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May 15, 2021
The best refrigeration contractors provide commercial refrigerator service, commercial refrigerator repair, refrigerated room services and more.

Finding the Best Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County

Whether your need is restaurant refrigeration service, commercial refrigerator repair in Santa Clara County, or refrigerant recharging, you need to find commercial refrigerator contractors in Mountain View CA that are good, efficient, and proven reliable.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County and issues related to commercial refrigeration and repair.

The TOP 10 Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County CA

The TOP 10 Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County CA

Mr Freeze

  • Mr Freeze Profile
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  • Mr Freeze Offers
(408) 225-5909
186 Cleveland Ave
San Jose, CA 95123

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Saratoga CA, Sunnyvale CA, Santa Clara CA,…
Services: refrigeration contractors for refrigerant charnging, refrigeration repair

Keepit Kool Refrigeration Inc

  • Keepit Kool Refrigeration Inc Profile
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(408) 296-4625
PO Box 9727
San Jose, CA 95157

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Mt View CA, Santa Clara CA, Sunnyvale…
Services: refrigeration installers, refrigeration repair incl. ice makers, cold cases

Castrovilla Inc

  • Castrovilla Inc Profile
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  • Castrovilla Inc Offers
(408) 296-4625
253 Polaris Ave
Mt View, CA 94043

Areas Served: Santa Clara CA, Sunnyvale CA, San Jose CA, Palo Alto…
Services: restaurant refrigeration systems, commercial refrigeration contractors

BAZ Service Refrigeration

  • BAZ Service Refrigeration Profile
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(408) 267-2241
4520 Hampshire Place
San Jose, CA 95136

Areas Served: Cupertino CA, San Jose CA, Mt View CA, Palo Alto…
Services: refrigerant recharging, commercial refrigeration contractors

Cool Cat Refrigeration

  • Cool Cat Refrigeration Profile
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(408) 374-2860
79 Rio Serena Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Los Altos CA, Palo Alto CA, Cupertino…
Services: commercial refrigeration repair, compressor repair, compressor replacement

South Bay Refrigeration Inc

  • South Bay Refrigeration Inc Profile
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(408) 267-4503
PO Box 54323
San Jose, CA 95154

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Milpitas CA, Cupertino CA, Saratoga CA, Los…
Services: commercial refrigeration systems, industrial refrigeration, refrigerant recharging

A&A Refrigeration Contractors Inc

  • A&A Refrigeration Contractors Inc Profile
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  • A&A Refrigeration Contractors Inc Offers
(408) 225-9410
PO Box 5607
San Jose, CA 95150

Areas Served: Los Gatos CA, Monte Sereno CA, Almaden Meadows CA, Cambrian…
Services: commercial refrigeration services incl. restaurant refrigeration, freezer repair

R&R Refrigeration

  • R&R Refrigeration Profile
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  • R&R Refrigeration Brands
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(408) 297-0383
1775 Monterey Highway
San Jose, CA 95112

Areas Served: Milpitas CA, San Jose CA, Warm Springs CA, Renaissance CA,…
Services: restaurant refrigeration contractors, commercial refrigeration, freezer repair

Finding the Best Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County

Licensed refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County must have have a C-38 license to legally provide refrigeration repair, new commercial refrigerator or freezer installation, handling of refrigerants, refrigerant leak detection and refrigerant charging. Their work includes commercial refrigerator service, commercial refrigerator repair, refrigerated rooms and insulated refrigerated spaces for temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius).

In California, any refrigeration work of $500 or more requires a C38 licensed contractor. C38 license holders have worked for others for four years at journeyman-level refrigeration work experience; then have passed two licensing exams and purchased bonding and worker's compensation insurance. They are not legally required to have liability insurance; however, all refrigeration contractors bearing the Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten designation have general liability insurance coverage that reimburses customers in the event of any damages. In addition, these certified companies have passed all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten, including customer reference checks, hiring only documented workers, clean complaint record, and more.

Refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County CA most often service commercial and industrial refrigeration clients such as restaurants, grocery stores, food processors, warehouses, dairies, bakeries, meat processors, and other industries that require cold storage.

Types of refrigeration units they service or sell include ice machines, meat lockers, air doors, bar refrigeration, blast chillers, chef bases, commercial freezers, commercial refrigerators, display cases, drop-in refrigeration units, food prep tables, merchandisers, milk coolers, undercounter freezers, and refrigeration accessories. They are usually also able to repair or replace all the main components of restaurant refrigerators and other commercial refrigeration systems, including but not limited to refrigerator compressor repair and compressor replacement.

Commercial Refrigeration Parts & Components

Commercial refrigeration systems and industrial refrigeration systems have five main components:

Refrigerant  (A coolant substance that cycles between gas and liquid states to create and maintain cold temperatures in the refrigeration unit)

Compressor (A mechanical unit that compresses gas refrigerant into liquid)

External exchanging pipes (Refrigeration coils that are located outside the refrigeration unit to let pressured hot gas dissipate heat, which causes it to condense into liquid at high pressure)

Expansion valve (A small hole through which the high-pressure liquid is sucked to a lower pressure chamber on the other side where the lack of atmospheric pressure causes it to boil back to a gas)

Internal exchanging pipes
(Pipes wherein liquid refrigerant boils in the low pressure and causes the temperature to drop. This makes and keeps refrigeration units cold)

Types of Commercial Refrigerants

Refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County are experienced working with refrigerants, including refrigerant leaks, and refrigerant charging.

Different types of refrigerants used in commercial refrigeration units include:

CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) such as R-11, R-12, R-114

HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) such as R-22, R-123

HFCs (Hydrofluorocarbons), such as R-134a. All these refrigerants are halogenated and contain chlorine, iodine, fluorine, astatine or bromine.

Types of Industrial Refrigerants

Refrigerants more often found in industrial refrigeration systems include the following:

R-717 Ammonia (NH3 ) Ammonia refrigerants are more commonly used in industrial refrigeration systems. Anhydrous ammonia is the most common ammonia refrigerant used in industrial refrigeration. Ammonia has excellent heat transfer properties and is more economically priced compared to other commercial refrigerants, and this low cost is one of the main reasons why ammonia is often used in large refrigeration systems. Ammonia refrigerants do not harm the ozone layer, do not contribute to global warming, and are biodegradable.

Carbon dioxide (CO2 or R-744) Carbon dioxide refrigerants have been extensively used in the past and is growing in popularity today. CO2 refrigerants have a low volume as a vapor which helps reduce the size of the compressor necessary. Because CO2 is a high-pressure refrigerant, it may require measures to contain it in the event of an emergency shut down or power outage. CO2 refrigerants do not add to global warming gasses as they're made from CO2 that was captured from and already present in the atmosphere.

Propane (R-290) or Propylene (R-1270) are two other examples of common refrigerants known as hydrocarbons. These are often used in large chemical processing and refinery facilities. In addition to being refrigerants, these two gases are also flammable, and this restricts their use to places that have safety systems such as explosion-proof electrical devices.

R-125 Pentafluoroethane (CHCF5 ) Pentafluoroethane, R-125, is a blend component used in low- and medium-temperature applications. It is nontoxic, nonflammable, and noncorrosive.

The choice of refrigerant to be used for an industrial refrigeration system should be based on the specific requirements of the cooling process. Additional criteria may include safety considerations, operating temperatures, familiarity with the refrigerant and its specific requirements, and accommodation within existing infrastructure. Experienced refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County should be able to help you choose which system is best for your needs.

Refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County will know that each of these refrigerants have their own unique properties and that you should only charge a refrigeration system with the exact refrigerant specified. Use of an incorrect refrigerant can lead to reduced refrigeration efficiency, mechanical problems leading to costly refrigeration repairs, and dangerous conditions.

Secondary Refrigerants These are substances such as air, water, or brine that are not refrigerants in themselves, but have been cooled by the primary refrigeration system to then pass over and around the areas and substances to be cooled; then return with their heat load to the primary refrigeration system. Secondary refrigerants are used where the cooling effect must be moved over a long distance making it cost prohibitive for gas-tight lines to travel that distance.

Some Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County Are A Better Value Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these commercial refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County CA: A&A Refrigeration Contractors Inc San Jose CA, South Bay Refrigeration Inc San Jose CA, Cool Cat Refrigeration Campbell CA, BAZ Service Refrigeration San Jose CA, R&R Refrigeration San Jose CA, Keepit Kool Refrigeration Inc San Jose CA, Castrovilla Inc Mt View CA, Mr Freeze San Jose CA.

Questions To Ask Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County CA

When it comes to finding good refrigeration service and refrigeration repair by C-38 licensed refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County, ask some questions about the abilities, experience, and credentials of the commercial refrigeration contractors you're considering hiring.

• How long have the Santa Clara County refrigeration contractors been performing refrigeration installation and repair services in Santa Clara County?

• How many clients have the refrigeration contractors served in Santa Clara County that have businesses similar to yours or that had similar needs or equipment?

• Can the local refrigeration contractors give you names and numbers you can call as references? (All refrigeration contractors bearing the Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have already had their client references called by research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report.)

• Do the Santa Clara County refrigeration contractors have experience in the same kind of commercial refrigeration unit you need installed, serviced or repaired, and experienced with the same refrigerants as those used in your unit?

• What are the hours of availability of the refrigeration contractors in Mountain View CA? Are they able to accommodate your schedule to reduce the likelihood of business interruption or inconvenience?

• How does the commercial refrigeration contractor you're considering charge for refrigeration services? Flat rate or T&M (time and material)? If there's a trip charge or estimate fee, is that amount applied to the cost of any refrigeration work they do?

•  Can the Santa Clara County refrigeration service you're hiring vouch that all employees sent to your property are legal to work in the U.S.? (All refrigeration companies bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have already signed a pledge to only hire documented workers.)

• Does the commercial or industrial refrigeration contractor in Santa Clara County have active workers' compensation and liability insurance covering all of their employees and staff working at your location? (All commercial refrigeration companies bearing the Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have already shown proof of insurance to research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report.)

• Will the local refrigeration contractor you're hiring provide written estimates for new refrigeration units or repairs or maintenance services? If so, will the company detail in writing the exact unit, parts, and materials to be used, allowing you fairly compare bids?

• Do the commercial refrigeration contractors in Santa Clara County provide warranties for their labor, not merely manufacturer warranties, beyond the 1 year warranty mandated by the state of California for C-38 licensed contractors?

• Will permits be needed for the desired refrigeration work in your area of Santa Clara County? Who will be responsible for pulling those permits, you or the refrigeration contractor? (Beware of contractors that ask you to fill permits; this can be a sign that they're not licensed or in good standing with the state board overseeing their industry.)

• Does the refrigeration contractor perform all phases of the work you need, or do they hire journeymen and/or subcontractors to finish the job? If they hire non-employees to complete the work, can they assure you those companies or individuals are licensed and insured? Will they give you the names and contact information for those companies and individuals so you can check license and insurance for your safety?

When you've selected the best commercial refrigeration repair service or industrial refrigeration contractor for your needs, make sure they are licensed in good standing with a C38 contractors license to perform your commercial refrigeration services. (All commercial refrigeration companies bearing the Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have already had their license verified by research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report.)

Good Refrigeration Contractors Repair & Install Many Brands

Commercial refrigeration equipment most commonly serviced, repaired, sold, and installed by commercial refrigeration services in Santa Clara County include those by manufacturers including Arctic Air, Berner International, Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, Delfield, Equipex, Fagor, Hatco, LoLo, Master-Bilt, Saturn, Traulsen, True Manufacturing, Turbo Air, Manitowoc ice machines, Hoshizaki, Kolpak walk in coolers & freezers, NorLake, FSW Commercial Refrigerators, Ice-O-Matic ice machine, Scotsman ice machines, and more.

Resources About Commercial Refrigeration Services in Santa Clara County CA

The following is a list of helpful associations and publications on commercial refrigeration & refrigeration contractors. You can get more information about commercial refrigeration installation and repair, companies that provide these services, and more.

Associations & Licensing for Commercial Refrigeration in Santa Clara County CA

CSLB Contractors State License BoardA new commercial freezer that was installed and will be maintained and repaired by a local refrigeration expert.
DCA California Department of Consumer Affairs
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
ARCA Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor's Association
MCAA Mechanical Contractors Association of America
BBB Better Business Bureau
MSCA Mechanical Service Contractors of America
IIAR International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
RETA Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association
ARI Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
RSES Refrigeration Service Engineers Society

Publications for Santa Clara County Refrigeration Contractors and Installers

International Journal of Refrigeration
RSES Journal
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News
ASHRAE Journal

If you are looking for commercial refrigeration services The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the Top Ten Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County within the following zip codes:

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The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the Top Ten Refrigeration Companies in Santa Clara County within the following cities:

Blossom Valley, Campbell, Cupertino, East Palo Alto, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Monte Sereno, Monta Vista, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Mountain View, Mt Hamilton, Mt View, Palo Alto, Permanente, San Jose, San Martin, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stanford, Sunnyvale, Alviso, Coyote, Holy City, New Almaden, Redwood Est and Redwood Estates