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April 1, 2023
The TOP 10 Catering Companies in St Tammany Parish LA

The TOP 10 Catering Companies in St Tammany Parish LA

Catering By Don

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(985) 373-7574
72022 Live Oak St
Covington, LA 70433

Areas Served: Covington LA, Mandeville LA, St Tammany Parish, Slidell LA, Lacombe…
Services: cater services incl. wedding catering, industrial caterers, corporate caterers

Eurnest Dining Catering

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(985) 898-0969
100 Northpark Blvd
Covington, LA 70433

Areas Served: Eden Isle LA, St Tammany Parish, Covington LA, Slidell Louisiana,…
Services: banquet catering, event catering, industrial catering, corporate caterers, banquet cater

Geaux Fresh Catering

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(985) 898-2000
20339 Highway 36
Covington, LA 70433

Areas Served: Slidell Louisiana, St Tammany Parish, Mandeville LA, Lacombe LA, Eden…
Services: event caterer, corporate caterer, wedding caterer, industrial caterer, buffet caterer

Bleu Moon Catering

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(985) 674-4470
2345 Florida St
Mandeville, LA 70448

Areas Served: Lacombe LA, St Tammany Parish, Slidell LA, Covington LA, Mandeville…
Services: catering company for event catering, wedding catering, corporate catering, event…

Bonannos Catering

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(985) 624-4073
187 Morningside Dr
Mandeville, LA 70448

Areas Served: St Tammany Parish, Slidell Louisiana, Lacombe LA, Covington LA, Mandeville,…
Services: catering services incl. event catering, corporate catering, in home catering