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March 7, 2021
A good local personal injury lawyer answers questions from a client including help with personal injury claims, mesothelioma, car accident, and liability claims

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in New Haven County CT Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire

If you get hurt in an accident or are suffering physical or psychological effects caused by another person or entity, New Haven County personal injury law firms may be able to help.

But choose carefully. Not all personal injury lawyers are the same, and hiring the wrong one to represent you can add to your troubles.

It's good news then that personal injury attorneys in New Haven County CT bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol are the personal injury lawyers proven by our independent research to have passed the Top Ten requirements for ability and value. In addition, they've been vetted for you. All Top Ten certified personal injury attorneys are licensed, insured, and come with good client recommendations as the best local personal injury lawyers serving New Haven County and the rest of New Haven County CT.

The TOP 10 Personal Injury Lawyers in New Haven County CT

The TOP 10 Personal Injury Lawyers in New Haven County CT

Lyons Tuccio & Tuccio

  • Lyons Tuccio & Tuccio Profile
  • Lyons Tuccio & Tuccio Scorecard
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  • Lyons Tuccio & Tuccio Offers
(203) 732-2889
235 Wakelee Ave
Ansonia, CT 06401

Areas Served: New Haven County, New Haven CT, Waterbury CT, Hamden CT,…
Services: personal injury lawsuits, insurance defense lawyers

Lynch Trembicki Boynton

  • Lynch Trembicki Boynton Profile
  • Lynch Trembicki Boynton Scorecard
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  • Lynch Trembicki Boynton Photos
  • Lynch Trembicki Boynton Brands
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  • Lynch Trembicki Boynton Offers
(203) 878-4669
63 Cherry St # 1
Milford, CT 06460

Areas Served: Hamden CT, New Haven CT, West Haven CT, Cheshire CT,…
Services: claims for personal injury damage, personal injury lawyers

Pellegrino Law Firm

  • Pellegrino Law Firm Profile
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  • Pellegrino Law Firm Brands
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  • Pellegrino Law Firm Offers
(203) 787-2225
475 Whitney Ave
New Haven, CT 06511

Areas Served: New Haven County CT, Naugatuck CT, New Haven Conn, Meriden…
Services: personal injury damage claim & settlements

Robert M Ward

  • Robert M Ward Profile
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  • Robert M Ward Brands
  • Robert M Ward Articles
  • Robert M Ward Offers
(203) 407-4200
3127 Whitney Ave
Hamden, CT 06518

Areas Served: New Haven Conn, New Haven County, East Haven CT, Branford…
Services: personal injury claims & suits

Secor Cassidy & McPartland

  • Secor Cassidy & McPartland Profile
  • Secor Cassidy & McPartland Scorecard
  • Secor Cassidy & McPartland Reviews
  • Secor Cassidy & McPartland Photos
  • Secor Cassidy & McPartland Brands
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  • Secor Cassidy & McPartland Offers
(203) 757-9261
41 Church St
Waterbury, CT 06702

Areas Served: New Haven County, Wallingford CT, New Haven CT, North Haven…
Services: lawyers for civil litigation incl. personal injury suit

Minchella & Associates

  • Minchella & Associates Profile
  • Minchella & Associates Scorecard
  • Minchella & Associates Reviews
  • Minchella & Associates Photos
  • Minchella & Associates Brands
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  • Minchella & Associates Offers
(203) 758-1069
530 Middlebury Rd # 209b
Middlebury, CT 06762

Areas Served: Meriden CT, New Haven County, Waterbury CT, Branford CT, New…
Services: local personal injury attorneys for personal injury lawsuit

Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos

  • Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos Profile
  • Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos Scorecard
  • Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos Reviews
  • Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos Photos
  • Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos Brands
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  • Fitzpatrick Mariano & Santos Offers
(203) 729-4555
203 Church St # 207
Naugatuck, CT 06770

Areas Served: New Haven Conn, Guilford CT, Waterbury CT, Milford CT, New…
Services: attorneys for personal injury claims, personal injury defense

Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney

  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Profile
  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Scorecard
  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Reviews
  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Photos
  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Brands
  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Articles
  • Morrissey Morrissey & Mooney Offers
(203) 723-6691
203 Church St
Naugatuck, CT 06770

Areas Served: New Haven CT, New Haven County, Milford CT, Wallingford CT,…
Services: personal injury lawsuit

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in New Haven County CT Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Hire