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January 19, 2021
A golfer uses his new golfing equipment purchased at a local golf store.

How to Find the Best Golf Stores in Sonoma County

Golf stores and golf pro shops in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County carry a wide variety of new golf equipment and golf accessories that can improve your golf game. The best golf pro shops in Sonoma County sell new golf equipment including golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls, and golf clothes by top golf gear brands including Calloway, Titleist and Taylor Made. Remember, cheap golf stores and cheap golf equipment are usually not the best choice.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best golf stores in Sonoma County and issues related to buying golf equipment.


The TOP 10 Golf Equipment & Golf Stores in Sonoma County CA

The TOP 10 Golf Equipment & Golf Stores in Sonoma County CA

Golf Mart Rohnert Park

  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Profile
  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Scorecard
  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Reviews
  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Photos
  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Brands
  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Articles
  • Golf Mart Rohnert Park Offers
(707) 584-4466
5430 Commerce Blvd.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Areas Served: Sonoma, Penngrove, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, …
Services: golf clubs, golf bags, golf swing analysis, graphite clubs

Petaluma Golf Center

  • Petaluma Golf Center Profile
  • Petaluma Golf Center Scorecard
  • Petaluma Golf Center Reviews
  • Petaluma Golf Center Photos
  • Petaluma Golf Center Brands
  • Petaluma Golf Center Articles
  • Petaluma Golf Center Offers
(707) 778-0696
200 Stony Point Road
Petaluma, CA 94952

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA, Sonoma, Windsor CA, Petaluma, Penngrove, Rohnert Park,…
Services: good golf shop for new golf clubs & golf equipment

Golf USA

  • Golf USA Profile
  • Golf USA Scorecard
  • Golf USA Reviews
  • Golf USA Photos
  • Golf USA Brands
  • Golf USA Articles
  • Golf USA Offers
(707) 528-4653
353 Collge Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Areas Served: Sonoma, Petaluma, Penngrove, Santa Rosa CA, Healdsburg, Cotati, Rohnert Park,…
Services: golf shop for golf swing analysis, new golf clubs &…

Springer Golf Ball Co

  • Springer Golf Ball Co Profile
  • Springer Golf Ball Co Scorecard
  • Springer Golf Ball Co Reviews
  • Springer Golf Ball Co Photos
  • Springer Golf Ball Co Brands
  • Springer Golf Ball Co Articles
  • Springer Golf Ball Co Offers
(707) 566-0204
244 Colgan Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Areas Served: Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma, Sebastopol, Penngrove, Cloverdale, Rohnert Park, ..
Services: good golf balls & new golf equipment

Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop

  • Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop Profile
  • Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop Scorecard
  • Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop Reviews
  • Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop Photos
  • Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop Brands
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(707) 521-3214
1525 Fountaingrove Pkwy
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Areas Served: Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma, Sebastopol, Penngrove, Cloverdale, Rohnert Park, ..
Services: golf pro shop for new golf equipment, best golf clubs,…

Play It Again Sports

  • Play It Again Sports Profile
  • Play It Again Sports Scorecard
  • Play It Again Sports Reviews
  • Play It Again Sports Photos
  • Play It Again Sports Brands
  • Play It Again Sports Articles
  • Play It Again Sports Offers
(707) 527-7678
2735 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Areas Served: Petaluma, Penngrove, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Healdsburg, Monte Rio,…
Services: golf equipment incl. new golf clubs, golf drivers, golf woods,…

How to Find the Best Golf Stores in Sonoma County


There is no state license required of golf sales in Sonoma County and so no state standard for competency. This makes it all the more significant that all golf stores bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 designation have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, clean complaint record, best business practices, length of time in business, and more.

How to Choose the Best Golf Equipment in Sonoma County Golf Shops

Whether you are shopping for new golf clubs, golfing bags, golf balls or golf clothing, there are many kinds of golf equipment to choose from. The small details of each item often determine which brand or type is best for you. Use the following information to find the best golf stores in the Santa Rosa CA area and Sonoma County.

Finding New Golf Clubs at Golf Shops in Sonoma County

Whether you are buying your first set of golf clubs or are upgrading to professional golf clubs, the right golf club set can improve your game. It's important to find qualified employees at the golf stores in Sonoma County to help you choose the right new or used golf clubs for you.

Some of the best golf pro-shops in Santa Rosa work with golf club fitters, also known as clubfitters. Golf club fitting is more than swinging different golf clubs until you find ones you like. Golf club fitting professionals can tailor your golfing equipment to your exact swing. Some clubfitters are also clubmakers who custom build and retrofit golf clubs. The skills of golf club fitters vary, so be sure to ask the golf store sales staff if they are professional clubfitters and if their professional background includes qualification with the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals.

Certified clubfitters at Sonoma County golf shops test seven variables to determine how well the new golf clubs they sell at their golf stores fit you. These include:

• Golf club shaft length: Golf club shaft length determines where golf balls strike the clubface. The right golf club shaft length means you'll make the best impact without changing your swing.

• Golf club shaft flex: Shaft flex impacts golf ball trajectory, distance and accuracy. Golf clubs with the right shaft flex make consistent and solid contact with the golf ball every time you swing.

• Shaft type: The best golf stores in Sonoma County have a wide variety of golf club shaft types and compositions available. If their golf store sales staff includes club fitting professionals they should be able to consult on how each of the golf club shafts will improve your swing. Shaft type influences swing weight, bending points (also called kick points) and torque rating of golf clubs.

• Golf club lie angle: Lie angle is formed by the golf club shaft and golf club sole and causes the clubhead to touch the ground during your swing. The wrong golf clubs lie angle can cause you to hook shots or slice. If you already have a tendency to hook or slice, tell this to the golf shop sales staff.

• Golf grip size: Golf shops in Sonoma County sell various sizes and materials of golf grips, from leather golf grips to rubber golf grips. The right golf grip size determines your ability to turn clubfaces to the square position.

• Golf clubhead design: Golfers with high handicaps benefit most from proper golf clubhead design, especially when considering that the right clubheads reduce off-center hits and increase your target area during moment of inertia (MOI). This means good clubheads have a larger sweet spot so that your shots land closer to your target. Tell the Sonoma County golf equipment sales staff what you typically experience so they can recommend the best clubhead design to improve your game.

• Golf club set design: Golf pro shops in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County should carry all types of golf clubs from hybrid golf clubs to standard golf club sets. Complete golf club sets include wood golf clubs, iron golf clubs and wedge golf clubs. This variety of clubs makes consulting with the golf store sales staff in Sonoma County an important part of buying the best golf club sets for you.

Golf Swing Analysis Equipment Found at Golf Shops in Sonoma County

Good golf shops also use swing analysis equipment to tailor your new golf clubs to your needs. Although golf swing analysis is a relatively new technology for many Sonoma County golf stores, some golf pros now consider golf swing analyzer equipment a must for serious golfers looking to buy the best golf equipment for their particular needs. Golfing analysis equipment is available for purchase and home use, but various swing analyzer programs are also available for in-store use at good golf stores in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County.

Golf stores that have golf swing analysis equipment will have video and computer analysis components, such as high speed video to help you identify and analyze critical points of your golf swing. Some of the best golf shops in Sonoma County offer one-on-one golf swing analysis to evaluate every aspect of your swing. With this technology, golf store sales staff can recommend the best golf clubs and golf balls to improve your performance.

Investing in New Golf Clubs Sold at Golf Stores in Sonoma County

Golf equipment stores in Sonoma County carry wood golf clubs and graphite golf clubs which vary in use and price. For example, titanium golf clubs, known to be very light and accurate, are also some of the more expensive golf clubs for sale. That's why some customers buy used golf clubs while others buy golf clubs separately instead of in golf club sets. Make sure the golf stores which you buy from have many options for new golf club materials and ways to buy new golf clubs, such as single golf clubs or individual golf clubs as well as complete golf club sets.

Good golf stores in Sonoma County offer a wide assortment of new golf clubs by the best manufacturers, such as Callaway golf clubs, Ping golf clubs, Taylor Made golf clubs, Wilson golf clubs and Adams golf clubs. Standard golf clubs include golf irons, putters, golf club wedges and golf club drivers. However, many golf pro shops in Santa Rosa also offer specialty clubs such as extra long golf clubs, left handed golf clubs, hybrid golf clubs, ladies' golf clubs and junior golf clubs.

Because finding the right golf club set is so important, some golfers invest in custom golf clubs. The best golf stores in Sonoma County should have sample golf clubs and demonstration golf club sets that you can test before you buy new golf clubs.

When you buy it's important to know what the warranties and return policies are Some golf stores have special return policies on new golf equipment like golf clubs, so you can exchange underperforming golf clubs for ones that better fit your needs. This is especially important if you aren't able to test your new clubs before you buy golf equipment from golf pro shops in Sonoma County.

Finding the Best Golf Balls at Golf Stores in Sonoma County

You have many good choices when it comes to buying golf balls at golf shops in Sonoma County, including the most popular brands such as Titleist golf balls, Callaway golf balls, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, Bridgestone golf balls, Wilson golf balls and Maxfli Tour golf balls. Once you've found the best golf clubs to suit your swing, the right golf balls are the next step to improving your game.

All golf balls have three common features: golf ball covers, golf ball dimples and golf ball cores. Golf ball coverings are outer surfaces made of tough urethane. Golf ball dimples appear as small marks on the surface of the covering. There are usually 300-500 golf ball dimples, which control the aerodynamic flight of the golf balls, making for higher or lower trajectory of flight. Golf ball cores are rubber centers that control the distance golf balls travel. Varied materials, thickness and weights of these golf ball features dictate distance, accuracy and speed. Visit the local golf pro shops in Sonoma County to find the best types of golf balls for your game.

Golf shops offer three basic golf ball types that complement different golfing styles. Distance golf balls react with your golf clubs for extra speed and distance. Distance golf balls add as much as 15 yards to your swing. Control golf balls limit golf ball spin, including backspin and sidespin. Spin golf balls create backspin, making your golf balls fly higher and stop better. Many good golf stores in Sonoma County recommend spin golf balls because they allow for better control and accuracy.

Two piece golf balls are made of a solid golf ball core and a thin golf ball cover. Two piece golf balls are known for distance and golf ball durability. Three piece golf balls have either liquid or solid golf ball cores. These golf balls have rubber and elastic windings and enhance your control. Some of the best golf stores have four piece golf balls, which are made for golfers with high clubhead speeds. Four piece golf balls are constructed like three piece golf balls, but have a second outer layer to for low spin distance. To choose the best golf ball construction for your golfing style, consult with the sales staff.

Finding New Golf Bags in Sonoma County

Golf stores in Sonoma County sell golf cart bags, golf stand bags and golf staff bags by top golf equipment companies, including Callaway golf bags and Ping golf bags. Whether you are looking for golf travel bags, ladies' golf bags or junior golf bags, you may want to call around to the best golf pro shops in Santa Rosa to be sure they have the widest selection of golf bags to suit your needs.

Golf stand bags have built-in legs and stand on their own. Golf stand bags are carried on the shoulder, so they are lightweight. It is important to be sure your golf stand bag has a wide strap (some golf stand bags even come with two straps) that makes carrying the shoulder golf bag easier.

Golf cart bags are specially designed to fit inside golf carts. These golf bags are usually heavier than golf stand bags or shoulder golf bags, and many times they have more pockets and storage room. Look for golf cart bags at Sonoma County golf shops that have pockets that face away from the golf cart, so it is easier to access your golf accessories, like golf balls and golf tees.

Golf staff bags are large golf bags meant to carry all of your golfing equipment. Golf staff bags are heavier and larger than golf stand bags because they are modeled after the custom golf bags used by PGA golfers. Golfing superstores in Santa Rosa carry golf staff bags that are roomy enough for up to 14 golf clubs and have many pockets for golf balls and other golf accessories.

Buying New Golf Shoes and Golf Clothing in Sonoma County CA

Golf shoes, including popular brands like FootJoy golf shoes, Ecco golf shoes and Callaway golf shoes, are required golf accessories for any serious golfer. Many places don't allow metal golf shoe spikes, so look for plastic golf shoe spikes and golf shoes with replacement golf spikes at golfing stores in Sonoma County.

The best golf equipment stores in Sonoma County sell a wide variety of women's golf shoes, men's golf shoes and junior golf shoes, including extra wide golf shoes, waterproof golf shoes and leather golf shoes. Ask the sales staff to properly fit you for professional golf shoes, taking into account your preferences for comfortable golf shoes or those that will work with the golf clothing you own.

Good golfing stores in Sonoma County sell golf shirts, golf pants, golf skirts and other golf wear that fits into two categories: casual golf apparel and formal golf apparel. Casual golf clothing is comfortable and roomy but still fits golfing dress codes. Formal golf clothes include golf slacks and dressy golf pants, embroidered golf shirts and golf skirts.

Whether you are on a business or casual outing, it is generally appropriate to wear collared golf shirts, golf shorts that are knee-length and not cuffed, golf pants with belt loops and no cuffs and matching golf socks. Depending on the weather, you may also want matching golf sweaters, golf vests or golf jackets. Golf hats are also acceptable whether you are golfing for business or pleasure.


Discount Golf Equipment: How to Find Bargains

New golf equipment can be expensive, that's why many golfers look for discount golf equipment, used golf accessories and cheap golf equipment and golf supplies. When you're shopping at golf shops in Sonoma County, it's good to look for golf equipment sales and discount golf supplies, but make sure you're also getting the best value for your money by choosing discount golf supplies that fit properly and are the same quality as regularly priced golf equipment.

Some good golf pro shops in Sonoma County offer used golf clubs and other discount golf accessories made by top golf equipment supply manufacturers, such as Callaway golf clubs, Taylor Made golf clubs, Titleist golf balls, Ping golf bags and Adams golf accessories. There are even discount golf outlets in the Santa Rosa CA area that sell new golf equipment at deeply discounted rates.

You can find good discount golf equipment at local golf stores and save money if you know the right way to shop. Visit the stores to see different brands of golf clubs, golf balls and golf bags that you are most interested in so you know the average prices and available options on each. By knowing these specifics, you will be more likely to buy the best golf equipment to fit your needs.

How to Deal with Golf Stores in Sonoma County

Visit Golf Stores in Sonoma County Before Buying the New Golf Equipment
Look at different equipment on sale in golf stores in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County so you know what golfing accessories you like best. By knowing the prices and different options offered on golf bags, golf shoes and golf clubs, you will make informed decisions and find the best golf accessories at Sonoma County golf stores.

Describe Your Desired Golf Accessories to Good Golf Stores in Sonoma County
Once you've decided which golf clubs, golf bags or golf clothing you want, talk with several golf pro shops in the Santa Rosa CA area and throughout Sonoma County. Be as specific as you can with each golf store. Detail colors, styles and specific needs for the golf equipment you are shopping for. Take notes on what each of the golfing stores in Santa Rosa have to offer and how well their employees answered your questions and helped you find the golf supplies you were looking for.

Questions About Golf Equipment for Golf Stores and Golf Pro Shops in Sonoma County
Ask some questions of the employees at the golf stores or golf superstores in Sonoma County and take notes on their responses. Some golf shops specialize in golf equipment like golf clubs and golf bags while other golf stores sell golf accessories such as golf clothes and golf shoes. Here are some questions to get you started:

• Do the golf shops in Sonoma County sell all types of golf equipment and supplies, including golf clubs, golf bags, golf clothing, golf shoes and golf balls?

• Do the golf stores in Sonoma County and specifically the Santa Rosa CA area carry only popular brands of golf equipment such as Callaway golf bags, Ping golf clubs, Titleist golf balls, Adams golf clubs, Taylor Made golf equipment, Mizuno golf clubs and Wilson golf bags, or do they offer other golf brands as well?

• Do the golf stores in Santa Rosa have swing analysis equipment to help you choose the best golf clubs for you? Does the swing analysis equipment measure golf ball speeds, clubhead speeds, launch angles, etc.?

• Do the Sonoma County golf shops have driving ranges where you can try out your new golf clubs before you buy them?

• Will the golf club shop employees in Sonoma County help you find the best golf clubs and golf clothing for you?

• Do the golf discount stores in Sonoma County sell new golf equipment and used golf equipment?

• How do the golf superstores and discount golf stores price golf equipment and golfing accessories?

• Can you buy golf irons as single golf clubs or individual golf clubs at the golf shops in Sonoma County, or do you have to buy complete new golf club sets?

• What are the qualifications of the golf store sales staff and clubfitters?  

• Will you get the exact swing weighty and shafts with the golf clubs you prefer? Or can the golf stores in Sonoma County recommend better golf clubs for your swing?

• Do the Sonoma County golf stores have return policies on golf clubs and other golfing equipment? Can you swap golf clubs if the ones you buy don't perform the way you want?

• Can the golf store sales staff in Sonoma County help you select the best golf balls and golf clubs to improve your golf game?

Make a Preliminary Decision Among Best Golf Stores in Sonoma County
Once you've visited several good golf stores in the Santa Rosa areas of Sonoma County, decide which golf retailers were best able to provide the golf equipment you require. You may find certain local golf stores in Santa Rosa have better selections of golf clubs or golf clothing than others. Depending on what you are looking for, it may make sense to buy golf equipment, such as new golf clubs and golf bags, from one Sonoma County golf shop and golf clothing from another.

Verify the Sonoma County golf shops' certifications, affiliations and licensing. Golf equipment shops in Sonoma County that belong to area chambers of commerce in Santa Rosa or the Better Business Bureau may be more likely to rise to your expectations.

The Prime Buyer's Report lists these golf equipment stores in Sonoma County: Golf Mart Rohnert Park Rohnert Park CA, Petaluma Golf Center Petaluma CA, Oakmont Golf Club Maintenance Shop Santa Rosa CA, Golf USA Santa Rosa CA, Strong's Golf Services Santa Rosa CA, Barone's Custom Golf Club Repair Santa Rosa CA, Springer Golf Ball Co Santa Rosa CA, Foutaingrove Golf Pro Shop Santa Rosa CA, Play It Again Sports Santa Rosa CA. Other golf shops that might still serve Santa Rosa include: .

Get Guarantees in Writing from Sonoma County Golf Stores
Once you've chosen among the best golf shops for you in Sonoma County, make sure they provide written warranties on golf equipment. This is especially important if you buy golf clubs, golf bags or used golf equipment in Santa Rosa.

Resources About Golf Shops in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

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