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December 3, 2022
The TOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in St Paul MN

The TOP 10 Remodeling Contractors in St Paul MN

DL Home Repair

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(651) 494-8038
1101 Magnolia Ave E
St Paul, MN 55106

Areas Served: St Paul MN, Roseville MN, Ramsey County MN, White Bear…
Services: home reconstruction, home remodels, sun lounge, sun porch, patio enclosures

Terra Firma Building & Remodeling

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(651) 207-5575
1388 Almond Ave
St Paul, MN 55108

Areas Served: New Brighton MN, Roseville MN, Ramsey County MN, St Paul…
Services: home renovations, home improvement, remodeling, sun rooms, basement remodeling

Landmark Remodeling LLC

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(651) 000-1111
2545 Germain St
St Paul, MN 55109

Areas Served: Ramsey County MN, Maplewood MN, Vadnais Heights MN, St Paul…
Services: residential remodeling contractors, commercial remodelers, addition builders

GP & Son Remodeling

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(651) 426-1252
12360 Goodview Ave N
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Areas Served: St Paul MN, Ramsey County MN, Roseville MN, White Bear…
Services: home remodelers, commercial remodeling, retail remodels, carports, basement finishing

K&S Remodeling LLC

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(612) 518-3804
1292 S Birch Lake Blvd
St Paul, MN 55110

Areas Served: Ramsey County MN, North St Paul MN, Shoreview MN, Maplewood…
Services: remodeling contractors for home remodeling, retail remodeling, commercial remodeling

In & Out Home Improvements

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(612) 940-2209
1695 Arkwright St
Maplewood, MN 55117

Areas Served: New Brighton MN, St Paul Minn, Ramsey County MN, Roseville…
Services: home improvement company for home repairs, additions, sun rooms, screen…

KL Anderson Remodeling Inc

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(651) 271-0902
366 Rose Ln
Little Canada, MN 55117

Areas Served: Ramsey County MN, St Paul MN, Maplewood MN, Roseville MN,…
Services: local remodeling company for home remodels, additions, patio covers