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April 1, 2023
The TOP 10 Funeral Homes and Funeral Services in New Orleans LA

The TOP 10 Funeral Homes and Funeral Services in New Orleans LA

Majestic Mortuary Service Inc

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(504) 523-5872
1833 Oretha C Haley Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70113

Areas Served: New Orleans LA, Marigny, Esplanade Ridge, Ninth Ward, Lakeview, Carrollton,…
Services: funeral home for funerals incl. pre-need services, caskets, cemetary plots

Mothe Funeral Homes LLC

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(504) 366-4343
1300 Vallette St
New Orleans, LA 70114

Areas Served: Warehouse District, New Orleans, French Quarter, Mid-City, Faubourg, Marigny, Algiers
Services: funeral providers, cremation services, memorial services

Charbonnet-Labat-Glapion Funeral

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(504) 581-4411
1615 Saint Philip St
New Orleans, LA 70116

Areas Served: Carrollton, Mid-City, New Orleans, Uptown, French Quarter, Algiers, Bywater District
Services: funeral home, funeral services, funeral directors, cremation care, funeral pre-needs

Rhodes Funeral Home

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(504) 943-3422
1728 N Claiborne Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116

Areas Served: Esplanade Ridge, New Orleans, Bywater District, Gentilly, Carrollton, Treme, Carrollton
Services: funeral services, memorial services, funeral planners, cremation services

Jacob Schoen & Son Inc Funeral

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(504) 482-2111
3827 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70119

Areas Served: Faubourg, Orleans Parish, Mid-City, New Orleans LA, French Quarter, Esplanade…
Services: funeral directors for memorial services, cremation, pre-need funeral arrangements

Richardson Funeral Homes

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(504) 469-2243
11112 Jefferson Hwy
New Orleans, LA 70123

Areas Served: Orleans Parish, Bywater District, New Orleans, Garden District, French Quarter,…
Services: local funeral home & funeral directors for services incl. cremation,…

Greenwood Funeral Home

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(504) 486-0880
5200 Canal Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70124

Areas Served: Lakeview, Warehouse District, Ninth Ward, New Orleans, Uptown, Garden District
Services: funeral providers & funeral pre-need sales incl caskets, headstones, cemetary…

Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral

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(504) 486-6331
5100 Pontchartrain Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70124

Areas Served: New Orleans, Downtown New Orleans, Faubourg, Gentilly, Treme, Esplanade Ridge,
Services: local funeral services, pre-need funeral sales incl. headstones, caskets, plots