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October 27, 2021
The TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Philadelphia County PA

The TOP 10 Cabinet Companies in Philadelphia County PA

Michael Matos Fine Woodworking

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(267) 335-3736
217 W Gorgas Ln
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Areas Served: Philadelphia Penn, Philadelphia County, Chestnut Hill, Roxborough, Germantown, Olney
Services: kitchen cabinet replacement, cabinet sales, cabinetmakers incl. cabinet refacing

JC Hughes Cabinetmakers

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(215) 425-2505
2960 E Venango St
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Areas Served: Philadelphia County, Olney, Manayunk, Roxborough PA, Germantown PA, Philadelphia Penn
Services: cabinet makers, new cabinets, cabinet refacing, new kitchen cabinets, custom…

Harrison Custom Cabinets

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(215) 548-2450
1253 E Chelten Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19138

Areas Served: Philadelphia PA, Germantown, Roxborough, Chestnut Hill, Olney, Manayunk, Oak Lane,
Services: new cabinets, cabinet installers, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets

A&V Woodwork Co

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(215) 727-8832
6525 Upland St
Philadelphia, PA 19142

Areas Served: Germantown, Center City, Philadelphia Penn, Oak Lane, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia…
Services: cabinet contractors for bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, custom cabinets

Richard Heilman Custom Cabinetry

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(215) 848-4561
4519 Wayne Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Areas Served: Manayunk, Philadelphia PA, Roxborough, Oak Lane, Center City, Germantown, Chestnut…
Services: new custom cabinets, new kitchen cabinets, cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing

Marrone Custom Cabinets

  • Marrone Custom Cabinets Profile
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(215) 271-3952
1516 S 7th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Areas Served: Olney, Philadelphia PA, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Roxborough, Manayunk, Kensington PA
Services: new cabinets & kitchen cabinet sales, new cabinet design &…

Impressive Cabinetry & Design

  • Impressive Cabinetry & Design Profile
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(215) 744-2355
6145 Alma St
Philadelphia, PA 19149

Areas Served: Philadelphia County, Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Philadelphia PA, Roxborough PA
Services: new cabinet sales, kitchen cabinet sales & cabinet installers, cabinet…