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February 22, 2020
A family shops for new mattresses at a local mattress store.

The Best Mattress Stores in Oklahoma City OK Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Spend With

Mattress stores in Oklahoma City OK bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those mattress dealers proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for value and reliability, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with the value received for the sale of new mattresses in Oklahoma City OK, including adjustable mattresses, organic mattresses, latex mattresses and more.


The TOP 10 Mattress Stores in Oklahoma City OK

Serta Mattress Co

  • Serta Mattress Co Profile
  • Serta Mattress Co Scorecard
  • Serta Mattress Co Reviews
  • Serta Mattress Co Photos
  • Serta Mattress Co Brands
  • Serta Mattress Co Articles
  • Serta Mattress Co Offers
(405) 943-8448
3800 SW 15th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Areas Served: Oklahoma City OK, Edmond OK, Bethany OK, Midwest City OK,…
Services: mattresses incl crib mattresses, child mattresses, innerspring mattress delivery

Orthopedic Bedding Co

  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Profile
  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Scorecard
  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Reviews
  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Photos
  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Brands
  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Articles
  • Orthopedic Bedding Co Offers
(405) 236-0909
726 SW 3rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Areas Served: Oklahoma County, Del City OK, Midwest City OK, OKC, Edmond…
Services: mattresses incl. california king size, crib mattress, toddler mattresses, futon…

Mattress Firm

  • Mattress Firm Profile
  • Mattress Firm Scorecard
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  • Mattress Firm Photos
  • Mattress Firm Brands
  • Mattress Firm Articles
  • Mattress Firm Offers
(405) 749-2243
2220 W Memorial Rd # B
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Areas Served: Midwest City OK, Oklahoma County OK, Edmond OK, Del City…
Services: orthopedic mattresses, pillow top mattress, gel mattress, organic mattress

Oklahoma Mattress Co

  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Profile
  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Scorecard
  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Reviews
  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Photos
  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Brands
  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Articles
  • Oklahoma Mattress Co Offers
(405) 235-1142
915 NW 4th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Areas Served: Oklahoma City, Choctaw OK, Del City OK, Edmond OK, OKC,…
Services: boxspring & mattresses, delivery, warranties, most mattress brands

Southerland Mattress

  • Southerland Mattress Profile
  • Southerland Mattress Scorecard
  • Southerland Mattress Reviews
  • Southerland Mattress Photos
  • Southerland Mattress Brands
  • Southerland Mattress Articles
  • Southerland Mattress Offers
(405) 745-3386
7900 SW 34th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Areas Served: Edmond OK, Oklahoma County OK, Midwest City Oklahoma, Del City…
Services: local mattress store for adjustable mattresses, boxsprings, mattress toppers

Mattress Sleep Center

  • Mattress Sleep Center Profile
  • Mattress Sleep Center Scorecard
  • Mattress Sleep Center Reviews
  • Mattress Sleep Center Photos
  • Mattress Sleep Center Brands
  • Mattress Sleep Center Articles
  • Mattress Sleep Center Offers
(405) 513-8295
1609 S Broadway
Edmond, OK 73013

Areas Served: Oklahoma City, Bethany OK, Midwest City OK, Del City OK,…
Services: local mattress sales, adjustable mattresses, folding mattresses, latex mattresses

Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet

  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Profile
  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Scorecard
  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Reviews
  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Photos
  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Brands
  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Articles
  • Waterbed & Futon Factory Outlet Offers
(405) 495-0881
404 N Rockwell Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

Areas Served: Oklahoma City OK, Bethany OK, Oklahoma City OK, Del City…
Services: memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, pillow top mattress

Sleep Number By Select Comfort

  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Profile
  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Scorecard
  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Reviews
  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Photos
  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Brands
  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Articles
  • Sleep Number By Select Comfort Offers
(405) 810-0074
1901 NW Expressway # 2073
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Areas Served: Oklahoma County OK, Choctaw OK, Oklahoma City OK, Midwest City…
Services: mattress store for sales of solid foam mattresses, latex mattress,…

Bedmax Oklahoma City

  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Profile
  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Scorecard
  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Reviews
  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Photos
  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Brands
  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Articles
  • Bedmax Oklahoma City Offers
(405) 445-7495
5906 NW 38th St
Warr Acres, OK 73122

Areas Served: OKC, Edmond OK, Oklahoma City OK, Bethany OK, Oklahoma County,…
Services: new mattress incl. innerspring mattress, organic mattress, orthopedia mattresses

The Best Mattress Stores in Oklahoma City OK Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Spend With