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July 9, 2020
A local caterer offers catering services including corporate catering, wedding catering and banquet catering.

The Best Catering Companies in Middlesex County MA Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire

Caterers in Middlesex County MA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those catering companies proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for safety and reliability, carry liability insurance as protection for you the client, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them for catering in Middlesex County MA, including event caterers and corporate caterers.


The TOP 10 Catering Companies in Middlesex County MA

The TOP 10 Catering Companies in Middlesex County MA

Bon Appetit Caterers

  • Bon Appetit Caterers Profile
  • Bon Appetit Caterers Scorecard
  • Bon Appetit Caterers Reviews
  • Bon Appetit Caterers Photos
  • Bon Appetit Caterers Brands
  • Bon Appetit Caterers Articles
  • Bon Appetit Caterers Offers
(617) 349-8380
31 Everett St
Cambridge, MA 02138

Areas Served: Malden MA, Middlesex County, Waltham MA, Cambridge MA, Arlington MA,…
Services: catering company for event catering, wedding catering, corporate catering, event…

Swartz Catering

  • Swartz Catering Profile
  • Swartz Catering Scorecard
  • Swartz Catering Reviews
  • Swartz Catering Photos
  • Swartz Catering Brands
  • Swartz Catering Articles
  • Swartz Catering Offers
(617) 628-1632
854 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144

Areas Served: Middlesex County, Billerica MA, Everett MA, Arlington MA, Medford MA,…
Services: event caterer, corporate caterer, wedding caterer, industrial caterer, buffet caterer

Spadafora Anthony’s Caterers

  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Profile
  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Scorecard
  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Reviews
  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Photos
  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Brands
  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Articles
  • Spadafora Anthony's Caterers Offers
(781) 324-8900
105 Canal St
Malden, MA 02148

Areas Served: Waltham MA, Cambridge MA, Somerville MA, Newton MA, Lowell MA,…
Services: banquet catering, event catering, industrial catering, corporate caterers, banquet cater

Capers Catering

  • Capers Catering Profile
  • Capers Catering Scorecard
  • Capers Catering Reviews
  • Capers Catering Photos
  • Capers Catering Brands
  • Capers Catering Articles
  • Capers Catering Offers
(781) 279-5100
21 Emerson St
Stoneham, MA 02180

Areas Served: Malden MA, Waltham MA, Framingham MA, Somerville MA, Newton MA,…
Services: cater services incl. wedding catering, industrial caterers, corporate caterers

Marty’s Caterers

  • Marty's Caterers Profile
  • Marty's Caterers Scorecard
  • Marty's Caterers Reviews
  • Marty's Caterers Photos
  • Marty's Caterers Brands
  • Marty's Caterers Articles
  • Marty's Caterers Offers
(781) 395-5067
54 Montvale Ave
Stoneham, MA 02180

Areas Served: Middlesex County, Chelmsford MA, Cambridge MA, Woburn MA, Lowell MA,…
Services: catering services incl. event catering, corporate catering, in home catering

Manero Catering Co

  • Manero Catering Co Profile
  • Manero Catering Co Scorecard
  • Manero Catering Co Reviews
  • Manero Catering Co Photos
  • Manero Catering Co Brands
  • Manero Catering Co Articles
  • Manero Catering Co Offers
(781) 899-8735
16 Fountain St
Waltham, MA 02453

Areas Served: Cambridge MA, Middlesex County MA, Lowell MA, Newton MA, Framingham…
Services: corporate catering, wedding catering, banquet catering, buffet catering

Mary’s Catering

  • Mary's Catering Profile
  • Mary's Catering Scorecard
  • Mary's Catering Reviews
  • Mary's Catering Photos
  • Mary's Catering Brands
  • Mary's Catering Articles
  • Mary's Catering Offers
(978) 568-8268
8 Howe St
Hudson, MA 01749

Areas Served: Medford, Malden, Waltham, Framingham, Somerville, Newton, Cambridge, Lowell, Middlesex County
Services: corporate caterers, event caterers, buffet caterers, wedding caterers, banquets

Classic Occasion Caterers

  • Classic Occasion Caterers Profile
  • Classic Occasion Caterers Scorecard
  • Classic Occasion Caterers Reviews
  • Classic Occasion Caterers Photos
  • Classic Occasion Caterers Brands
  • Classic Occasion Caterers Articles
  • Classic Occasion Caterers Offers
(978) 568-8766
23 Old Bolton Rd
Hudson, MA 01749

Areas Served: Middlesex County MA, Lowell MA, Cambridge MA, Newton MA, Somerville…
Services: caters for industrial catering, corporate catering, wedding caterers, buffet caterers

Lenzi’s Catering Service

  • Lenzi's Catering Service Profile
  • Lenzi's Catering Service Scorecard
  • Lenzi's Catering Service Reviews
  • Lenzi's Catering Service Photos
  • Lenzi's Catering Service Brands
  • Lenzi's Catering Service Articles
  • Lenzi's Catering Service Offers
(978) 458-2323
810 Merrimack Ave
Dracut, MA 01826

Areas Served: Lowell MA, Middlesex County, Cambridge MA, Newton MA, Somerville MA,…
Services: event caterers, wedding caterers, industrial caterers, buffet catering, banquet catering

The Best Catering Companies in Middlesex County MA Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire