOP 10 Auto Body Repair Shops in Indianapolis IN

The TOP 10 Auto Body Repair Shops in Indianapolis IN

Moorehouse Body Shop

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(317) 780-1860
939 E Troy Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Areas Served: Pike IN, Perry IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Warren IN, Decatur IN,…
Services: local auto body technicians, auto restorers, auto body painting, frame…

Church Brothers Collision Repair

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(317) 454-7400
751 N Shadeland Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Areas Served: Lawrence Indiana, Indianapolis IN, Warren IN, Perry IN, Pike IN,…
Services: car body repair services, dent removal, frame straightening, collision repairs

Speedway Body Shop Inc

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(317) 635-3764
2534 W 16th St
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Areas Served: Marion County IN, Pike IN, Perry IN, Indianapolis IN, Decatur…
Services: auto collision repairs to factory specs, dent repair, frame straightening

Hubler Express Collision

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(317) 889-7000
1202 E Stop 12 Rd # A
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Areas Served: Lawrence IN, Marion County IN, Perry IN, Decatur IN, Pike…
Services: local auto body services incl. dent removal, auto restoration, frame…

Abra Auto Body & Glass

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(317) 244-9571
3855 Rockville Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Areas Served: Marion County IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Lawrence IN, Perry IN, Warren…
Services: auto body repairs, auto restoration, dent removal, auto body painting

Reynold’s Body Shop

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(317) 243-2372
4325 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Areas Served: Warren Indiana, Indianapolis IN, Marion County IN, Perry IN, Pike…
Services: auto collision repair services incl. dent repairs, frame alignment, car…

Borkowski Collision Repair Inc

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(317) 841-8330
10395 Hague Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Areas Served: Decatur Indiana, Marion County IN, Lawrence IN, Indianapolis IN, Decatur…
Services: certified auto body technicians for collision repairs, auto restoration, dent…

Cookie’s Body Shop

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(317) 862-6009
11111 Exchange St
Acton, IN 46259

Areas Served: Marion County Indiana, Perry IN, Lawrence IN, Indianapolis Indiana, Pike…
Services: car body repair shop, frame straightening, car repainting, dent repair