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July 6, 2022
The TOP 10 Funeral Homes and Funeral Services in Pasco County FL

The TOP 10 Funeral Homes and Funeral Services in Pasco County FL

Hodges Family Funeral Home

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(352) 567-6100
11441 US Highway 301
Dade City, FL 33525

Areas Served: Holiday Florida, Pasco County FL, Shady Hills FL, Wesley Chapel…
Services: funeral providers, cremation services, memorial services

Whitfield Funeral Home & Cremation

  • Whitfield Funeral Home & Cremation Profile
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(813) 783-9900
5008 Gall Blvd
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

Areas Served: Zephyrhills FL, Wesley Chapel FL, Pasco County FL, Bayonet Point…
Services: funeral home, funeral services, funeral directors, cremation care, funeral pre-needs

Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home

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(727) 845-1957
5228 Trouble Creek Rd
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Areas Served: Pasco County FL, Wesley Chapel FL, Land O Lakes FL,…
Services: funeral services, memorial services, funeral planners, cremation services

North Meadowlawn Funeral Home

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(727) 849-9281
4244 Madison St
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Areas Served: Pasco County FL, Jasmine Estates FL, New Port Richey FL,…
Services: funeral directors for memorial services, cremation, pre-need funeral arrangements

Beit Olam Cemetery

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(813) 920-4241
12609 Memorial Dr
Trinity, FL 34655

Areas Served: New Port Richey FL, Bayonet Point FL, Land O Lakes…
Services: local funeral home & funeral directors for services incl. cremation,…

Faupel Funeral Home

  • Faupel Funeral Home Profile
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(727) 849-9964
7524 Ridge Rd
Port Richey, FL 34668

Areas Served: New Port Richey FL, Pasco County FL, Hudson FL, Wesley…
Services: funeral home for funerals incl. pre-need services, caskets, cemetary plots

Dobies Funeral Home

  • Dobies Funeral Home Profile
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(727) 937-7555
4910 Bartelt Rd
Holiday, FL 34690

Areas Served: Wesley Chapel FL, Pasco County FL, New Port Richey FL,…
Services: funeral providers & funeral pre-need sales incl caskets, headstones, cemetary…