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October 27, 2021
The TOP 10 Painting Companies in McHenry County IL

The TOP 10 Painting Companies in McHenry County IL

Paint Platoon USA Inc

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(847) 639-8800
7307 Swan Way
Cary, IL 60013

Areas Served: McHenry IL, McHenry County, Lake in the Hills IL, Crystal…
Services: good painting company & house painters for interior painting, exterior…

Swanson Painting

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(847) 639-0480
27 E Main St
Cary, IL 60013

Areas Served: Lake in the Hills IL, Crystal Lake IL, Cary IL,…
Services: painting contractors, residential painters, house painters, commercial painters

Keller’s Quality Painting

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(224) 577-5401
698 Juniper Ln
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Areas Served: Woodstock IL, Lake in the Hills IL, McHenry County IL,…
Services: painting contractors & house painters, residential painters, commercial painters,

Kennedy Painting

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(815) 459-2370
8706 Oakwood Dr
Village of Lakewood, IL 60014

Areas Served: Lake in the Hills IL, McHenry County, Crystal Lake IL,…
Services: painting company for interior & exterior painting for homes, apartments,…

Johnson Painting

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(847) 639-9227
198 Foxmoor Rd
Fox River Grove, IL 60021

Areas Served: Huntley IL, McHenry County, Crystal Lake IL, McHenry IL, Lake…
Services: local painting company for house painting, decorative painting, faux finish

Knox Painting

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(815) 679-6028
5119 East Ln
McCullom Lake, IL 60050

Areas Served: Crystal Lake IL, McHenry County, Lake in the Hills IL,…
Services: residential painting contractors, commercial painting company, custom painting