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August 13, 2020
Architects from a local architectural firm provides architectural designs, blueprints, and models for residential and commercial buildings.

The Best Architects in Charlotte NC Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire

Architects in Charlotte NC bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those architectural firms proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for ability and safety, carry liability insurance as protection for you the client, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them as architects in Charlotte NC, including residential and commercial architects.


The TOP 10 Architects in Charlotte NC

The TOP 10 Architects in Charlotte NC

RDM Architecture PA

  • RDM Architecture PA Profile
  • RDM Architecture PA Scorecard
  • RDM Architecture PA Reviews
  • RDM Architecture PA Photos
  • RDM Architecture PA Brands
  • RDM Architecture PA Articles
  • RDM Architecture PA Offers
(704) 987-9727
215 S Main St # 303
Davidson, NC 28036

Areas Served: Charlotte NC, Matthews NC, Mint Hill NC, Pineville NC, Mecklenburg…
Services: local architects for sustainable design, modern architecture, traditional architecture

Pinnacle Architecture

  • Pinnacle Architecture Profile
  • Pinnacle Architecture Scorecard
  • Pinnacle Architecture Reviews
  • Pinnacle Architecture Photos
  • Pinnacle Architecture Brands
  • Pinnacle Architecture Articles
  • Pinnacle Architecture Offers
(704) 847-9851
630 Team Rd # 200
Matthews, NC 28105

Areas Served: Mecklenburg County NC, Huntersville NC, Charlotte NC, Charlotte NC, Matthews…
Services: modern architects, traditional architects, contemporary architects, sustainable designs

Gantt Huberman Architects

  • Gantt Huberman Architects Profile
  • Gantt Huberman Architects Scorecard
  • Gantt Huberman Architects Reviews
  • Gantt Huberman Architects Photos
  • Gantt Huberman Architects Brands
  • Gantt Huberman Architects Articles
  • Gantt Huberman Architects Offers
(704) 334-6436
500 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Areas Served: Huntersville NC, Cornelius NC, Davidson NC, Charlotte NC, Matthews NC,…
Services: architectural designs, blueprints, home design, commercial architects, civic, retail

Merriman Schmitt/Architects

  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Profile
  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Scorecard
  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Reviews
  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Photos
  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Brands
  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Articles
  • Merriman Schmitt/Architects Offers
(704) 543-7717
610 E Morehead St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Areas Served: Mecklenburg County NC, Matthews NC, Charlotte NC, Mint Hill NC,…
Services: residential architects, commercial architects, civic architects, architectural designs

Perkins Eastman Architects PC

  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Profile
  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Scorecard
  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Reviews
  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Photos
  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Brands
  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Articles
  • Perkins Eastman Architects PC Offers
(704) 940-0501
520 W 6th St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Areas Served: Mecklenburg County NC, Charlotte NC, Huntersville NC, Matthews NC, Cornelius,…
Services: architects for all architectural design, commercial architects, residential architects

Overcash Demmitt Architects

  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Profile
  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Scorecard
  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Reviews
  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Photos
  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Brands
  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Articles
  • Overcash Demmitt Architects Offers
(704) 332-1615
2010 S Tryon St # 1a
Charlotte, NC 28203

Areas Served: Matthews NC, Mint Hill NC, Mecklenburg County NC, Cornelius NC,…
Services: architects, contemporary architecture, traditional architecture, green architecture

McCulloch England Associates

  • McCulloch England Associates Profile
  • McCulloch England Associates Scorecard
  • McCulloch England Associates Reviews
  • McCulloch England Associates Photos
  • McCulloch England Associates Brands
  • McCulloch England Associates Articles
  • McCulloch England Associates Offers
(704) 372-2740
100 Queens Rd # 200
Charlotte, NC 28204

Areas Served: Charlotte North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, Huntersville NC, Cornelius NC, Matthews…
Services: architectural design, contemporary architects, traditional architects, blueprints

Moseley Architects

  • Moseley Architects Profile
  • Moseley Architects Scorecard
  • Moseley Architects Reviews
  • Moseley Architects Photos
  • Moseley Architects Brands
  • Moseley Architects Articles
  • Moseley Architects Offers
(704) 540-3755
11430 N Cmnity Hse Rd # 225
Charlotte, NC 28277

Areas Served: Mint Hill NC, Mecklenburg County NC, Davidson NC, Charlotte NC,…
Services: commercial architects, civic architectural design, residential architecture

Jenkins-Peer Architects PA

  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Profile
  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Scorecard
  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Reviews
  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Photos
  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Brands
  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Articles
  • Jenkins-Peer Architects PA Offers
(704) 372-6665
112 S Tryon St # 1300
Charlotte, NC 28284

Areas Served: Davidson, Mint Hill, Cornelius, Matthews, Huntersville, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte NC
Services: architects, residential architects, commercial architects for all architectural

The Best Architects in Charlotte NC Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire