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August 15, 2022
The TOP 10 Tile Contractors in Middlesex County MA

The TOP 10 Tile Contractors in Middlesex County MA

Ferrante Tile Co

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(781) 396-6327
9 Charlemont Rd
Medford, MA 02155

Areas Served: Somerville MA, Cambridge MA, Framingham MA, Lowell MA, Waltham MA,…
Services: local tile company for all tile repair, new tile setting,…

J&M Tile Installation

  • J&M Tile Installation Profile
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(781) 665-1500
176 Trenton St
Melrose, MA 02176

Areas Served: Medford, Malden, Waltham, Framingham, Somerville, Newton, Cambridge, Lowell, Middlesex County
Services: tile setters of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaic tile, metal…

Louis Zottola Tile Contractors

  • Louis Zottola Tile Contractors Profile
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(781) 290-5400
18 Snow Cir
Waltham, MA 02451

Areas Served: Middlesex County, Billerica MA, Everett MA, Arlington MA, Medford MA,…
Services: bath surround tile, tile backsplash, floor tiling, tile repair, custom…

Tile Showcase

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(617) 426-6515
291 Arsenal St
Watertown, MA 02472

Areas Served: Malden MA, Waltham MA, Framingham MA, Somerville MA, Newton MA,…
Services: tile contractors, custom tiling, tile design, tile setting, tile sealing,…

Watertown Tile

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(617) 926-7200
660 Arsenal St # 1
Watertown, MA 02472

Areas Served: Middlesex County MA, Lowell MA, Cambridge MA, Newton MA, Somerville…
Services: residential tiling, retail tiling, commercial tiling, tile repair, tile setters

Forever Tile

  • Forever Tile Profile
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(978) 371-1256
45 Commonwealth Ave
Concord, MA 01742

Areas Served: Cambridge MA, Middlesex County MA, Lowell MA, Newton MA, Framingham…
Services: custom tile design & tile setting for ceramic tile, metal…

National Tile Inc

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(978) 664-3165
330 Main St
North Reading, MA 01864

Areas Served: Malden MA, Middlesex County, Waltham MA, Cambridge MA, Arlington MA,…
Services: tile contractor and fabricator for new tile, tile design, tile…