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February 28, 2020
A local flooring installer lays a new wood floor using expert techniques and quality new flooring materials.

The Best Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

Flooring contractors in Orange County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol have met a higher standard than the minimum California regulatory requirement.

They are the flooring contractors or carpet layers proven through our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for value and ability, have liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with them as flooring installers in Orange County CA or flooring repair, including hardwood flooring, laminate flooring installers, vinyl flooring installation, carpet layers, and more.

The TOP 10 Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA

Pacific Painting & Flooring Co

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(714) 816-0200
1162 N Knollwood Cir
Anaheim, CA 92801
State Contractor’s License #737305
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
  • BTA (Building Trades Association)
  • Western Regional Master Builders Association

Services: flooring contractors, new flooring installers
Key Brands: Benjamin Moore Paints, Dunn Edwards (Dunn-Edwards Paints), ICI Dulux Paints,…

Absolute Floor Service Inc

  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Profile
  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Scorecard
  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Reviews
  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Photos
  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Brands
  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Articles
  • Absolute Floor Service Inc Offers
(714) 447-8585
1110 East Orange Fair Lane B
Anaheim, CA 92801

Areas Served: Anaheim CA, Huntington Beach CA, Costa Mesa CA, Irvine CA,…

Complete Flooring Installation Inc

  • Complete Flooring Installation Inc Profile
  • Complete Flooring Installation Inc Scorecard
  • Complete Flooring Installation Inc Reviews
  • Complete Flooring Installation Inc Photos
  • Complete Flooring Installation Inc Brands
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  • Complete Flooring Installation Inc Offers
(714) 381-4629
7630 East Pleasant Place
Anaheim, CA 92808

Areas Served: Orange County, Anaheim CA, Santa Ana CA, Costa Mesa CA,…

JD Floorworks Inc

  • JD Floorworks Inc Profile
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  • JD Floorworks Inc Offers
(714) 540-6383
3001 Redhill #2-104
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Areas Served: Costa Mesa CA, Irvine CA, Huntington Beach CA, Newport Beach…

American Flooring Inc

  • American Flooring Inc Profile
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  • American Flooring Inc Offers
(949) 642-0919
711 W 17th Street E10
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Areas Served: Orange CA, Santa Ana CA, Irvine CA, Westminster CA, Tustin…

Vanguard Flooring Inc

  • Vanguard Flooring Inc Profile
  • Vanguard Flooring Inc Scorecard
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  • Vanguard Flooring Inc Photos
  • Vanguard Flooring Inc Brands
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  • Vanguard Flooring Inc Offers
(949) 257-3635
33811 Colegio Dr
Dana Point, CA 92629

Areas Served: Orange County, Dana Point CA, Huntington Beach CA, Anaheim CA,…

Affordable Hardwood Floors

  • Affordable Hardwood Floors Profile
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  • Affordable Hardwood Floors Articles
  • Affordable Hardwood Floors Offers
(714) 657-9465
12461 La Linda Circle
Garden Grove, CA 92841

Areas Served: Garden Grove CA, Costa Mesa CA, Irvine CA, Santa Ana…

Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc

  • Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc Profile
  • Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc Scorecard
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  • Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc Brands
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  • Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc Offers
(714) 536-6942
7071 Kearny Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Areas Served: Orange County, Huntington Beach CA, Anaheim CA, Santa Ana, Buena…

The Best Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

The state of California requires that flooring contractors in Orange County CA be licensed by the state. The state's C15 license covers both hardwood flooring contractors as well as floor covering installers such as installers of carpet, vinyl, linoelum, etc.

But the state license for flooring and floor covering installers is no guarantee that any particular carpet layer or flooring contractor in Orange County CA is even competent, is doing business ethically, delivering value, or satisfying customers.

This makes it all the more significant that all carpet layers or new flooring installers in Orange County CA that bear The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, verified state license, good complaint record, verified worker's comp and liability insurance, only employees legal to work in the U.S., and more.

Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA Perform Numerous Services
Flooring contractors in Anaheim often specialize in different niches of the flooring industry (new flooring installation, fabrication, hardwood, linoleum, etc.). Some do strictly residential work, others are strictly commercial flooring contractors, and some do both. Most flooring contractors install new hardwood flooring, but they might also repair flooring or do floor refinishing. Some flooring contractors can even perform the duties necessary to prepare the subfloor.

Some hardwood flooring contractors in Orange County do every aspect of the installation process from initial fabrication to post-installation flooring finish work. They can custom stain and perform dustless sanding of hard materials, and install other features to embellish the new addition, such as custom moulding, custom milling, custom borders and inlays, inserts, matching baseboards or ceramic tile baseboards.

Some flooring contractors also perform as floor covering installers, meaning carpet layers, and layers of other floor coverings like linoleum.

Flooring Contractors in Orange County Work with a Variety of Good Flooring Products
There are many standard, affordable options in the flooring marketplace. Unfortunately, many of them involve some kind of compromise. Lighter, cheap flooring can stain easily, colors may fade with time and some shed or unrelentingly retain odors. But flooring contractors in Anaheim can install carpeting, laminate and wood flooring options far beyond shag carpet and synthetic linoleum. Materials range anywhere from stain-resistant carpets to environmentally-friendly composites.

With the proliferation of flooring types and technology, the capabilities of the installing contractors have had to progress and multiply as well. Good flooring contractors are equipped to perform precision installation of most laminated or unfinished wood flooring, including red oak, white oak, bamboo (which is technically a grass), fumed oak, Brazilian cherry, hand distressed beech, cherry, or beveled beech.

Flooring contractors may also be acquainted with the techniques necessary to install merbau, ash, maple, hickory, pecan, distressed natural beech, and finished or unfinished exotic hardwood flooring.

Aside from appearance and practicality, there are other factors you may choose to consider when working with a flooring contractor in Orange County. Some flooring contractors offer options in environmentally friendly or sustainable materials, so-called "green flooring", such as vinyl composition tile (VCT),  reclaimed hardwoods, reclaimed bamboo, acid-proof dex-o-tex, or other sustainable flooring materials.

Some Flooring Contractors in Orange County Are Safer to Spend With Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these flooring contractors in Orange County: Vanguard Flooring Inc Dana Point CA, Cooper Floors Inc Fountain Valley CA, Affordable Hardwood Floors Garden Grove CA, American Flooring Inc Costa Mesa CA, Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc Huntington Beach CA, Absolute Floor Service Inc Anaheim CA, JD Floorworks Inc Costa Mesa CA, Complete Flooring Installation Inc Anaheim CA, Pacific Painting & Flooring Co Anaheim CA.

Other flooring contractors in Anaheim CA that might still be in business include: .

Questions To Ask Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA

When choosing which Orange County flooring contractor to hire, ask these questions about their experience, range of services, credentials, and methods and materials.

• How long have the Orange County flooring installation companies been in business?

• How many floor covering installations, floor repairs or new floor installations have the local floor contractors done in Orange County? (Different areas have different climate and moisture issues that can effect the choice of floor materials or installation methods, and lots of previous installations in your specific area indicates experience in this regard.)

•How much experience do the flooring installers have in the exact type of new flooring you want installed?

• Can the flooring contractors give you client names and numbers you can call as references? (All flooring contractors bearing the Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have already had their client references called by our research staff.)

• How long should it take the flooring installation services in Orange County to complete your new flooring installation?

• Will you be able to use your home or commercial space while the flooring work is being done? If so, what level of inconvenience should you be prepared for?

• How do the flooring installers in Anaheim CA price floor coverings, flooring materials and floor installation services?

• Do the local flooring contractors do finishing work as well as general flooring installation?

• Does the Orange County flooring contractor you're considering have active workers' compensation and general liability insurance for your protection? (All flooring contractors in Orange County bearing the Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have already had their proof of insurance verified by our research staff.)

• Will the local flooring installation experts in Orange County provide a written estimate that includes the exact amount of material to be used, and the brand names and product numbers? (This is important because cheap flooring contractors often only seem to cost less because they're actually using less material or inferior material that will cost more later in repairs or maintenance.)

• Can the flooring contractor prove that all their workers sent to your property are legally allowed to work in the U.S.? (All flooring companies in Orange County bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have already signed an agreement to only hire documented workers.)

• How often do the flooring installation services clean up and using what method or machines?

• What is the manufacturer warranty on the flooring the local flooring companies are proposing to install?

• Do the new flooring contractors give written guarantees on their floor installations aside from manufacturer warranties?

When you've chosen the best flooring contractors in Orange County CA for your specific needs and priorities, make sure they are licensed by the state as flooring contractors. (All flooring companies in Orange County CA bearing the Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 symbol have already had their license verified by research staff at The Prime Buyer's Report so you don't have to.)

Tips for Working with Flooring Contractors in Orange County

Take Time Choosing Among the Best Flooring Contractors in Orange County
Don't settle for the first new flooring contractors you can reach. There are a lot of qualified candidates out there, and if you take the time to evaluate several different members of the local flooring installation industry, you will find flooring installation professionals in Orange County who are better suited to your required price range and flooring installation specifics.

Some flooring contractors specialize in new hardwood flooring while others are carpet installation contractors. Others specialize in rubber flooring, bamboo flooring or laminate flooring. It is important to find Orange County flooring contractors that know the ins and outs of installing the kind of  new flooring you have chosen.

Write a Description of the Flooring Installation for the Orange County Flooring Contractors

Before you interview any flooring contractors in Anaheim CA, prepare a summary of the new flooring installation you require. Include flooring material preferences (such as new carpeting or new hardwood flooring) and exact measurements of the area for the carpet installation or hardwood flooring installation. This way, each of the Orange County flooring contractors will see the same thing, and you can be sure they've all been given a fair shot at a bid.

Get a Few Different Estimates from Local Orange County Flooring Contractors
You should consult several Orange County flooring contractors in Anaheim or your area and obtain estimates for new flooring from each one. Estimates give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for the flooring installation, but they serve other purposes as well. They can give you insight into a flooring contractor's general abilities, as well as his professional integrity. So don't skip the details and simply look for the cheapest new flooring option.

Get Flooring Installation Details in Writing From Flooring Contractors in Orange County
Another aspect of floor contractor dealings that shouldn't be glossed over is written documentation. Make sure that your Orange County flooring contractor provides you with a written description of the work that includes pricing and a time frame for completion.

Do Your Homework Before Signing an Agreement with Orange County Floor Contractors
When you work with any contractor, always be sure to check licensing, workers' compensation, liability insurances and any other relevant credentials before you enter into a contract. This is especially important when you're working with flooring contractors in Orange County CA.

Maintain Communication with Your Local Flooring Contractors During the Flooring Installation
Don't add to the hassle of a flooring installation project by staying in the dark about important issues. Both you and your floor contractor should make the effort to keep one another informed about changes or concerns. If you and your Orange County flooring contractors can keep one another up to date about important issues, there shouldn't be any unwelcome surprises.

Agree in Advance to Approve the Flooring Installation Upon Completion
When every phase of your new flooring job is finished, walk around the new floor with the most senior flooring contractor available. Together, you should reference the agreement you signed when you hired the Orange County flooring contractor company and look for any discrepancies. If you do find anything amiss, tell your floor contractor immediately.

Know Your Rights When Working with Flooring Installation Contractors in Orange County
Consumers have certain rights that vary by the area in which they live. Since you're working with flooring contractors in Orange County and around Anaheim, applicable information is available at the Web site for the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Make Sure Your Flooring Contractors are Committed to Successful Completion of Your Floor Installation
If your flooring contractor seems like he's in a rush to move though your project, you probably won't be happy with his work. Good flooring contractors in Orange County will take their time to see to every detail. Flooring installers in Anaheim CA who speed through their work to get to the next paying job are poor bets, and it will show in your new flooring.

Flooring Contractors in Orange County Work With the Best Flooring Brands

Lexington, Bruce, Capella, Columbia, Hartco, Kährs, Homerwood, Mohawk, Laura Ashley, Aladdin, Wilsonart, Stainmaster, Harris Tarkett, Lauzon, Royalty, Chatham, Prestige Mills, Royal Dutch, Signature Hospitality and Wundaweave.

Resources About Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA

Associations & Licensing for Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA
BBB Better Business Bureau
CFI Certified Floor Covering Installers
CSLB Contractors State License Board
Diamond Certified
FIANA Floor Installation Association of North America
FCICA Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association
MFMA Maple Flooring Manufacturing Association
NALFA North American Laminate Flooring Association
NOFMA Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association
NWFA National Wood Flooring Association
PFIA Professional Flooring Installers Association
WFCA Wood Floor Covering Association

Media & Web Resources for Flooring Contractors in Orange County CA
Design Journal Magazine
Environmental Design and Construction Magazine
Floor Covering Installer Magazine
Floor Focus Magazine
Fine Homebuilding Magazine
HANDY Magazine
Hardwood Floors Magazine
Jobsite Magazine-Floor Covering
National Floor Trends Magazine
Residential Design and Build Magazine
Traditional Home Magazine

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 professional flooring contractors in Orange County CA within the following zip codes:

92685, 92698, 92708, 92780, 92805, 92815, 92832, 92841, 92857, 92867, 92899, 92684, 92697, 92707, 92735, 92804, 92814, 92831, 92840, 92856, 92866, 92887, 92683, 92694, 92706, 92728, 92803, 92812, 92825, 92838, 92850, 92865, 92886, 92679, 92693, 92705, 92725, 92802, 92811, 92823, 92837, 92846, 92864, 92885, 92678, 92692, 92704, 92712, 92801, 92809, 92822, 92836, 92845, 92863, 92871, 92677, 92691, 92703, 92711, 92799, 92808, 92821, 92835, 92844, 92862, 92870, 92676, 92690, 92702, 92710, 92782, 92807, 92817, 92834, 92843, 92861, 92869, 92675, 92688, 92701, 92709, 92781, 92806, 92816, 92833, 92842, 92859, 92868, 92607, 92618, 92628, 92650, 92658, 92674, 92606, 92617, 92627, 92649, 92657, 92673, 92605, 92616, 92626, 92648, 92656, 92672, 92604, 92615, 92625, 92647, 92655, 92663, 92603, 92614, 92624, 92646, 92654, 92662, 92602, 92612, 92623, 92637, 92653, 92661, 92610, 92620, 92630, 92652, 92660, 92609, 92619, 92629, 92651, 92659, 90743, 90624, 90740, 90623, 90721, 90622, 90720, 90621, 90680, 90620, 90633, 90632, 90631, 90630 and 90742

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 local flooring installers in Orange County CA within the following cities:

Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Fountain Valley, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Westminster, Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Stanton, Orange, Tustin, Villa Park, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Cowan Heights, Lemon Heights, North Tustin, Orange Park Acres, Silverado Canyon, Midway City, Rossmoor and Sunset Beach