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January 21, 2022
The TOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in Polk County FL

The TOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in Polk County FL

DLB Remodeling & Repairs

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(863) 651-7172
207 Oconee St
Lakeland, FL 33805

Areas Served: Winter Haven FL, Polk County FL, Lakeland Highlands FL, Lakeland…
Services: remodeling contractors for home remodeling, retail remodeling, commercial remodeling

Satterfield Home Repair

  • Satterfield Home Repair Profile
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(863) 698-5136
1039 Old South Dr
Lakeland, FL 33811

Areas Served: Polk County FL, Lakeland FL, Winter Haven FL, Poinciana FL,…
Services: remodelers, sunroom, sun porch, solarium, home additions, home repair

US Remodelers

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(863) 284-5637
4300 Frontage Rd S # 1
Lakeland, FL 33815

Areas Served: Bartow FL, Lake Wales FL, Haines City FL, Poinciana FL,…
Services: remodeling specialists, home repair, additions, home improvement company

Jones Quality Remodeling LLC

  • Jones Quality Remodeling LLC Profile
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(863) 604-3735
1018 Sunset Trl
Babson Park, FL 33827

Areas Served: Lakeland Florida, Polk County FL, Winter Haven FL, Lake Wales…
Services: home improvement company for home repairs, additions, sun rooms, screen…

J&M Home Improvement

  • J&M Home Improvement Profile
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(863) 635-7411
2 Marlow Rd
Frostproof, FL 33843

Areas Served: Polk County FL, Auburndale FL, Winter Haven Florida, Lakeland FL,…
Services: local remodeling company for home remodels, additions, patio covers

EMC Home Remodeling

  • EMC Home Remodeling Profile
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(863) 298-8442
545 Avenue I SE
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Areas Served: Polk County Florida, Auburndale FL, Lakeland FL, Poinciana FL, Winter…
Services: home reconstruction, home remodels, sun lounge, sun porch, patio enclosures

Tardif Remodeling

  • Tardif Remodeling Profile
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(863) 324-1998
66 Wright St
Winter Haven, FL 33884

Areas Served: Lakeland FL, Bartow FL, Lakeland Highlands FL, Haines City FL,…
Services: home remodelers, commercial remodeling, retail remodels, carports, basement finishing