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September 18, 2021
The TOP 10 Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County CA

The TOP 10 Refrigeration Contractors in Santa Clara County CA

Mr Freeze

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(408) 225-5909
186 Cleveland Ave
San Jose, CA 95123

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Saratoga CA, Sunnyvale CA, Santa Clara CA,…
Services: refrigeration contractors for refrigerant charnging, refrigeration repair

Keepit Kool Refrigeration Inc

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(408) 296-4625
PO Box 9727
San Jose, CA 95157

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Mt View CA, Santa Clara CA, Sunnyvale…
Services: refrigeration installers, refrigeration repair incl. ice makers, cold cases

Castrovilla Inc

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(408) 296-4625
253 Polaris Ave
Mt View, CA 94043

Areas Served: Santa Clara CA, Sunnyvale CA, San Jose CA, Palo Alto…
Services: restaurant refrigeration systems, commercial refrigeration contractors

BAZ Service Refrigeration

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(408) 267-2241
4520 Hampshire Place
San Jose, CA 95136

Areas Served: Cupertino CA, San Jose CA, Mt View CA, Palo Alto…
Services: refrigerant recharging, commercial refrigeration contractors

Cool Cat Refrigeration

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(408) 374-2860
79 Rio Serena Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Los Altos CA, Palo Alto CA, Cupertino…
Services: commercial refrigeration repair, compressor repair, compressor replacement

South Bay Refrigeration Inc

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(408) 267-4503
PO Box 54323
San Jose, CA 95154

Areas Served: San Jose CA, Milpitas CA, Cupertino CA, Saratoga CA, Los…
Services: commercial refrigeration systems, industrial refrigeration, refrigerant recharging

A&A Refrigeration Contractors Inc

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(408) 225-9410
PO Box 5607
San Jose, CA 95150

Areas Served: Los Gatos CA, Monte Sereno CA, Almaden Meadows CA, Cambrian…
Services: commercial refrigeration services incl. restaurant refrigeration, freezer repair

R&R Refrigeration

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(408) 297-0383
1775 Monterey Highway
San Jose, CA 95112

Areas Served: Milpitas CA, San Jose CA, Warm Springs CA, Renaissance CA,…
Services: restaurant refrigeration contractors, commercial refrigeration, freezer repair